men shaving legs??


Speaking of tans, I’d love to get me my own personal tanning bed so I could keep a decent tan all year. The thing is I’m Italian, but don’t carry the dark olive complexion my father has. So I’m your fair-skinned Italian American. :stuck_out_tongue:

During the summer, I’ve been going outside on our back deck and sitting out for between 30 and 45 minutes, and using a mixture of baby oil and tanning oil accelerants. I can usually get a good start of a tan within 2 or 3 sittings.

Tanning also helps dry up some of my achne as well. Since I started epilating, my stomach and chest have massively broken out in achne. It’s ugly as hell. You’d think I was some leper or something, but I’m hoping that I can get some tanning going on pretty soon, to at least cover up the redness around the achne.

The problem with this achne is that everytime I take a shower, it just softens up whatever scab has formed since my last shower and it just sluffs off.


Acne is awful,I agree. Tanning is helpful, but then you increase your chances of developing something even worse down the road like squamous and basil cell carcinoma or the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma. Please be careful with the sun.


I just wanted to add my 0.2 US$ to this topic long ago…

After almost 3 years with shaved legs I’ve decided to take the next step in my life which is do not hide my shaved legs any more.

So far, I’ve managed to use short pants only in places where is politically correct (beaches, summing pools, spas, etc.)

However I decided to use short and show my legs off in places like shopping malls, supermarkets, and the outdoor places in general… the feeling of freedom is amazing as nobody even notice them.

Pretty much the same with my shaved “jewelry” (down there) in saunas or Gym’s changing room… I’ve gotten several disapproval reactions in the past, however now rather than hide myself I enjoy watching the face of some dudes completely shocked about my hairless style…



Oh I know. I don’t do this tanning thing often. In fact, I’ve only gotten maybe 4 days worth this season so far, and again only 30-45 minutes at a time. And really, I can’t take much more than 30 minutes. Because I can’t sweat, I get over heated quickly.

But my chest achne is healing up as of late. I’m just doing my best to not pick the scabs off, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. :stuck_out_tongue:



my husband shaves his leg hairs once in a while because he’s a diver (I don’t know why but he told me so that he could put on his wet suit much easier) i suggested him that we should go to the dermatologist and have it waxed. he doesn’t want to because its painful. so here’s my question: what’s the best way to remove hair without the pain?


shaving or Nair is the only way.


Personally, if the guy is smooth all over the body because of his cycling, swimmming, body building, it doesn’t bother me. However, if it is partial, only legs and genitals, and has an itchy face and does not get a shower every day, it completely turns me off -to say the least. Looks very weird to me, and soon enough, the hard tips of the hairs are very unconfortable so, I prefer long, soft hairs on the body. I like hair in men, the more the better, except on their face.


Personally, if the guy is smooth all over the body because of his cycling, swimmming, body building, it doesn’t bother me. However, if it is partial, only legs and genitals, and has an itchy face and does not get a shower every day, it completely turns me off -to say the least. Looks very weird to me, and soon enough, the hard tips of the hairs are very unconfortable so, I prefer long, soft hairs on the body. I like hair in men, the more the better, except on their face.


i dont like guys that shave and after awhile there is stubble its really itchy and annoying


Hi everyone,
I have been hanging around the forum for over a year now and barely have time to read all that I want let alone posting, so the length of the topic still isn’t indicative of how many guys are shaving their legs. I have shaved off and on for about two years now and when I haven’t it has been due to fear. It is by far my preference though I don’t like the time it takes, even if I can get it down to just ten minutes at a time. Time is precious you know.

