men shaving legs??


I started shaving my legs a few years ago. I love the feel and the look and so does my wife. Recently opted for LHR. I like going out in public and watching folks give me the curious look.


I think the curious look is in your head, since most asian, latino etc guys have smooth legs anyway :slight_smile: They’re probably thinking grrrr he’s so lucky to have smooth legs heehee.


I’m not sure as many people care about how smooth your legs are as you think. I’m sure your wife does, but I know some guys who have a “kink” for getting shocked/curious looks from strangers, and I’ve noticed they always think they see people sneaking glances or widening their eyes or cocking their heads, but really nobody is looking. Guys who shave their legs are super common (at least here in cali).

Nobody notices, and if they do, they probably don’t think it’s weird or unusual at all.

Worst case scenario, they are thinking “Oh, hey, that guy must play water polo!” (Or swim a lot). :slight_smile:


I think the only way anyone can tell though that you shave your legs is if say you had a hairy chest, or hairy arms or whatever to go along with it. If your arms are smooth or chest etc then I think it can look natural.




Men with smooth legs has become pretty commonplace. I live in rural La and when I go to the mall in the summer, 90% of the males in shorts have no leg hair.
Also, I’m in the Army, and almost all of the males in my task force shave/trim their arms, legs, and chest. No one ever seems to comment on it.


What a stupid statement Nabeel, you’re just trying to promote your clinic. Shaving legs and arms is only for women? What year are you living in? Waxing or laser would be ideal as shaving would cause stubble and be uncomfortable but to say it doesn’t look good is ridiculous. What about asian/latino men who are naturally smooth?

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Greetings, all. Signed up to ask a quick question, figured I’d avoid creating a new thread as this one is so popular.

Any men have experience with waxing (not shaving) their legs? The reason I ask is because I have an unusual amount of leg hair, especially in comparison to the rest of my body (f**k all on my chest, arms etc). I’m out in shorts a lot due to how often I play sports and while I’m not embarrassed by it, I would prefer to get rid of the large amount of hair. No particular reason other than personal preference. I had it depilated in the past by some creams, but they’re too much of a hassle.

I figured I’d grit my teeth and try waxing them in the hope that they would grow back in smaller amounts and less volume, but I wouldn’t want to do so before knowing what I could get myself into. If anyone’s been through this, from your experience, how do they grow back (appearance, duration…)?

Thanks in advance,


Been shaving my legs for many years, i’m hetero, a cyclist, skater & heavy lifter on my legs- they’ve a lot of definition & muscle & look good shaved. Makes getting a massage much nicer too. I probably would’nt shave if I didn’t also crossdress, but i would at last trim.

It’s your choice totally, and you may get the occasional odd comment, though i’ve never had one to my face, but the world is filled with jerks. I urge to to not let them influence your choice, you need to choose who you want to listen to and please. Try it, it won’t kill you. Many babes have liked it a LOT. :slight_smile:


Hey Mrsmooth, I was wondering, I’m considering shaving my legs, or having one laser hair treatment before the summer begins, but I guess my concern is that the shorter hairs will feel coarse under my pants as they’re growing in. I don’t plan on keeping them shaved, I just letting them grow in. I work as a waiter and I have to wear relatively lean cut pants, and I really don’t want that uncomfortable distraction of pricklyness or itchyness. Do you have any knowledge about what hair feels like after its grown in for a few weeks, but is not full grown?


Pusher for patches and tweezer “permanent hair removal”.


kostinpj if you wax or do laser, the hair that grows back is very fine and light before getting coarse. You only feel pickyness and stubble from shaving because you’re cutting the hair off into a sharp end. Now the only thing though is you will feel the pricklyness for a few weeks because you’l have to shave before you do laser, and then it will take up to 3 weeks for the hair to all fall out. So for that 3 week period it will be picky and uncomfortable. When it grows back a month or two later though it’s smooth no pickyness or anything, it’s just right after shaving it’s bad. You may want to wax for the summer then do laser in winter.


The first time I shaved my legs completely, I could never go back to the more hairy appearance. I really liked the clean look. However, the hair grows back quickly and within 24 hours, there was the prickly feel, which I didn’t like. So, I opted to seek out and do laser. I have been totally satisified. As a reslult, I haven’t had the prickly feel in years. Only smoothness.


