Where do we begin?

Arlene … Dee … Jossie, et. al., where did we “go wrong?” It seems that no matter how much we try, we still “get this” … enjoy! And, watch out for that nasty ACID stuff!


Did you notice…no needles!!!

Just shoot me.

Before closing the window, I decided to click on her consultation. The consultation video also states no needles, but she does use the pro-tec insulated PROBE.

I may have misunderstood, but this video indicated that the papilla ONLY is to be treated and that the hairs can only be treated when in anagen.

Yes Barbara, all of the above. This woman lives in my “neighborhood” (Venture is 30 miles South of Santa Barbara) and I really feel like a failure. Of course she is from the East Coast (the hard-headed type), and didn’t attend an electrology school. The East Coast/West Coast “thing” has been going on since, what, 1936? Set to music: “And the beat goes on …”

I’m hoping that some of you might send “that woman” an email in hopes she might get her facts straight? (Like ACID being formed in the skin?)

Another oddity about the excerpt from the interview is that towards the end, she mentions that with the DC, you have to wait for the follicle to fill up with acid. HUH? Sodium Hydroxide is not an acid, it is an alkaline. Is there no understanding of even simple chemistry? Wow. Scary.

I’ve heard electrologists say things like that. The one that slayed me was the electrologist who talked about how long that LYE stayed in the skin, eating it away…I think she said “for days”… This was back in the 80s and since I had experimented with blend at that time I knew better - and wondered where she got this information. She was also that person in the group who stated that she would always charge more than anyone else because her client’s perception was that more money means the BEST. No one knows what happened to this electrologist - she just kind of dissolved away…

Michael - there are some people who don’t want to be confused with the facts… I’m finding consumers to be checking things out a little more thoroughly…I send people HERE all the time! “If you don’t believe me, please do visit HAIRTELL.COM.”

Arlene and Barbara … you “guys” are like “manna from heaven.” Yes, thank the internet for Hairtell and all of you.

I do remember “that electrologist in the 80s.” She told me that the LYE caused liver damage because it “ate away” the liver. So crazy! (Actually, since blood is slightly acidic, the miniscule amount of “base” is neutralized in milliseconds.

I wonder why none of the multi-DC-needle folks started rumors about the “radiation” from HF … or maybe the “microwaves” or whatever that fry your brain? (You know the people that claim they get damaged from high-voltage electrical lines in their neighborhood.)

If some nut picks up this idea, I will jump off the warf!

Michael, I didn’t know you were from Kansas…we call everybody “you guys”! I think I’d better put that on a T-shirt when I go to the Southern Comfort Conference…

I haven’t heard the “high-voltage electrical lines” thing recently.

What surprises me is that the number of cell phones out there isn’t freaking people out. One of my friends joked that she calls her “precious” (think Lord of the Rings), and my joke is that Big Brother has arrived and I plug in every day…

Well, I have to see and hear this video some hundred times more, to understand some thing. Wow, the speed with which there speaks this woman, Madonna Mia!! The only thing that has remained very clear for me is when she has given the address and the name of website at the end of the interview. :wink:

Nevertheless, I can understand the origin of your frustration, Michael. How to remain impassive when we hear these things?
A putting in suitable scene, a very convinced and sure woman of that what she says is true, a salad of scientific information and conclusions (own and foreign) erroneous. And you will have the perfect way of perpetuating the mistakes of the past. But this time, in an area that reaches great more diffusion, TV followed of the Internet.

I do not know where to begin, but I know that we must continue.

(I trust that Ms. Conway reads Hairtell occasionally)

By the way, what do you think if we start recommending Ms. Conway read a little some good literature?

Read your books, Michael, is a good way to start.

Do you agree with me, guys?

Michael, please, no nasty comments about those from the East Coast.
She is, after-all, your pizon!

I was wondering though, I thought you needed to have graduated from an electrology school and pass the state exams to practice in California. Did that change?

Ha ha ha Arlene … actually, I’m from New York myself, originally. (I just couldn’t resist. Wanted to see what would happen — you know “fishing.”)

