Am i another client with overtreatment?

Im back after another try at electrolysis. This time my upper lip. I included before and after pictures. Feel free to comment. Area of concern is the line that shows up after the treatment.

I do not see any issues.


Thank you for replying to my post. Let me try put some more pictures.

Hey Butternut20,

Im not a professional, so i can’t comment on your skin condition. Ive come across this post. Maybe you should check it out.

Not enough information … specifically WHEN was your last treatment and were there significant scabs? That mark is odd. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The treatment been 10 days ago. Didnt have any scabs. Just a bit swelling.

Ive only had 6-8 hair in there. The hair been thick and coarse. I had no redness after the treatment. It was my first treatment on the lip.

My forensic diagnosis:

No scabs and no redness either? No redness? … now, that’s something! My guess is that the swelling (that you have), has uncloaked something that was there to begin with … but not noticed until the surrounding tissue became swollen.

We see this on occasion. For example, a treatment on the face causes swelling … and old acne scars become more visible. The acne scar is less flexible than the surrounding tissue and so the adjacent swelling uncloaks the scar.

Also, your mark is “going in the wrong direction” for something CAUSED by electrolysis over-treatment. My opinion: zero over-treatment. And, when the swelling subsides you won’t see the little crease. (That mark will probably show up years later when you get old and your skin decreases in volume.)

I’ve drawn in a mark (direction) that would concern me … notice that your mark is at the “wrong angle?”

Thank you very much for your reply.
Ive done waxing and plucking for years before finally trying electrolysis. For all i know one of the temporary methods is responsible for this weird line.

I think it will go away and never be a concern. Still, DO NOT blame yourself for waxing, etc. That’s probably not the cause. Maybe Putin did it?

Lol well im from Eastern Europe, so you might be onto something here,:rofl:

Oh my! My mother was Hungarian and we had relatives that escaped in 1956. We were hosting a student from Moldova and he’s very frightened and heading home. My Swedish friends still can’t decide if they should join NATO. A few months ago I opposed NATO encroaching on Russia … but, that has all changed now.

May i please ask is it possible for electrolysis being the cause of my skin getting thinner? I ve been getting electrolysis done on my chin. Ive been one time overtreated and since then my skin looks thinner.

There is no connection between thin skin and electrolysis. You have NOT experienced overtreatment. Everything is 100% NORMAL.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

What if ive been overtreated. Would that cause my skin to thin? I’m trying take some pictures of my chin but they don’t seem to give a justice what im trying to show.

If you were actually over-treated, the outcome might be a thickening of the skin; not thinning. Any wound introduces additional collagen to the area (e.g., the basis of laser treatments to improve the skin’s appearance).

Thank you :blush: this is very interesting.

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I would like your opinion about my chin treatment, please. Is the redness after 10 days normal? Am i looking at the orange peel effect?