UK Electrologist Referral >>> ATTN UK READERS

Attention ALL UK USERS:

I have spent a lot of time researching hair removal on this site. Needless to say I have an unwanted hair problem which is causing me much distress and I want to resolve it.

I have noticed that all top posters and experts are from America. It is impossible to find someone in the UK with the same level and experience and modern equipment as our friends on the other side of the pond.

I would like to arrange for a top electrologist from America to visit the UK to treat people in the UK so that we have the peace of mind that we are getting the optimum treatment with minimal risks. Please note, I still need to discuss this with the resident expert (James Walker) but I’m hoping he will read this thread and share his views.

My proposal is that everyone that is interested please let me know on this thread. Obviously the cost of this idea if done individually will be prohibitive, but if done on a group basis might be marginally more expensive than going to a UK centre using inferior equipment. Please note that I do not mean any offence against UK practitioners… I just wish that we had the same standards and technology as the US.

Also please note that I do not want to profit from this. My motive is to be treated by the best, and to make this financially viable would like the assistance of others in the UK in the same situation.

I just wanted to throw the idea out there. If anyone is interested or thinks its a good idea please add you comments.



I can’t see this working out however much of a fab idea it maybe by the time flight costs were paid and accomodation and can you imagine the cost of excess baggage on the equipment and the length of time this expert would have to take out of his or her usual schedule and be away from home to get us all hair free! Though I do think it would be handy to have a thread that recommends various electrologist around the country there are very few registered at in my area and I can find not one review about either!

Thank you for posting Icekit.

Do not give up so soon. I believe this is a real possibility if say 10 to 15 people in the UK are able to get get together and pitch in. I am prepared to co-ordinate everything myself so if everyone that reads this post thinks its a good idea and shows their interest we can make it happen.

Please keep reviewing this post and help by directing other people to it.


How much do you suppose it would cost just to meet their accom and flights let alone their pay even if there were 10 or 15, then we’d all have to travel to the place we were putting them up! I reckon you’re looking at about 3 grand before you’ve even paid them :confused:

My thoughts echo icekit’s. In theory it’s a nice idea but the cost of flying an electrologist, plus all their equipment, plus accommodation and add this to the hourly rate for doing the work and I imagine it working out very costly even if it were split amongst a number of people (taking into account travel expenses from around the UK as well). You also have to think how many people could realistically be treated properly in a two week period.

If you want to be treated by an electrologist like James, it’s best to travel to him. His hourly rate is average and added to that you would only need to pay for your return flight (between £350-£500 depending on when/how you book) and accommodation for a few days. At most, the extra cost of the flight an accommodation would only add about 50-100% onto the hourly rate… which would make it higher but totally worth the money.

We also have depilacionelectr from Malaga on here and as you know, an easy jet flight to Malaga is less than £100.

I think it would be much more practical to make the trip to the US, instead of shipping someone to you. I even hear that James has been known to let clients stay at his house before. :stuck_out_tongue:

If stoppit is correct about the Malaga flight cost, that sounds like a pretty good deal because Josefa (depilacionelectr) works very very quickly. If you’ve seen her videos and photos, her clearances are fast and the results are beautiful. She seems a bit aggressive in her treatments (in a good way) and I think that would be a good fit for someone trying to plow through everything in one clearance.

But how often would you have to fly over to get the permanent removal? Even if they cleared all the hair in the area over the term of a holiday you took there what about the new folicles when they grow? What is depilacionelect? How or where I’m not sure if theres a thread which says which of these electrolgy types is best for what type of skin, hair, area etc

Yes, my initial thoughts were also similar to those of icekit.

However, I think there are some huge benefits of collaborating our efforts to bring James to the UK. There are a lot of people that would love to be treated by James but cannot afford the additional costs or time taken out of work to travel. In my case its the time factor.

So, if everyone in the UK that is interested in this idea joins the thread, we can understand individual constraints (time/money/travel etc) and come up with a solution. This will not be difficult to organise once enough people have joined this thread.

Lets give it some time and try to engage other people that are interested and then see where we stand. I don’t think we should start worrying about the potential problems just yet but find enough interest (10 - 15 people)…

Do you agree ??

Hi MagicalPrincessKitty, I skipped over your post when I was busy replying to the one above.

I am not suggesting we ship James over here like a commodity and admittedly it would be easier for someone in the UK to fly to the US to see James.

However, I think it would be a more sustainable option if there is enough interest for James (who by the way is probably yet to read this thread!) for him to set a schedule and see clients in the UK and I’m sure he would have a regular client base.

This way, even if people were to see him for the first couple of clearances, at least we would know what an expert treatment is like and if we were to go to periodic maintenance in the interim, we would have a comparison to know whether or not the treatment is be carried out competently. (Again no offence intended against UK practitioners).

Any other comments/opinions would be appreciated.

Have you asked James if he’d be interested?!

I’m willing to participate but I still don’t think it can be made feasible (quite happy to be proved wring though). You would have to fly James over on a regular basis to maintain client clearances as well.

I know time off to go to the USA can be problematic but making a 4 day weekend of it; for 2 full days of work on the area/s, 2 for flying or going over a Bank Holiday - it is doable. Or if you used more holiday time, well, you’d only be doing it for 1 year. I’d gladly use 1 year’s holiday time for electrolysis if it was going to get me ‘done’.

