What can you do to get better/quicker results?

Lets say you’re gonna get electrolysis in about half a year on several areas, and you’ve done waxing/plucking hairs out from root and also shaving, for years. And maybe even done laser too.

Is it best to stop plucking altogether for months and not even shave for some time before you finally get your first electrolysis clearence? would that make the treatment more effective and kill more hairs compared to if you stuck to your old habits?

Definitely stop the plucking and waxing altogether. Shave or trim the hair several days before your electrolysis appointment. The number of days depends on how fast or slow it grows. Ideally, the hair should be long enough to be grasped by tweezers/forceps. Be certain you’re well-hydrated (drink LOTS of water) for several days before your appointment.

You can let the hair grow for months to the maximum of hairs are present and thus, most of all to be killed, however this will not help if your electrologist has been taught in the belief that work on hair in the resting phase is useless, and she or he decides to select “only anagen”.

Ok thanks for the tips

I see. I hope I can find the right type of practitioner. If by not touching the hairs for some time, I can make the treatments more effective, then I am willing to do it. Do you know how much % of hairs is permanently killed with the first treatment if I do it this way?


If the needle is correctly inserted and the application of current is sufficient to coagulate most of the follicle, the percentage should exceed 90%.

And even if in the past some of the hairs were plucked? Cause I heard that those type of hairs are more difficult to treat…

A large part of each follicle disappear and reappear in each new cycle, if you do not pluck the hair for a few months, no one could tell the difference between hair that has been touched and one is not.

If the depth of the follicle has been modified by the tweezers, the electrologist will need to cover more area to coagulate these follicles.

I see. I’m just happy to hear that there are atleast solutions known for these problems.

I think before my first clearence I’m gonna let the hair grow and not remove anything for like 2 or 3 months. I’m willing to do it if it makes the treatment more effective.

Well, I know that some people still think that my words sound like science fiction: That this is not possible to obtain a 80% permanent removal in a single clearance. Still, some argue that Electrolysis is not definitive. That is a slow option, not suitable for large areas. That is only for a few fine, blond or gray hairs.

The owner of these legs is a user of Hairtell (Smurf), who had planned to opt for the laser before discovering that Electrolysis could become a first choice. The first clearance in the lower legs was made in February 2012. These are the results of that work in June 2012. Today she was pleased to have chosen the safest and cheaper option.

Before (February 2012):

After first clearance (June 2012):

February 2012

June 2012

What an asset you are to the electrology profession , Ms. Jossie!

I am curious if one can obtain 80% reduction on a male beard after one clearance as well or if the strategy differs. Beautiful work as always.

Urgh, I hate seeing these pictures. Damned stumpy legs that make me look overweight by 30kgs. Note: I had grown my leg hair for about 6 mths (though see disclaimer below about trimming), as we had anticipated that we could start on legs a session earlier than we managed to. Frustrating as hell (I rarely wear trousers to work!), but I guess it yielded in a decent result.

Anyway! 36tinklebells - to expand on Depilacionel’s response re: plucking. I used to shave my legs. Then, I started waxing them myself. Then I got myself an epilator aka a mechanical tweezer & used it on my legs, underarms and arms.

Despite the ‘tweezing’/‘plucking’ with an epilator, that’s the result I got after one clearance on my legs. The result after the first clearance is twice as good as what was achieved from the first clearance on my arm. However, the density of (leg) hair was quite low anyway AND I had little sparse bald patches before the electrolysis, so there was not much to work with anyway. Even now, in the above pictures, you’ll see random bald patches where hair has either never existed OR was removed and has not grown back in the three months since the treatment. I also did not have time to finish the entire lower leg AND I trimmed some hair too before the session (apparently I clipped some TOO short which I was given a slap on the wrist for back then & got the ‘that will take an extra session now!’ downer lesson, but today was told I had max. hair present, heh!).

After more or less finishing my upper body and it taking ages to do so, it makes a nice change to see such a big difference after the first clearance - it took my arms, my abdomen and my underarms 2 clearances/advancement before the difference was as significant. That’s not to say there wasn’t a difference - I had shaved my underarms mere weeks before the first clearance which hindered progress as the max. strands of hair weren’t grown/visible - it just wasn’t as big a difference because the density of hair in those areas was greater.

To follow on from that, the density of hair in the beard is higher than any part of the body on a man or woman. The sheer amount of time required would exceed the time taken to clear any of my body parts for example. Plus, beard hair is in the anagen stage far more frequently than legs, for example, which are in the telogen stage for 4 mths (if I recall correctly from Michael Bono’s book) & shorter for anagen. Beard hairs will always be popping up all over the place from follicles unless you stop shaving for 3 mths! For that reason, it may not be possible to clear the entire beard in one treatment session. It’s worth remembering that in order to anticipate the level of reduction you can get. Otherwise, with hairs that are in telogen (aka non-growth phase and thus above the skin’s surface), it’s possible to get 70-80% reduction.

Sorry about the formatting. I tried to space it out into paragraphs but my phone & browser are not co-operating.

Smurf…are you female or a transsexual women?Sorry asking that…but seeing the amount of hairs on your legs,it seems that if you are female than must have PCOD.Because I really dont want to hurt your sentiments…this question is just of curiosity.

Madhu, i’m a girly girl and i have as much hair (or even more, i don’t know because my hair is always short) as smurf.
I’m not transsexual, i’m only hairy.

Hi Madhu, Smurf is a beautiful woman of Bangladesh origins.

You have seen many other women´s legs, haven´t you? I have seen many and I can with certainty that, except for Asian women, most women have more hair than Smurf. You will be surprised to see that if women grew their leg/thigh hair for 6 months they will, in your eyes, seem to have PCOS!

I am flattered that you think I can pass so easily as a man! I shall think of you if I should ever decide to go ahead with that sex change you thought of!

You seem to only be seeing the length & thickness of the hair instead of looking at the density of the hair. Most women with arm hair have a greater density of hair on their arms - even those with blonde hair - than the density of hair on my legs! My arm hair was thinner and shorter, but much more dense. I guarantee you, if I had taken a picture a week or two after shaving my legs, you would not have suggested that I am a man/transsexual/have PCOS as all the bald spots I have would be more obvious (I don’t understand why there are bald spots, but hey ho!). I am certainly not the former two and as for PCOS - I don’t even know. My leg hair is actually one of the most normal/least unusual areas of body hair. Hope that answers your question thoroughly.

My hair is much more dense than your :wink:
I don’t even want to image HOW HAIRY my legs could become after 6 months :smiley:

PS: I’m a little smurf too :blush:

Sorry smurf…actually most of women I have seen are in my family …they have less hairs and the most of i have seen may be getting the waxing so looked clean.I hope i didnt hurt a…

I can attest that smurf is a beautiful young women and a very petite one at that. You deserve a huge thanks from everyone for allowing your photos to be shared.

My own legs were very likely to have been similar (can’t even remember now!) but as you have mentioned, most women are regularly shaving/waxing/epilating that we never see the full extent of the hair growth. Those photos are the legs at the very worst since they were untouched for many months. My sister has been leaving her leg hair alone for the same purpose are they are far hairier.

I have found that hairiness varies greatly with women from the subcontinent. Within my own extended family, some women are like me and my sister, others have very little hair, others are very hairy on some body areas only and very little visible hair on others. There are no generalisations to be made and it is not always indicative of a hormonal problem.

madhu, I think the wide user base of hairtell shows that hair growth is a pretty strange thing. Please let’s stop assuming.