Hello Shorne

You have good points.

One to remember is to use cool water for a wet shave. This avoids irritation together with a simple soap (not shaving cream).

There is nothing quite like the feel of smooth legs. Particularly getting into bed with cool sheets.




I am glad it is more common now.

West coast is a bit more liberal than the east coast I think.

Over here in Florida people do notice.

More men are going for it however. I shave my legs for the comfort and feel of dry skin in a humid climate. It makes a big difference living here!



I live in the UK and have been shaving/waxing/epilating my legs on and off for years. It’s something that has ‘snowballed’ with me. From once or twice every couple of years in the 90’s/00’s to all the time now.

I’m past caring what people think - family or otherwise. My wife is fine with it and that’s the most important thing for me :slight_smile:

The feel under trousers or shorts and in bed is pure magic!


This is a huge thread, 25 pages worth! I understand that “in bed pure magic” quote. I have had smooth legs, via electrolysis, for a little more than 30 years. At the first sign of consciousness in the morning when I wake up, I ask myself, “Where am I? , Who am I? What year is this?”, then I am aware of my baby soft legs and realize what a good decision it was, long ago, to spend my time, money and effort on removing the hair on my legs with electrolysis.

I personally love hairless men.


Stuart how do people notice in Florida? I have a place in Miami so I’m there all the time. Half the people there are Latino with naturally smooth legs anyway so I’m confused by that. I’ve never even once felt awkward or like it’s weird, it seems if anything like it’s way more normal there…


Well, you get them anyway!

Now that I’m an old “geezer” my legs are nearly hairless. It’s frightening really, because I’m beginning to look like my father! I try not to look in the mirror, especially if I’m naked! I mean, everything’s still there but it’s in a “new” location. I blame it all on Sir Isaac Newton; his damned gravity.


Just joined.
I m one of those guys who since much younger shaved my body hair. I Normally have dark brn hair and always wanted it lighter. I started lightening it in my 30 and have had LT blond with highlights I wear it over the ears and it’s kinda to used looking. In the summer it’s lighter. I like the hairless feeling it’s great for sex. There’s nothing better then skin on skin during sweaty one on one sex. I’m 5’5" 140 lbs. I suppose im kinda stuck with the kid image. I dress like a kid… Sneakers, jeans or long shorts, t shirts open button down shirts etc. I have plenty of money as i have a great position in broadcasting. I can get away with anything i choose. At work other guys and my boss the president of the company comment on my tan and notice but never mention my hairless body. I am bi but even as a kid was always approached by both sexes. I like the looks i get when in a store. I learned early that cute and boyish is an attraction to both sexes. The look is kinda like- i wish i looked like that and would love to be with him… When i was 10 i was sexually active with man and boys my age. Then i was older i was a approached by older women in their 20, 30, 40s. I found body hair dates you and I like younger girls and guys… Legal age only!! I noticed years ago that even married guys are secretly admirers of younger guys. I go to nude beaches and always get long looks and offers from both guys and girls. I enjoy the attention. I have had some really hot looking girls and guys over the years. I’m in my 50s now with a wife and kids. I still maintain the very comfortable look. I get offers from girls in their 20s. Another thing if a guy develops ear or nose hair and doesn’t do something about it they look gross! I get rid of both if it pops up. It’s more work as you get older but I feel no different now then when I was 15 or younger…
I’m still getting tons of offers and love the attention. It all makes me look, like I feel… much younger!! I hope I never get to the hairy everywhere old man look. That’s really pitiful. Why men don’t take care of their appearance is beyond me. When they look in the mirror what the F… do they see??? Don’t they know they are gross? When I see myself in the mirror I like my body my hair etc… I should mention I have some thinning on the sides but wear my longish hair so it’s not really visible. I went to a hair clinic one day about the sides and everyone there was like an eight ball!! I would kill myself!!! The doctor asked why I was there and said everyone he’s seen in the past year would die for hair like mine. Sorry guys… I can’t understand how they can live with belly fat (I have a 31 waist) and what was dark hairs the are long and white with age. God guys take a long look and if you look like your ready to die do something about it!! Dye your hair, work out, get some color.