men shaving legs??


I just wanted to know, seeing as this forum is about shaving, how many guys out there shave or have shaved their legs. Also, what do the women out there think of it. I have shaved them from time to time because I hate having fur on my legs. I like to keep them trimmed but at times I will shave. I workout so I have been complimented that they look good but that is not why I do it. just wanted to get some feedback from others out there.



Although I don’t personally shave my legs, I know that it is not a problem if you do. Bicyclists, bodybuilders, skaters and other athletic men all shave their legs. These days most would just ask you what activity you participate in that you started shaving them in the first place. It is sort of like tatoos and piercings. The first question most people ask is when you got your first, not why you do it in the first place.

Of course, if I continue to train electrologists, I won’t need to shave my legs. they will be completely bare from test patches. :stuck_out_tongue:


I shave my legs i do full body also. I cant stand body hair hate the way it looks. I get good and bad responces from people mostly good. Most girls iv found like it who wants all that hair. I even had some ask me what i used becase mine looked good. When people first realize i shave i just exsplane why let them know its no big deal and also that i dont care if they think its weird. Most people i know dont even realize i shave case i started shaveing when i first started getting body hair so they dont relize till they see or feal stuble or i tell them. I work out all the time thats anouther reason i shave every thing off looks much better to be tanned pumped and smooth. No better fealing then totaly smooth or better look…



At the same time, like tattoos, you’re also going to find that there are people who’re going to see the very fact that you do it, and consider it a fairly large turn-off.

It is, in the end, an individual choice, but when you get away from the societal norms, you can’t expect universal acceptance, the same way a woman who doesn’t shave her legs would be. And reasoning might well come into it. I’d be okay with a guy who shaved his legs and so on in order to swim competetively–but someone who did it ‘just because’? No thanks.

Having a real issue with a perfectly natural feature of your body–that’s not necessarily attractive. Maybe it’s hypocritical that what’s expected for women isn’t what’s expected for men, but that’s the way life goes. Men aren’t generally expected to wear heels and pantyhose, so it probably works out in the long run.


I shave everything. Legs too.

I like it. I think my wife loves it more than I do. There really is a stigma out there about guys and shaved legs, as though it’s somehow less male. Nothing could be crazier.

I love it.


I don’t shave, but wax almost my entire body… Your question seems to be more about being hairless than the method used to get to that state, so here is my take on it…

It is personal choice, just like you can decide to grow a beard or not, to have long hair on your head or not, to stay trim and toned, or to be fat and flabby…

A lot of people do it for specific purposes such as sports, or body building contests, and I think that as these people have a good body, they have a better body image and it is natural for them to want smooth skin to increase their satisfaction with ‘their’ look…

Others do it because they don’t like hair… or have a professional reason to do so… I used to be a catalogue model way back and I was told by my agency I would get a lot more work if I had the hairless look… (and with a light tan and no hair, work rolled in) - so that was my initiation to total body hair removal… after that, I continued because I like the look and feel… I know a surgeon who has his arms waxed because he finds it easier to scrub up… I still ride my mountain bike, so I suppose I have some excuses or reasons if other people feel compelled to categorise me and question why I do such things… It is for their benefit to be a ‘sports smoothie’, rather than trying to justify to them any other reason… I don’t feel compelled to justify myself, but human nature is what it is…

It comes down to your own body image… some people like the smooth look and don’t even give a second thought to the removal of all hair, some hate particular hair and want just a more ‘normal’ look, without going totally smooth…

People get images from many places, and often they try to live up to them… if you could look like a supermodel does, you would be one… us ordinary folks should just come to terms with it within ourselves… I don’t care what people think (though I mostly get positive vibes) I care what I think, and I am happy to be hairless… I make the effort to look better than my ‘natural self’ - it is no worse than ironing your clothes, brushing your teeth or anything else that shows you care about yourself, you have a positive self /body image, and you are prepared to make an effort to look good… and feel good about yourself… How many times have we read people on this board who hate their hair, and have real problems in relationships or other social settings because of the hair… Leg hair on males is not as bad to most as upper lip or chin hair on females, but they are all about our self image, and that is what allows us to go out in the world and be who we want to be… if hair is holding you back from your true self, then do something about it…

Shave, wax, whatever… hairless is best IMHO…


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Thanks for all the input. I guess shaved legs on men is one of those things that part of society still thinks of as non-masculine or feminine. Men are somehow not supposed to take care of their appearance. But I have found that women that I know have commented that they wish their boyfriends/husbands took care of themselves as I do - I work out and take care of myself. I don’t dress like a slob but I don’t “dress up”. Some people see shaving legs as going “over the line”. Frankly, I hate being hairy and I love the look and feel of being smooth - especially being tanned. I work out also and as JMan said, being smooth, tanned and pumped can’t be beat!
*A question for IHH: in regards to waxing your legs, do you get alot of ingrown hairs?? I wax my chest/abs, back and buttocks. I get more ingrowns by far on my chest than anywhere else but very few anywhere else and I love the completely smooth feeling - and it is smooth longer than shaving! How do your legs react to waxing? I had the tops of my thighs waxed as just a continuance from my abs and I had more ingrowns but the upper thighs are more sensitive to shaving also. I would love to be smooth longer without having to shave. I would appreciate any input you could give, or anyone else out there.




