men shaving legs??


Some men are completely comfortable with looking older. I admire Robert Redford for refusing to have work done. He’s aging gracefully. Whether it’s hair removal, face lifts, hair replacement, dying or going grey, the important thing is being completely comfortable with yourself. Body hair is not a gauge of masculinity, or femininity. However, self confidence is. Ask any of our ladies (or men) on the site and they’ll agree. Anyone that is pursuing hair removal in order to feel more confident or masculine or feminine may be disappointed because the amount of hair on your body will not create those results. The same with plastic surgery. Let your self confidence and determination drive your decision and you’ll be ecstatic with the results.

I was recently laughed at by an old fat fart in the sauna at the gym because I had no pubic hair or armpit hair. He literally pointed and laughed like a five year old. All I could think was how he was a prisoner to his own concepts of what is expected. His implication was that I should look like him to be normal, secure and accepted. Whatever, dude. We still see each other at the gym, talk and are always cordial. Maybe he realized that being a man doesn’t mean I have to look like him, that having a hair free body doesn’t impede on my masculinity or sense of self worth but actually enhances both. Maybe he also realized that his grade school taunts were still echoing in his head and he realized how foolish he was for them. What I do, I do for me. I don’t need nor ask for the approval of the masses. I already have the approval from myself. There’s no rush like flying in the face of social expectations and coming away the victor.



I have noticed some folks glance down at my legs quickly. I have never had any comments of a negative nature however. I live further north in the Tampa Bay area and the general disposition is more conservative over here I think.

It might also just be my imagination. I have another hobby of collecting and wearing unique sneakers. Many times the bright colors just catch some people’s eye. I don’t feel awkward at all about my legs and everyone has been very friendly towards my preferences.

Florida is a great place to stay.




I think it is great that you take pride in looking young. I also recently discovered the benefit of lightening my hair and wearing it over my ears.

I’m over forty now but I am getting asked for ID again to buy beer! Never felt better with my appearance than with shaved legs and my longer blond hair.



I don’t shave mine, but I have a couple of friends who do. I never really thought about it until I saw this thread. They just mentioned it a long time ago, at different times of course, and we never really talked about it since. I guess I understand, because when I was in my teens, I got ear piercings (haha). It’s a personal choice thing, and sometimes people have legit reasons why they shave their legs. People look different everywhere anyway, why should the fact that a man has (or does not have) hair on his legs matter?

This thread went on for a while, huh? I see that this was started all the way back in 2003!


I agree with Mr Smooth65, you only live once, so do what makes you feel good, it only makes you feel better and sod the rest!

I have been hair free through many methods for years (35 plus) and as yet have never had a mention from other guys about my hair free body, but many from close contact with the women I have gotten to know more intimately, and they have all loved my smooth skin… only 1 I met wanted a hairy bear but ended up loving the smooth… nuff said!


As a woman, I wouldn’t mind if a guy wanted to shave his legs. During the summer would be especially nice with shorts and all.


It all boils down to personal preference, live and let live!


Absolutely “Live and let live!!!” We should embrace different not fear it, the world would be a happier place.
I don’t shave my legs but the front of my lower legs is completely bald, it’s a convenient place to practice. I’m hoping it’s a look that will catch on :wink:


Shaved legs with shorts are the best. Very comfortable and helps with sleep.


I also agree that men should be able to shave their legs without all the stereotyping that goes with it. There are many reasons that men shave. Personally, I started shaving mine a couple of years ago to see what they would look like and feel like. My leg hair does not grow in evenly. It is not very thick and does not grow at all on the lower back section of my calves and inner thighs. Some of that might be due to my wearing jeans and socks all my life or maybe it is genetics? Anyway, I kind of think they look better evened up and clean. I have been getting some spider veins taken care of at a local clinic and that required me to shave anyway so they could see everything and it makes it easier to get the compression stockings on that I have to wear for a couple of weeks. It gave me another good excuse to keep my legs cleanly shaven. There are others who do it for sports or other reasons. My point is, why do others think they have the right to judge others and think of them automatically as any particular sexual orientation just because of different body grooming habits. I happen to be a straight guy. Everyone should just relax and be happy in their own skin their own way. Men who have hair on their legs evenly, look just fine to me. Others who have no hair also look fine. To each his own.


I use a combination of an epilator and shave my legs. Really, everything from chest down. I found myself at first trying to always have the perfect excuse or reason why I shaved. I’m a runner, exercise. have a skin condition that requires prescription lotion at night, get massages often, etc… I finally just say, yep, they’re shaved, and leave it at that. Every year more and more guys are shaving their legs and before too long there will not be a need for an excuse it will just be common place. Life is too short to be concerned with what others think. Do what makes you happy and have no regrets.


I’m a transgirl, but shaved for 20 years before I transitioned. I never saw the point in giving excuses beyond “Because that’s how I like it”… And…definitely more Cowbell!



I’ve also used an epilator. I like the results but don’t like that you have to wait until the hair grows out again before you can use it again. Shaving has to be done more often, but unless I decide to get it done permanently that is what I’m stuck with. I can’t use depilatories. I seem to get burned by them easily. I agree totally with you in that I’m tired of finding excuses. I’ve kept my legs shaved since April, so I’m going on 7 months straight. That is the longest I’ve ever gone and don’t see any reason not to continue being me!


Long time reader, first time poster.

I am in my 40s and have shaved my legs (and everything else) since age 13.

I wasn’t good at it at first, but now can do both entire legs in 10 minutes. I make it part of my daily routine. While I wax the chest, back, underarms, and genital regions, I only shave the legs.

I proudly tell all my female companions about it, talk about it, and shave in front of them. I even get turned on by it. I think it also keeps women on their toes, as they don’t slack off on their own grooming when they see me.

Finally, why do I do it? I shave my legs ( and remove hair from entire body) because I love the look, love the feel, and clothes fit better. Frankly, I also think I do it because I like looking prepubescent with no secondary adult hair anywhere.
But I am totally hetero and love women…go figure.


I appreciate men who keep their body hairless, it’s really sexy and it shows they have great hygiene. I just wish my boyfriend would let me show him how it feels when you use an epilator, when the results last longer but no way I’m gonna see that in my life time :slight_smile:


I have a friend who doesn’t have hair on his legs and wanted to have them growing. He shaved it and hair really grows.


I’ve been curious about it, but never attempted it.


Don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. And as a male you don’t need them to be silk smooth: even when you don’t shave it for like 3 weeks it looks quite ok.


Hello All,

I haven’t been to this forum for a long time and I am sorry I have been away, but been travelling a lot. I see there are quite a few new posts.

I am still shaving my legs and going on well over 16 years now. to me it’s just normal and I still continue to enjoy the look and feel. I guess it’s been so long now that no one comments anymore. It’s just my look.

My son is 16 now and he shaves his arms. I don’t know why. He also shaves his legs sometimes - maybe because he thinks hairs will grow faster (smile).

Anyway hair is a personal choice. I like smooth legs and enjoy wearing shorts with smooth legs. I have said all this before but with shaving for men becoming more and more commonplace I thought I would say it again.



I don’t think shaving your legs in any way detracts from being a man. If anything I think it really showcases a mans legs if you are into that sort of thing.

My girlfriend loves the smooth look and I always feel clean after shaving. I would not want it any other way.