Used Apilus Senior II for sale

Hello, I hope this is the right sub-section for this post. If not please accept my apology and tell me where to re-post it. I bought an Apilus Senior II in California 3 years ago for about 2400 USD incl. second pedal, lots of extras and voltage adaptor to 220v. Used it only on myself, works like a charm in all modes. Hairfree now, so I don’t need it anymore. Great machine to start up a little Salon of your own on a budget I’d say :slight_smile:

have a nice day,
Hairy Fox


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Hi how much are you selling the machine for and how old is it in total?

Hello Asha, it is 8 years old and current price on eBay according to Google Currency Converter is 1,528.46 $ :slight_smile: I’d ship it to US and Canada for free, same in Europe. For Europe I can include the voltage adapter. Best Wishes

Is it fully functional with no issues? It just so happens I’m working an apprentise into my business thisweek and I found my SM-500 has a dead memory card ( which is no longer available) .
Are you able take able payment by credit card?

Hello fellow Zapper. Sorry to hear your mashine malfunctioned :confused: Since mine’s on eBay, I’m quite positive they process credit cards internationally. I never had any issues with the mashine in any mode. If you are not happy with it you can send it back to me, as long as it’s not months later :wink: If you bid/buy there, please follow the link I’ve posted above. If I understood this right then they’ll waive the 10% commission so I can pay for your shipping.

I’ll think about it, but i think I’ve decided to replace it with an Instantron Spectrum Elite so I wont hold you up waiting.

Hey no problem at all :slight_smile: seems to sell just fine already. Good luck with your new mashine!

Hi! Is your machine still for sale? I am in California and don’t know how to read your eBay site as it’s in German. Any advice on translating it to English?

Many thanks!

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Hello Kaitauno, yes, the mashine will be relisted back into Ebay in 3 days. Unfortuately the original buyer was some fraudster from Russia. I’m in California too at the Moment, in San Diego! Just for traveling though. If you want to translate the listing you can use the google chrome browser, it has an auto-translate feature :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for your reply! I am actually headed to San Diego on Friday and will be there until March 3. If I buy your machine, I could pick it up rather than have it shipped.

I will try the translation on google chrome as you suggest.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to phone me at 208 407 8625.

Thank you!
Nancy Daniel

Assuming she has brought her machine from Europe with her on vacation, but somehow I suspect that may not be the case?

I was just about to answer, as much as I love showing off my now newly hairless shoulders at the beach here, I did not bring the mashine along for a sales-pitch :wink:

Also, not that it matters, I’m a he … as you might have gathered from the hairy back and shoulders :slight_smile:

I make no such assumptions Sir! Women can have PLENTY of back and shoulder hair!

Oh, see that I wasn’t even aware of. Good to know!

Mashine is back in Ebay for sale :slight_smile:

Thank you. Is there a classified section to list machines for sale? Unfortunately, due to serious neck issues I will not be able to pursue Electrolysis.

I agree, there should definitely be a buy / seek section or something :slight_smile:

I agree! And I’ll mention it to Andrea. I’ve long touched on a few threads, primarily the ebay items for sale thread over the years, which is specifically designed for this type of posting it’s found here:
Legitimate Electrolysis Machines on Ebay Part 4 . Perhaps having a category on it’s own might be helpful, the problem being, that often machines that come up for sale aren’t around very long, the threads and ads here have no method of removal once sold.
I dont think having listings of equipment for sale is a legal issue, there are plenty of classified sites out there but it may be a concern if hairtell were seen to be a party to brokering a sale where liability or other issues might become a concern.

maybe with a kind of auto-expiry date it would work? So the board cleans itself and one has to personally re-list items if they don’t sell for a while.