Regarding the question of whether it looks strange to shave some body parts and not others, it seems that no one has pointed out that most men have hair growth in different areas. If i shaved my legs but not my hairy feet, no that wouldn’t be a normal growth pattern. However, men often have hair on their arms but not their chest. I myself just have a little patch of peach fuzz in the center of my chest and really tacky little patches surrounding my nipples. When I don’t shave there it looks absolutely ridiculous to me, even though it’s “natural.” Some guys have hairy back and little on the chest. Some have growth on their chest but little on the stomach and vice versa. Some have faint or none on their abdomen, but do on their arms, much like many women do. When a woman is mostly hairless but they have hairy arms most of us who are accepting and kind would not bat an eye. We all have very different bodies to begin with, so why is there any reason to question someone’s actions because, in a similar way, their body ends up looking different?

Like I said, I do have fear of social judgment often. But I much prefer to live my life the way I want especially on what is such a truly trivial issue. To anyone here who is choosing to do life a little outside the norm: I salute you.

I am a Colorado Springs resident folks. If any of you are local to me, give me a holler and maybe we can head out into this “conservative” community together with a little more confidence!



If you prefer to shave your legs, or not shouldn’t really matter to anyone else. People like to mind everyone else’s business however, and try to read things into it which only exist in their perverted little minds. They are basically just shift disturbers.

Diversity keeps this world from being a sickenly bland and dull place to live.


I second that, without diversity or even deviance, nothing would change, society would stagnate and then there’d be faschism.

And hey, the rugby player Gavin Henson (Englands equivalent of Football) shaves his legs as well. Hf he can get away with it whilst running up and down a field grabbing hold of men. I think anyone can! :wink:



Many men shave their legs. People who bike race shave their legs. What is wrong with it not one thing! I see it as no big deal.


I think this thread has repeated the obvious for 22 pages over five years now. What else can possibly be said? You’re correct in saying it is no big deal.


I guess the reason why this thread has continued for so long and somewhat repeats itself is for personal reassurance from others. It may seem a bit pointless as people can read the post from others, but it’s always nice to be told personally. I have a feeling this is why a lot of people ask question that have already been asked here, or at least those who know how to use the search button.

Anyways, just my random thoughts lol.




I agree with Benji on this one, that people are looking for personal reassurance or acceptance. If there weren’t some negative perceptions regarding a man shaving their legs then this string would not exist at all.

Most of the negative opinions are based on homophobia.
Then for some there is the question of whether women find it OK or not.

It was an issue for me at one time too, so I have some experience with dealing with it. For me it was a matter of either being who I am or not, or being what other people
wanted me to be. I chose to say to hell with them and have some peace of mind in being true to myself.



Fair enough, and I don’t disagree with a word you say, but my only point was, it has been discussed up, down and side ways for five years and 22 pages worth. Feelings about this have been shared and men who want to shave their legs have been given our loving support to go onward with strength and confidence. Advice and opinions have been showered on everyone who has asked for it and all it boils down to is, some people like it, some people don’t and the man who wants to shave his legs should go forward and be true to what makes him feel comfortable in his sport, in his sense of style and comfort, regardless of how others think. Did I get that right?


just wanted to say i finally did it, shaved it all, it was a gradual process. i couldn’t be happier! seriously, i was a really hairy guy, (i started shaving my face at like age 10) anyway, the massive amounts of hair have been plaguing me since then. i am now 25 and have since been trimming a little here and there. shaving my back and chest and upper arms since high school… and then my legs and arms were looking a little out of sync with the rest of my body and the hair (specifically on my legs) was so long and curly and uncomfortable, and hot… ( i went to college in AZ) that i realized i should do something about it.

long story short, i had been trimming my leg hair and arm hair for quite some time now, every time, shorter and shorter, i knew the inevitable shave was near. i even tried bleaching the hair to make it look gone, (which works pretty well…not enough for me) so i finally took the plunge and shaved it all OFF! like i said earlier i couldn’t be happier… and no one has said a thing, i don’t even think they (friends, family) have noticed.

anyone who has been beating around the bush(es) good pun thanks very much… i would recommend you try it, you will not go back, and neither will i… thanks for everyone’s experiences and posts on here, they saw me through.


I have shaved my legs off and on and recently did it again and I do enjoy it. I am going to try waxing so it will last longer. I don’t like the stubbly feel after a day or two.