Who is using MC160D-C from Gentronics?


I am German and living in Cyprus. I just received my equipment from Gentronics for electrolysis.

I am wondering if anybody is using the epilator from Gentronics and would like to share some experiences me.

Unfortunately nobody in Cyprus has an epilator like this and could share information and experiences with me.

I would be happy to get some contacts even from some people who are using other equipment for professional use.

Greetings from Cyprus,


The MC160D Gentronic’s epilator was the first epilator I purchased as student and I really liked it’s capabilities and I still do, even though I am exclusively using the Sil-tone VMC now.

I think you made a very good choice as this epilator can do blend and thermolysis and having the microflash thermolysis capability is a particulary very nice feature to have. It also can do multi-needle galvanic utilizing separate circuits for each of a 16 probes with little lights that go on and off.

I like doing multi-needle,but rarely use it because my clients prefer something speedier. The pre-set programs for face and body are helpful but you always have to keep in mind to start low and work the levels of intensity and timing upwards gradually so the hair slides out easily,in most cases, and the top of the skin looks unaffected by the current. This is the case for any epilator you use.

Jim Jenson,president of Gentronics is great! He answers his own phone, too. If you call him with any questions, he will easily talk you through it or you can e-mail him since you are so far away. I had a small problem with my MC160 in the beginning and he guided me through taking the back cover off with my handy dandy allen wrench and actually fixing the problem on the spot. He’s a very knowlegible and nice, nice person. He gave me great tips for using the multi-galvanic modality when everything seemed so awkward.

Are you an electrologist? Hopefully, you have some good electrolysis books to reinforce the principles you need to know. Check out the reading section at the top menu bar.

I included Jim Jenson’s contact information for you. Just take it slowly until you are really familiar with everything.


Good luck to you.


Hi Dee,

thanks a lot for your answer. I am not a electrolgist, as here in Cyprus are not school - no nothing - I have to learn everything by myself.

Indeed, Jim is a nice person - I bought the unit directly
from him. Still I would like to have some contact with other electrologist - maybe beginners like me, just to share experiences or to ask “stupid” beginners question.
E.g. how to fit the needles into the needle holder, how deep to push them etc.

Should I post my question in the “Do-it-yourself-Electrolysis” forum as well?

Thanks a lot,
greetings from Cyprus,

I’m sorry there is not a school for you to attend. I thought a professional epilator is not allowed to be sold to anyone that doesn’t have training in electrolysis? Maybe that is different if you live out of the U.S???

You can keep this thread going so things are not fragmented,that’s what we prefer. I’m more likely to peruse the electrolysis section as oppossed to the DIY forum. There are several wonderful electrologists, (besides myself of course! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />) that contribute unselfishly on this forum and would be glad to answer those “stupid beginner questions”. Just ask away and we will try help you out.

It would be most helpful if you could purchase the books recommended in the reading section, especially Bono’s book and Mehrig’s and Richards book.

As for the needleholder, untwist the top part slightly and slide the probe in with an old pair of tweezers. Twist it back slightly until you can’t see the thick part of the probe, but rather the thin metal piece only. Once it is adjusted, then you can tighten it with another twist.

I think Jim has video’s you can purchase, but that may be for multi-needle only???

Don’t be working on anyone or your own face now. Practicing on your legs would be a good start.

Why aren’t there any electroloysis schools in Cypress? I’m assuming there are a lot of hairy people there as there is here in the U.S. What method do people use to remove unwanted hair - permanently?? Also, are there any electrologist’s near where you live that you could apprentice with (and pay them, of course)?


Hi Dee,

I purchased the book from Richards and Mehargs, but I couldn´t get Mike Bono´s book, its sold out at amazon (if anybody has a used one to sell, please let me know). But until the book will arrive in Cyprus I want to start being more familiar with the MC160D-C. I managed to insert the needle in the needleholder (thanks for the explanation, Dee), I also watched Jim´s DVD, but it shows more general things, not so much details so I could really learn from it.

