men shaving legs??


Yes, most will just require parental consent.

Btw, be sure you understand that you’ll still develop more hair in the next 10+ years…really until you’re in your late 20s. You can start now, but just be prepared for touchups down the line for any new hair your body develops due to hormones.



Congratulations for having the courage to just be yourself in spite of societal
prejudices and pressures to conform. It took me a long time to get past those
prejudices and find the courage to just live my life.

Never let anyone take that away from you.

Good luck with your hair removal quest.



And another thing, which doesn’t have anything to do with hair removal methods, I am impressed at your ability to express yourself in the written form at such a young age. I was surprise you are only fifteen. I appreciate the fact you know how to use the shift key and captilize letters, especially at the beginning of sentences. This certainly gives the impression of having intelligence.


Whew sorry for not responding to any of you, I’ve been very busy with work and staying in shape this summer. So I would just like to thank you all for answering my questions and giving me your congratulations and or support.

To BRR: Well I rather enjoy hearing that, I’d rather be known as an intelligent being rather than a ‘dumb teen’.


Hello all,
I’m new here, but this is a matter I’ve considered several times ever since my teens, because I come from a family of mildly hairy guys: little chest hair to speak of, no back hair, but very dark, dense leg and arm hair, which I’ve always found totally disgusting. At 17 I took the plunge and shaved it all off, first using a trimmer and then going back to shave it clean. I still remember the feeling that first time, actually feeling clean! Anyway, very soon after, my mother found out, she wasn’t blind after all, and I got the reprimanding of my life. “Guys” didn’t do that! She was so concerned that people would notice, that they’d make fun, etc, she made me wear jeans (in the midsummer) until it all grew back in.
Anyway, since then, I’ve never done it again, and at 23, I’m a bit ticked at myself that I never have, so when I stumbled on this board a few days ago, I figure now, I’m an adult, and I’ve come to conclusion that I simply hate body hair, at least on myself. On some guys, it can look okay, but for me, I want no part of it. So, I’ve purchased a trimmer and epilator from Amazon which should arrive in a few days.

But, I have a question if you all wouldn’t mind helping me out. I realize, with the thickness, and length of my body hair, I certainly need to trim it down first, but how long does it need to be so the epilator will still grab onto the hair? (I’ll be using the Braun Soft Perfection model, if it matters.)

Thanks for any help or extra advice!



Thank goodness i found a forum to discuss about my shaving issue. I have had alot of body hair, especially my entire legs. I used to shave it off using Nair, Nad creams that burn and smell. The problem is that it grows back with itchy red bumps. Also, i actually truly don’t want to shave it all off since i still want that manly look, but the problem is i have an abundance and the length of each hair averages close to 2 inches. I have tried shaving my legs with baby oil with little success. It will shave some parts and still leave hair on other parts of my legs, thus it looks awkward with uneven spots. I want to have an evenly less distributed look. Is trimming the way to go? If so, is the Norelco body groom good for that? Also, if i do trim, what is the best way to do it since my hair lies down on my legs above the knee? Maybe get it wet and dry off allowing it to stand more? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank God i found this forum since other forums i’ve seen were more of men getting bald issues!

p.s: btw, i am a guy not gal.


I am male and shave my legs.

My advice for guys frustrated by hair removal …

  1. If you cannot afford epilators or laser
  2. If you cannot afford / have courage to wax
  3. If you cannot afford / have bad experiences with creams
  4. And if you HATE the ugly red bumps from shaving
    |> Then do like me and shave your legs [u]with the grain[/u]. Which means don’t go up, go down. A lot of people go against the grain and complain about how knicked up they get … but I now NEVER get those red bumps. Even knees won’t knick (bended - WITH THE GRAIN). Your legs will look smooth and feel smooth when you rub downwards. The only con is when you feel them upwards it’s a tiny bit hairy because the shave isn’t the closest, but it’s not at all noticeable even upclose. It only takes a couple minutes to do it, wet or dry a few times a week. NOTE: before trying this you need short hair (razor won’t even touch grain if hair is long), so use nair or something first if your hair is super long, THEN as it grows back you have access to this quick, easy, effective shaving trick! And thankfully it doesn’t grow back like a cactus for some reason. That’s my suggestion and I can answer any ?s about it too!! =)


Electric buzz clippers or electric beard trimmers would be better than Nair type products.




Nair for men (the 8 min one) always works for me, but it’s too expensive and runs out quick.


I too, shave my legs and have for quite a number of years. I also shave my underarms, I like that feeling and my wife likes it too. We do go through a lot of razor blades and is time consuming, but the end result is satisfying. I have used Nair for Men, and it works well on my legs, but leaves an oder for a period of time is rather costly. But then, so are blades.


I know this post has gone on for quite some time…but I would love some advice!

I’ve been wanting to shave my legs for quite some time. I’m not overly hairy, but I would rather have the smooth look/feel.

Also i run and bike a ton, so it would be a huge plus.

My concern and question is that, if I were to shave, would the hair grow back thicker and or faster? Besides permanent removal, what would people suggest for the best method?



I’d seriously recommend waxing them it’s so much better especially if you go somewhere and have it done. It grows back so slow and starts out fine unlike with shaving where after a day or two it’s all picky.


No need to worry, shaving will not make their hair worse, it is a myth we bust regularly here on HairTell. Waxing is ok if you are sure you never want to use a permanent removal option.


I shave mine with a Norelco Bodyshave because there a areas that are completely without hair naturally. This make the legs look more uniform and natural. The hair grows so slowly that it feels more natural to me.


My mother always thought it was odd for me to want to be smooth and occasionally shave my legs. But now when I go out to the mall or anything in the summer, I notice almost all the guys have smooth arms and legs.


I started shaving mine because there were parts without hair and parts with. So, I just zip it off with a Norelco Bodygroom. I only take a minute or two and it looks a lot less like an old man’s legs.


I don’t want to shave off all my hair completely i just want to trim it…I’ve tried with a trimmer but the attachments to control the length were so big they weren’t really doin a good job.

Any other Ideas?


There are various trimmers available with various attachments sizes.


Are you using a beard trimmer? They aren’t that good, hair-salon-class trimmers should work better.