men shaving legs??


I shave my leg hair as well body unwanted hair too. It look clear and comfort after get rid of all leg hair. Normally i shave my hair every 2 weeks or 3 weeks.


I finally did it. after shaving random patches on my leg i finally did the whole lot, and no-one cares less!
Feels amazing, the sun hits my legs now, and it feels like a burden has been lifted from me.


sorry…I don’t like legs shaven on men…It looks gross in my opinion…those soft legs on a guy…
That’s too feminine for my taste.
Just like guys tweezing their eyebrows…Ok a unibrow is asking to be tweezed…But a guy tweezing the eyebrows to get the tight looking line like a girl…No sorry, ieeewwww…The guy really gets female eyes then…I can know because some metrosexuals and gays (no offence, I do have some gay friends) in my country do it…Ofcourse, their choice, but I think it looks rediculous…

I like to shave armpit hair and in the genital area…That’s personal…But shaving leg hair is too much…
Seeing a guy walking in shorts with smooth legs looks disgusting…

But I am not trying to offend any of you…that’s just MY opinion…Maybe you would find my hairy legs disgusting haha
But seriously, let there be the beautiful difference between males and females instead of starting to look more and more like eachother.

Then again, it’s everyone’s own choice and I would never be rude to anyone about it.
But in MY honest opinion it looks rediculous on a guy.


Swimmers, bicyclists, bodybuilders, wrestlers and boxers are just a few sportsmen who would tend to remove leg hair, (in addition to many or most other body hairs) as a part of their sport.

No offense is taken, but I don’t think most people would look upon people in the sports mentioned as typically gay… at least, one would not typically mention it to them to their faces :smiley:


true…But in that case one sees it as a special occasion.

A guy shaving leg hair just for the look of it comes across very differently than guys having to shave it for sports.

I even had to shave it for the massages when I did proffessional kickboxing and I hated it(!)

But I didn’t mean to say that when you shave you come across as a gay guy…I just said that I’ve seen a lot of the female hair removal on metrosexuals and gay people…So they were a good example for me to judge if it looked ok on a guy…And IMHO it just doesn’t look nice.
Some parts do (beard, back, armpits, genitals…) But legs, breasthair, armhair, buttock hair just denies imho the way we are as men…
Yes, I know I sound very traditional now…But the danger originates here that all hair is going to be considered as bad or ugly…In some people it’s becoming an obsession…
and it’s NOT…NOT all hair is ugly…In fact when I was young (I am 28 now haah but you know what I mean) I begged for more breasthair but I didn’t get it, so I wanted to shave it to get more, but my gf talked me out if it because the tine soft hairs (like 3 of them haha) I have there make me look young she says :slight_smile:
Leg hair, arm hair, breast hair looks manly and it just looks good on a guy. It looks cool.
Just as we think when we touch our girl…Ah you’re so nice and soft, so feminine…She will think…Ah you’re so strong and hairy, so manly…
AND YES I know there will be females that also love the soft body (before any of the females here will attack me on that one) but this is my idea of it and of many more around me.
There is also hair we can be proud of as men.

What I like about the female body is the fact that she is naturally less hairy then my own body. Opposite attracts…What I like about my own body is that it’s not the same as that what I fancy but that it confirms my manlyness, namely I am the gender that has genetically more hair (or more noticable hair, before any hairscientist is gonna attack me on this one :wink: ) than the opposite sex.
And that is for me something that makes the game of male-female so nice…The fact that you like the other sex ALSO because of the differences.



To each his own. Some guy’s have a real problem with hair and it bothers them to the point that they have a self esteem issue. Life is too short not to be happy. Esthetically and personally, I don’t think my black body hair looks good on my white skin. Therefore, since laser and electrolysis is available to me, I am going to use it to the fullest. In your case, your body hair is not an issue and it makes you feel manly. Conversely, for other men, getting rid of thier unwanted body hair makes them feel manly. In addition, I knew women who don’t like hairy men and again, conversely, I also know some who do. It is a preference with no right or wrong answer. It’s good to be free!


Yep, I agree with you…

I am mixed race so the hair suits me…I guess…
Now I can imagine you would find it uncomfortable when you are pale with dark black hair…
Because your situation is very different then my own I couldn’t judge on that.
BUT still shaving leg hair goes one step to far IMHO…


I think, if a guy has nicely shaped, muscular legs, I think they would look so much better shaved in comparison to someone whose legs resemble bushes. But then, that’s just me. You also have to remember that men’s legs are shaped a little differently than women’s legs. So, you really can’t say they would look feminine if they are shaved or otherwise hairless.


I like smooth and legs are better with not so much hair. No one should judge what is correct for them. Everyone has different view. No right or wrong just comfort and happiness. I reduce leg hair for me. partner likes very much and thinks it was good choice for me.


I think “to each his own”. I used to shave my legs, and yes, I am male. I loved the feel and would consider shaving them again. I don’t think it makes you less then a man. on the contrary, I think it makes you more of one.

Hopefully one day this won’t be looked down upon and all men will be free to shave whatever part of their body they choose.


I do not look down on you in any way…

I just think it looks SO much better on a man to have hair on them instead of smooth soft legs…

I really sincerely find hair on the legs of men much better looking…

That’s all…


thanks and no hurt feelings at all. everyone is entitled to there own opinion.


Oh I remember so vividly on my thirteenth birthday that I looked down at the ground to pick up a ten dollar bill that had just been laying about. Of course I figured it was my lucky day and took it, but in the action I noticed my legs. Hairy. Coarse black hair. Repulsive. It wasn’t much of a surprise to most though that I had it, at thirteen, five foot ten and one-hundred and sixty pounds of mostly muscle, and most were more than certain that puberty had hit and my low voice only making it more apparent.

Unlike other the kids like me who also had body hair I didn’t accept it, I found it - as stated - very unappealing, as did most girls. So one day I had, had enough and had a talk with my mother. She made my father go get a shaving razor. I was so happy as I shaved that black monstrosity to hell and I was not disappointed. My legs were smooth and finally the girls started to comment on my looks, some even saying they liked me but didn’t like the fur. I wasn’t really surprised.

From that day I have kept up my leg shaving, armpit, and at times happy-trail removing routine. Though I am planning on soon taking the leap to waxing, and hopefully I can get LHR = Laser Hair Removal. It would save time and I could do things I wanted.

And although I do enjoy not only the feel but also the lack in body odor. I also took up swimming and I really enjoy it, as well as some mountain climbing and biking. Honestly I’m glad I made the change to hairless, though my father would say otherwise. He finds it feminine but I like it and that’s all that matters.

And most men I’ve met that shave their legs are the same as me, Heterosexual. So I find it stereotypical that some would say I am gay because I like to keep myself well groomed.


Hello MaelstromX.

You seem to be pretty sure that you don’t want to have body hair. As such, I would advise that you skip waxing and go straight to permanent hair removal. Since waxing will only complicate any future permanent solution, and you seem to be just fine with shaving for now, the thing to do is to decide where you would like to get started on the permanent solution and take steps in that direction.


Yeah I am sure that body hair is a big ‘I don’t want’ and I think Laser Hair Removal would be perfect for me, though since I am still pretty young I only have a part-time job with studying for school and such. So I’ll probably have to save up a bit and then try my luck. Oh and James do you know the age requirement for Laser Hair Removal?


Waxing won’t have a negative impact on your laser treatments. At the same time, it’s not cheap. I would instead put the money towards laser and start with smaller areas you can afford. Underarms cost about $50-100 per treatment and you only need a treatment once every 2-3 months.

18 and over for both laser and electrolysis.

Btw, laser only works on coarse hair. It’s great for areas with lots of coarse dark hair.

Also, when you’re ready to start, make sure to do proper research on machines and clinics using this forum. We have FAQs - see link below.

Most clinics take credit cards btw.


Hm well too bad I’m just a bit too young to get treatment then :P. Though I can wait a while, it’s worked for me so far. And I must be a perfect candidate then since I have fair skin, my hair is really dark and really coarse. - Though it doesn’t look like I’m wearing fur pants or anything - And thank you LA for the FAQ and for the other topic I posted.


You are not too young for electrolysis. I work on several teenagers. My youngest at the moment is 13 years old. Several of my teens have had laser as well and now need the help of electrolysis. Many parents will pay for facial hair removal, but draw the line when it comes to body hair removal. They tell their kids that they can pay for that when they get a job. :cry:


Well my job does pay quite well for what I do, especially since I put in the maximum hours and it’s pretty easy. - I work behind the scenes at a store and all I do is lift some heavy crates and such and put them on a conveyor belt - So I think I can save up some money for body hair removal as a whole. So does this also mean that all I need is some parental permission from my mother or father? Also encase you’re wondering I’m fifteen.


I will agree with Dee, my youngest was 9 years old, but we were doing facial hair, and the mother was paying.

In many states, there is no official requirement for parental signatures, but most practitioners will want one anyway. After that, you would be able to go to your appointments alone, and pay with your own money and no one would have a problem with it all.