The people here are using more laser and a electrologist would not show me anything (even if I pay for) because they would be afraid that I am going to be a competitor. Cyprus is a very small island, you can go by car from one end to the other within 3 hours - so everybody looks quite careful to their own business - unfortunately.

But don´t worry Dee, I will start very slowly, of course only at the legs - and I found a very good “victim” in my husband <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> . I am still a bit scared to push a needle in the skin - does it make a difference if I push the needle quickly or slow, at the moment I suppose I have difficulties to find the hair root canal - so I will be quite slowly in order to do no mistakes.

Also I get confused with choosing the levels. What´s about the delay time for a beginner? Which combination would be the best to start with (or maybe only thermolysis…?)

Thanks a lot again for your answer,

Last I talked to CeCe at Prestige electrolysis, they had Bono’s new edition, which is described as very close to the older version,but a little thinner. You can order it online at www.prestigeelectrolysis.com or you can call them. Goole search this if it is blocked here.

That competition thing is alive and well in many places, so you just get that old determination thing going and learn for yourself. I practiced insertions on a ripe banana trying to hit the little brown dots over and over. An orange would be good too as you aim for the little dimples. Husbands have great follicles after you conquer the banana and orange.

You’re using a probe, not a needle, and as such you need to gently and slowly slide the probe into the follicle opening, watching the angle of hair growth, as you carefully stretch the skin. No jamming, as if you are a nurse giving an injection. One should not feel the insertion, so that’s where your dear husband comes in. He can tell you if it hurts. If you draw blood, you’re not inserting correctly. You can also insert on yourself and feel if it hurts or not. The books mentioned will tell how to do this. Your only job at this point is to practice a hundred insertions a day. You don’t have to practice on the days you don’t eat, if you get my drift.

The delay time should be set longer for a beginner. If you decide not to use the foot switch, which I never use mine, then if you set the delay switch at 2 seconds, that gives you 2 seconds to insert correctly before the current comes on. You should probably start out using the foot switch where you have total control of when the current will activate.

I would start with (slow)galvanic only because it is more forgiving of mistakes. As you get better, you can do blend with galvanic and thermolysis and when you are super comfortable, you can graduate to microflash!

Good insertions, good levels of intensity and timing that allow the hair to slide or even to have a little pop is what you are striving for, while still leaving the skin looking good and healing good.


I’m new at all of this stuff too!
As far as the needles or wires go I’m using Uniprobe there is no guess work involved. You can buy an adaptor for your machine for $7.00. The wires are also less expensive.

Hi Nancy, hi Dee,

thanks for the answer. Nancy, what kind of adapter and wires you mean?

Dee, what do you think of Hydrogen Peroxide for anaphoresis?

I was thinking to start first only with thermolysis?!?

I wrote to prestige because I had problems to find out about the shipping costs to Cyprus - hopefully I will get an answer soon. I was thinking to get also the thermolysis DVD.



Why would you want to do anaphoresis with hydrogen peroxide? Are you talking about doing this before a treatment? I personally never do anaphoresis.

You can start with thermolysis, but I wouldn’t start with flash thermolysis. Just begin low and slow and gradually creep your way up until the hair releases.

Prestige and other supply places has 4 videos that would be good for you to own. Galvanic, thermolysis, blend and complications are the topics. Kind of bland stuff in the way it is presented, but very, very important for getting the foundation strong.


Hi Dee,

it says in the manual to dampened some cotton with Hydrogen Peroxide for anaphoresis in order to open the hair follicles for easier needle insertions before the epilation. But I have also a very good aloe vera spray (Aloe First from Forever living products) which I thought to use instead, before and after epilation.
What is the best method to clean the epilation area before starting?

I can only purchase DVD, as I don´t a have video player, only a dvd player, but I am waiting for an answer from prestige. Which other supplier offers DVD? Do you know any?

Thanks a lot for all your help so far,


Okay, I understand where you are coming from with the anaphoresis. I don’t believe many electrologists need to do this prior to treatment. I never use this feature, but instead cleanse the area to be treated with an antiseptic like witch hazel or alcohol depending on the skin type.