OMG is she ITALIAN? Aha, THAT’s why! Those Gumbas just … well, never mind.

Maybe I should buy Mike’s former house, and turn it into a museum.

Can you believe that Mike and I lived just blocks away from each other, 20 years apart. (my house was demolished to make way for the expanded fire hall)

One suggestion for the museum, James. You should not hire the same designer who was in charge of the interview room of Mrs. Conway. These artificial plants seems they left the chamber of horrors. :o

OMG!!! My “babies” are getting restless! YOU youngins!!

If you “needed” the follicle to fill up with lye… that lye would damage the wall of the follicle from top to bottom and it would be like a chemical burn inside the follicle that would heal with scar tissue that contracts and pulls down the surface… a pitted “scar”. The surface would not be damaged (scarred)…just pitted or “dimpled”. If the lye overflowed to the surface you would end up with a surface scar that resembled a burn because that’s what it would be…a CHEMICAL burn.

Our treatment (whether it be lye, laser heat or epilator heat) causes a micro scar at the bottom of the follicle and scar tissue does not grow hair because the papilla was damaged. Repeated tweezing can do the same thing. When you get a cut or trauma across an eyebrow that leaves a scar… no hair grows on the scar tissue. We can learn to minimize the DAMAGE we do to the skin with experience so that we do not cause pitting scars. The skill of the operator is important.

As for liver toxicity… the liver and kidneys remove virtually ALL the toxic substances from the body, however, some of these substances are toxic to these organs JN HIGH AMOUNTS. They are in the bloodstream and can be toxic to these organs to the point that they “die” and lose their ability to function so they have to be replaced with transplants. Called NEPHROTOXICITY AND HEPATOTOXICITY… THIS CAN BE DONE BY SOME THINGS NEEDED TO SAVE YOUR LIFE LIKE…ANTIBIOTICS, LIQUOR and a host of other drugs and chemicals we use COMMONLY. READ THE LABELS!!!

That’s a bold statement, Liquor can save your life :slight_smile:
If anyone ever tells me I’ve had enough to drink I’ll just reply that I’m merely trying to improve my long term health prospects by consuming more.
Alcohol as an elixiur for life :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was reading follizap’s post today. He was responding to the many varied theories about “what happens in the follicle with electrolysis — and laser for that matter.” His comment about booze was funny, but that’s not the reason for my post.

When we were fighting the electronic tweezers, Hinkel had an interesting analogy. He said: “Mike, if you’re investigating a murder scene, does it make any sense to only examine the ‘gun?’ Maybe you should look around the room first, to see if there are any dead bodies!” (The ETs had very elaborate explanations for their “Depilatron,” — all pretty solid and created by physicists — it’s just that the thing didn’t work! The experts ended up arguing physics and didn’t bother to count “dead hairs.”)

I have heard so many theories about “what we are doing, and why.” Do we only destroy the papilla? Do we need to destroy the papilla and the stem cells higher up (my preference)? If, as Harvey says, we fill the follicle with lye will we cause a pitted scar? (That would mean that all treatments that produce DC lye would cause “pitted scars.” Great theory, but in 30 years I have never seen this.)

Neil Blok (New Zealand) was furious when Ballet introduced their highly polished needles because he said: “You must have tiny pits on the needle or you cannot produce lye properly. The pits cause ‘swirling’ that keep the lye in the follicle.” He also said you must “lead with the DC” (enter the follicle with the DC on), or the HF dries out the tissue so no lye can be formed.” Often “theory” is really “conjecture” — there’s a big difference.

Seriously, I don’t know who’s right. I guess it’s all about what you experience. Still, “counting the actual ‘dead bodies’,” seems like the best approach: the definition of success. Whatever you are actually doing, or think you are doing, if it’s working — hey, that’s what matters! I could argue “theories” all day long, but they don’t account for very much. Why argue about the recipe when it’s all about eating the food?

Bravo Mike.
I see faster results when I use a particular modality and technique on a particular part of the body. Could it be that I am skilled in flash for every part of the body except one? Or does everyone struggle with that same part of the body unless they switch to blend?