As for ingrowns, the only place I get them is the upper abdominal area, occasionally a few on the chest… and I am generally slack with exfoliating like I should… Legs are one of the easiest places to wax on my, less painful too… though there is little pain most of the time, even the back of the neck or top of chest… and it only lasts a second… I think if you get red bumps after waxing, then you may have to watch that area for ingrowns…

As for effeminate, well even if people thought so, they wouldn’t tell me… I am 6’ 5", over 200lbs and with a shaved head, can look rather menacing… if I don’t shave my head, I can still look menacing… LOL

I am glad the place I have my waxing done at does not charge by the square foot… LOL make sure they wax your feet and toes… I can tell you, smooth is great, I know you will soon be waxing your arms/hands and armpits… if you want to see your body looking it’s best…

Go for it, it is great to be smooth… waxing is a small investment, big pay off… :grin:



About how long does it take after waxing for the hair to grow back for you? Cause I hear a lot of people say their hair doesn’t grow back for about four weeks. Though, I also heard that the hair could grow back in as early as about a week. I have used an epilator on some areas, and it’s very very painful. Plus, it seems to break some of my hairs in half, which sucks. The hairs that did get pulled out by the root still seem to grow back pretty fast. Thanks.


On most men, hair should begin to show in about 10 days to 2 weeks after waxing. You may need to let it grow for about a week to 10 days before the next waxing. Women have much finer hair and can go longer (4 weeks +) before the hair starts to show. Just remember that most hair removal discussion and stats are usually oriented to women and you need to adjust any info to the fact that men usually have thicker hair that our hair grows much faster.

Having said that, I have been removing my leg/body hair most of my life (now 37) and I’ve had more positive responses than negative, but the negative responses can sometimes be intense. And I’ve talked with many normal guys that have expressed interest in shaving their leg hair; but it seems most of them are too afraid of how people will react.

So one thing I do is to encourage men to act on their desire to go hair-free. I think that once enough of us normal guys force the issue, society will no longer frown on men with smooth legs. Don’t cower. You only live once.


Plenty of athletic guys shave their legs, especially triathletes and bodybuilders.

Todd, as far as waxing, you might stay smooth anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I shave between epilations, and I can usually go a month or so.


I shave my legs too and have never regretted it. The vast majority of comments have been positive. I work out with weights and like the look and comfort of being hair free. It makes your muscles look bigger and more defined. I believe that shaved legs on men is becoming more acceptable and will become more common as time goes on. We will set the example.

I like the look so much I’m thinking of having my legs lasered if I get the time.



Men shaving their legs? Well, do you read Maxim magazine? Supposedly THE men’s macho mag? Inside their latest issue is an ad for Nair For Men!

I have my own reasons, but I have shaved since I was 17 and am now 31. Actually, being transgendered has emboldened me to shave my legs since then, although I almost always dress clearly male. My wife likes my smooth legs, and I almost never get any odd comments on my legs. And the other guys are right, too. Considering myself a heterosexual male, I’ve had lots of good comments from women who like my legs, and several even want to feel how smooth they are.

There are times I let the hairs grow out, but eventually I get grossed out now and have to get rid of the hair. Shaving is rare for me b/c I use an epilator. It hurts like heck at first, but I hardly felt any pain after the first few times.

Men with FUR should shave in my opinion. We don’t need it to keep us warm anymore… and you’ll see how chicks dig it.

Tgkedsgirl :wink:


I want to thank everyone for their input and also to say that instead of shaving I decided to take the leap and get them waxed and I am so glad I did. They look and feel great. So clean and smooth. It is great that there is no stubble after a couple of days. I recommend it.




Congrats on that the excellent leap of being smooth.

Shaving, IMHO really sucks, you’re locked into it everyday or the stubs.

Like most of the people have told you, don’t worry about what some people might say, just go with what makes you look and feel better.

I’m sure waxing will give you the smooth look you want and you will feel much better, much longer, especially with the time between the waxings, not like shaving everyday, huh.

I believe, that after the second time of waxing you shouldn’t have any hairs for about two weeks and than one week of letting the hair get long enough to wax it again.