I perused the two other electrolysis supply companies I was referring to so before I shot my big mouth off, I thought I could give you correct information. It does not appear that they sell these video’s anymore? so for sure, getting your hands on a dvd would be just a dream. Texas has, or maybe had, a short video by Sterex on How to Make Perfect Insertions. You might want to ask them if they still sell it.

You could e-mail these two companies and see what goes in the video/dvd department.

www.texaselectrolysissupply.com or www.instantron.com

Maybe another electrologist that contributes to this board knows more about this than me.

Answering good questions like yours, sabine, helps keep me fresh. Thanks.


Just out of curiosity (and I apologize in advance if this has been asked before)is it easier on the skin to go lower intensity/longer duration or higher intensity/shorter duration? Or is it basically trial and error.

If you are doing it yourself and are not a professional, lower intensity and slower timing will allow you to react to any errors. You will gradually see the top of your skin “getting angry” or reacting to the current below when you go low and slow. This will allow you to adjust your timing or intensity so you don’t repeat this on the next hair.

I do high intensity with shorter timing (with a computerized epilator,makes a difference) most of the time on my clients with great outcome, but I didn’t start there because it can be a disaster scenario if done incorrectly. You have to work your way up from slow to fast until you become really proficient and comfortable.

So either strategy will work for that stubborn hair, it is not trial and error. As usual, all is based on practitioner skill.


Thanks, Dee. I “practiced” on my legs about a week ago and still have nasty dark red marks. I think they might finally be turning into scabs. The next day I only did about 3 hairs on my other leg (same intensity/timing)and that looks fine. The only thing I did differently the 2nd day was to take a shower afterwards. I’ve been putting neosporin cream on my leg to help with the healing. I’m not allergic to it, but would tea tree oil or aloe help speed up the healing? I’m just hoping these aren’t permanent marks.

These dark red spots that are commonly found on the legs after electrolysis can last for weeks to months, but they do go away. They are caused by persistant dilitation of blood vessels that have not returned to normal after electolysis.

I personaly like aloe vera gel and tea tree oil for many reasons. The Jason brand of witch vera is very nice for soothing and calming the irritated skin. You can order online or stores like Wild Oats or any natural food stores may have it. If the neosporin cream is working for you, then good, just don’t use aything that is ointment based right after electrolysis. Some clients swear by the Bandaid itch gel that has camphor. There are many ideas on this, so if anyone has had good results with something else, please share!

When I had my legs done with electrolysis, I had these same kind of dark spots you are describing. It was a long time ago, so I can’t say exactly how long it took for my skin dots to resolve, but they did - perfectly- minus the hair!

Side effects occur most often in those first electro sessions. Frequency of these side effects will lessen as you find the proper recipe for intensity and timing for your particular skin and hair type whether you are doing it yourself or having it professionally done. These are not permanent marks.

Side effects can be caused by the clients having skin that is extra sensitive, the electrologist or DIY’er that has problems with technique, or the equipment used.


Thanks again, Dee. It’s very reassuring that these dark spots aren’t permanent. My legs are a mess even when I shave–red bumps, blood and scabs–so basically in the summer I still have to wear long pants. Not to mention the fact that they are a ghostly white.

You are very welcome. Oh, and Walgreens has a great self-tanning lotion, in my humble opinion, for those ghostly white legs. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />


Hi Dee,

I sent emails to Prestige, to Texas Electrolysis Supply and to Hairroute - nobody answered <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />I guess they don´t want to deliver abroad. I you or anybody knows a shop who answers emails and who delivers to Cyprus (not only books, other supplies like needles etc. as well) please let me know!!!

Thanks & greetings,

P.S. Managed today to get the first hair out of my legs <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> without any problems!!!

hmmmm? I’ll call them when I get a break. Maybe they are just behind on their e-mails. I’ll let you know and good for you on those leg hairs.


Thanks a lot Dee !!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />