Done my first electrolysis to remove my transplanted hairline. Is everything alright? [keep updating]

nicely documented as well. This stands as an excellent testament to the skins ability to heal.

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This is after 8 weeks

  1. How is my progress after 8 weeks?

  2. Up to this point, is there any sign of scars?

  3. My next appointment is next week. Am I ready for another procedure? Or should I postpone it?

Thank you

Excellent progress. No scars. Hyperpigmentation fading. Your skin looks great.

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It looks much better. What does your practitioner say?

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Thank you. She said it’s ok for the upcoming session.

Can I ask how this finished up? I’m looking to have something similar done.

How was your skin after? Can you tell you had hair grafts removed? Is the pigmentation different?

Can I ask how your treatment went?

Hey brother. Any updates?

could you elaborate further on that please?


There isnt really much to elaborate on? This case has done exactly as said, leaving some pitting and uneven skin texture after the implanted hairs were destroyed. This is damage from the implant themselves, not electrolysis but generally doesnt show when the hair is present. I’m certain Michael can comment from a more educated standpoint than I as to why this is so, as he has a LOT more experience with transplants than I do.

I haven’t read thru all the posts but when I was doing transplants with Dr. Perkins, we tried to implant the graft to line-up the epidermis on the scalp with the epidermis on the graft … a big mistake! Problem is, if you don’t align perfectly, the epidermis links up quickly and you get a little bump or a dent (usually a dent).

I worked a bit with Dr. Kurgis who only does hair transplants and his technique solves the problem of “dents or bumps.” He inserts the graft with the hair graft epidermis “high and dry” above the skin: a millimeter or more. In this way the upper tissue desiccates and the scalp epidermis closes the wound perfectly … no dent and no bump … just perfect. All transplants are done this way (mostly),

So you beliebe its possible to remove a hair transplant without creating scars if there were no scars or pits from the original transplant?

Can we please have an update with pictures :slight_smile: