Perfect electrolysis formula

What is a perfect electrolysis?
As an R&D engineer working in the medical device field, I decided to create a formula which contains all essential criteria and requirements for performing a close to perfect electrolysis treatment.
PE-Perfect Electrolysis
Po-Perfect operator
Pe-Perfect equipment
Pt-Perfect treatment process

Po-Perfect operator
Pph- Perfect physical- perfect vision, dexterity, stamina, health etc.
Pme- Perfect mental- knowledge, constant learning, passion, patience etc.

Pe-Perfect equipment
Pvi-Perfect vision aid (Microscope or binocular loupes)
Pma- Perfect electrolysis machine (3 modalities, reliable etc.)
Ppr- Perfect probes (many different type of probes, different manufacturers, to be able to choose the best probe for any given case)

Pt-Perfect treatment process
Pt= Kf+ 3M+ 3D
Kf- killing the follicle at first time. (Criteria- smooth hair release without any resistance)
3M= Mt+Mp+Mi
Mt- minimum treatment time per follicle
Mp- minimum client pain
Mi- minimum skin injury and side effects
3D=Dia + Dir + Dep
Dia- Diameter- Probe diameter. Chose a probe with the same or bigger diameter as the treated hair.
Dir-Direction- Use adequate vision aid to be able to see perfectly the treated hair. Use the first millimetre out of skin hair to find the right direction of the hair into the skin.
Dep-Depth- use the depth gauge to find the exact depth for probe insertion.

The final formula is:
PE= Po (Pph+Pme) + Pe (Pvi+Pma+Ppr) + Pt (Kf + 3M + 3D).
PE= Po (Pph+Pme) + Pe (Pvi+Pma+Ppr) + Pt ((Kf + (Mt+Mp+Mi) + (Dia + Dir + Dep))=TTTmin
The final result will be the TTTmin or minimum Total Treatment Time for any treated area.

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Nice. Very thorough.
What exactly are you developing? Machins?
Any exciting news regarding that?

Thanks, I am working in this company I am developing sensors for respiratory monitoring.

Thank you Dimi. A perfect formula!


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