Done my first electrolysis to remove my transplanted hairline. Is everything alright? [keep updating]

I just finished electrolysis hair removal to remove my transplanted hair.
The session was 1 hour long. 650 hairs were removed.

I compared my pictures with someone else and I found that I have more swelling and my skin looks kind of orange skin.

these pictures are 4 hours after the session.

Is everything alright? What should I do next?

Everything looks normal. No two people have the same skin reaction post treatment.

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It looks fine from this aspect as well. Best thing you can do is keep the area as clean as possible with cool water only, don’t put anything on the skin you dont have to. Redness should subside. I dont normally recommend elecrolysis for implanted hair due to uneven skin texture which is normally camoflaged by the hair… IT’s very difficult to say what the end result will look like in those cases.

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Thank you for your replies
I will update pictures every day to be a case study for those who want to remove transplanted hair with electrolysis.

24 hours after the first session
redness and bump still exist.
Will skin in the treated area goes back to normal?

48 hours post session

72 hours post session

This is a normal reaction especially on the hair line . Icing the area after treatment will make a big difference. Put the ice pack in the fridge section , this will allow it to be not too cold

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does hairline usually have more reaction than other areas?

No. Temporary post-treatment skin reaction is individualistic and generally speaking not location dependent.

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Thank you
Day 8
still redness and bumpy texture
does this mean I will have scars?

No, you will NOT have scars. You have normal post-treatment hyperpigmentation that will gradually fade. Your skin will return to a normal color and texture.

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I heartily agree with you, Hairadicator. This will heal nicely, with a little time (several weeks). You will not scar.

For future aftercare right after a session and then for a week thereafter, I like coconut oil or aquaphor applied to the area, using a gentle,massaging motion.

You already look better and it will resolve.

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I had it done too but not as many hairs as you. Another reaction I had was a bad headache afterwards what about you? I’m also curious why you’re removing transplanted hairs.

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I also had headache but it was not too bad. I thought I was from ice pack.

the reason I removed my transplant is that I just have really bad feeling about it. It doesn’t feel right.

May I ask you how long you had redness on treated area?

It cleared up very quickly in a few days, one of the fastest recoveries of any area I had. Must have been because of the thick skin and the amount of blood running through that area.I hope you don’t have regrets though. I hear hair grafts are difficult to place and you need as much as you have for the future.

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day 16

Day 20
it seems to be a lot of pitting under light and shade.

Will this also go away?

What appears to be “pitting” is only temporary and a normal part of the healing process. Your skin will heal and look fine.

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week 5

Skin condition resolving as predicted.

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