I myself use a duel rotary epilator(works smoothly, efficiently and no pain)
I use it every other day or 3 days till them hairs get over 1mm then their gone.


Geez I think as a young guy who is quite monkeyesque, I hope I spelled that right, I’ve heard more about shaving than anyone. Personally I’m a hairy mofo, I have hair on chest, stomach, butt, legs, arms, and I’m really ticked about this one, a thin film over shoulders onto upper back area, so forth (my father is a beastly ape who belongs in a zoo) unfortunately we monkey types are looked down on for being further down in the evolutionary scale. It has been the cause of GREAT insecurity that pours over beyond personal life. With that said if a guy is an athlete or not and wants to shave entire body, go for it, you’ll bag lots of chicks and the very few that are left might go for us yaks with our fur suits who shave or wax occasionally. It just sucks bein such a darn good lookin guy who is insecure over a thing like body hair UGH!


Oh and the insecure part is referring to myself, just so people dont get ticked at me.


What does it typically cost to wax your legs?(men) and where do you go for this?


Hi, because the whole wax thing is oriented towards women as more frequent customers, and some women only have a need to wax their lower legs, not their feet or upper legs, it’s broken into parts: Lower leg wax: $25-35, Upper leg wax: about $35-40, and feet, because if you wax your legs and leave your feet as is, it’s gonna look like you’re wearing “hair shoes”, about $10-15. Package deals will bring it down to about $50-60 for entire legs. Now these are Southern California prices, they may be cheaper elsewhere. Also, the first time you have it done, if you’ve never waxed or epilated, I won’t lie, it’s gonna hurt like bloody hell. Also, your hair has to be at least a quarter inch long to do it. And maybe half an inch for first timers because the wax needs more to grip onto for pulling out with a bit more force needed. Also, men need to be waxed more frequently than women because of natural hairiness and hormonal factors, so, you’ll see hairs in about two weeks, but will have to wait till they’re a quarter to a half in long to get re-waxed, so you have fur for a third week. BUT, the next time you wax: the good side: it won’t hurt nearly as much, the bad side: you’ll probably see hairs inside of a week due to -now your dealing with hair cyles- and all your hairs now sprout out at different intervals. Your hair was always like this, but it’s a non-factor when you just shave or use a dipilitory cream. It comes into play when you wax or epilate (kind of the same thing) and are dealing with new hair generation.

My advice, if your a guy, go buy an epilator, your gonna save a lot of money and time, and you’re gonna look better during the ongoing weeks. It costs as much as two sessions of waxing, you can do it in the privacy of your own home. That is, you don’t have to sit in a beauty salon reading a home decorating magazine while listening to two women talk about Brad Pitt’s ass. The best thing is though, you can pull the hairs out when they’re just at the peach fuzz stage and you don’t have to walk around with quarter-inch hairs waiting for your next wax. After epilating now for two months, I would never pay to go get a wax, it’s just not cost effective. But that’s my opinion. Hope this helped.




That is probably one of the best posts I have read on this issue. Even though one can be athletic and shave your legs for this, this is not the only reason to do so. I cycle, but not in winter or in rainy weather or when it’s too hot, but I still shave my legs every day. Since joining the forum and many posts on this subject in other places, I have picked up lots of advice and tips over the years on shaving my legs from people like yourself and RJC2001 who I see also popped up in this thread <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> I shave my legs because I am used to shaving them and the look of shaved legs. I don’t care what negative responses come out at all (and I must say there have been almost none). My legs have become very used to shaving and show no razor bumps or rashes even on the upper legs anymore. Generally I wear shorts most of the time so there is not much chafing from long trousers which might be why, but skin becomes conditioned and after some time in my case I get irritation if I miss a day shaving them.

So many guys write about insecurity or shyness/social acceptance, but clearly prefer shaved legs. As I have also mentioned before most teens and young men shave their legs where I live, possibly for sport but now I believe for the look as well. I am older but also do it for the look - both for my own comfort and also because I honestly know it looks better. I feel more like a man shaving than before I started. One must always remember that self confidence is self defining, and shaving my legs had taught me that I can do this without social embarresment because I am confident in myself of how I appear.

Men’s grooming and appearence of cleanliness is changing and shaving legs is becoming part of how we look today. It is not effeminate as I can testify that my male body parts are all still there and have not fallen off since I shaved for the first time years ago <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />. The few times I have had a glance from someone it has always been with clear interest/curiosity from both men and women and I have never sensed anything very negative - possibly quite the opposite from the guys, like “wow I’d like to try that too!”

Anyway the future is inevitable, and guys will shave as a norm sooner rather than later just like most men shave their faces.