If you achieve clearance each time, you would only need to go back to see James every 6-8 weeks initially, then longer periods as months go on.

icekit - I have had preliminary discussions with James when he was very kindly advising me on other matters, and he did say that he travels to meet clients. Like I said we need to wait for him to review this thread and add his comments/views about the whole thing but I believe he will seriously consider it.

stoppit&tidyup - I’m glad you are willing to participate. You have been using this site a lot longer than me so I assume you are more familiar with it. If you are able to help direct other UK readers to this thread and encourage them to comment and add their views I would appreciate it.

There is James, Dee, and our electrologist from Spain. : ) If the above recommendations don’t work then why not bring our Spain expert.

I don’t see the point. Malaga is so cheap to travel to and one could be having treatment the same day as the flight lands.

I think the costs for bringing over and setting up an electrologist are being grossly underestimated. Also the fact that he/she would need to come back periodically.

The reason I mentioned James initially is because from reading his posts (and based on a private conversation) he appears to be exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in his field. Personally, I feel that being treated by someone like him would take all the stress and worry out of the process and would guarantee good results, which I think is what everyone wants.

I would need to check with James when he is back online however I do not think the cost of setting up would be that bad. I think the major cost would be the travel and accommodation and will vary depending on the duration of his stay. We in the UK could help to minimise this by fixing appointments close together.

I know its a bit of a crazy idea, but its not as crazy as the fact that everyone in the UK works with old technology, no reviews, etc etc. I am sure they are capable of doing the job, but I cannot understand how they do not have the desire to upgrade to the latest equipment because from what I read it helps to provide a better and more comfortable experience to the customer. Anyway… enough of that.

With regards setting up there are so many options. If for example you go to your local beauty salon offering electrolysis, do you think they would not offer their room (including bench etc) if they know that their staff could learn for free from observing James work? There are many options and this was the first that comes to mind.

I am very busy and would not waste my time if I thought this was not possible. At this point it is not worth going into all the exact details because its still theoretical until James joins the discussion, but believe me, with James on-board and more people showing interest from he UK (preferably being able to get into London) this will work.

stoppit&tidyup - Every concern/potential problem you have I can think of at least 3 ways around it so help me by finding a few more people. Lets just say someone is doing work on their whole body perhaps it will be difficult, but one could at least get the majority of facial work (or high risk work) done by James.

I must get on with my work, but as I said this will work with if we get a bit more interest so come on, lets just get a couple more people and we can do this together…

There are plenty of people capable of doing quality jobs in regards to electrolysis in the uk myself included, and i had a lady do a fantastic job on me when it was required 4 years ago its a matter of shopping about and being knowledgable, theres no denying that james is excellent in his field of work but thats not to say he is the only one.

Hi Spicegirl - thank you very much for posting on this thread. Please note that my comments were in no way meant to offend UK electrologists and I am sure there are many capable people, however for a consumer it is difficult mainly due to the lack of referrals, hence this website is a good tool.

I know that (or at least I have read that) the skill of the practitioner is the most important factor, but would you mind telling me what equipment and method you use?

Many thanks.

Hi concerned

i love your idea.

i know there must be plenty of excellent UK practitioners, but how do we find them? i dont feel able to shop around and share my problem with yet another practitioner unless they are recommended - i have been so embarrassed and frustrated with my previous experiences with 4 different practitioners.

eg no magnification means i have to grow the hair on my face (and not leave the house!) for a whole weekend til an appointment.
being advised to get laser on my face instead!
feeling every hair being plucked and not sliding out.
having very few hairs treated in a session
treated hairs being broken off and not removed

i am so desperate to remove this hair and i can see why you started this thread. if anyone knows of a good electrolysist in south dorset PLEASE let me know.
thanks so much

concerned - As I mentioned, you can count me in and my sister (she doesn’t post here but also has electrolysis. As long as you would work it out in such a way as to be able to do it in the same cost as ticket to James + treatment hours.

I am already planning on flying to be treated by him sometime in the future so if the costs associated with him coming to the UK were much more, it would not be worth it for me (or my sister).

I’m having fantastic treatment by my electrologist in London and have made great progress. Many other Hairtell users are also now treated by her. To her credit, she manages this with old and basic tech and has very good insertions and fast speed even with blend (she does twice the hairs per min than typical). It has been said many times on here that someone should set her up with an Apilus. She has told me she’s also very keen to use new equipment and deliver electrolysis on a different level but she works for a salon where the manager just doesn’t understand what a difference the new tech can make and isn’t interested.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if 20 people got together and approached her and said they’d help her set up a salon with the new tech, she’d seriously consider it. She’s very open to client feedback and willing to learn. Despite all her experience, she doesn’t have an attitude that “I know everything and my way is the best”. This would then be a permanent London electrologist. Business loans are not so problematic, it’s just knowing that you will have regular clients to pay your bills.

Just another suggestion.

I agree, Sharon is great. I think our main concern is the pain reduction and speed. Pain isn’t a major factor though.

However it would be great to have someone who can do faster work done for the more troublesome areas. I understand it may work out expensive them coming (whoever opts in) but it could work out cheaper. We just have to be realistic with costs.

Imagine there were 5 of us on here who planned to go to James, Dee or our electrologist from Spain (to the OP, she does great work as can be seen from the photos posted on here). We would each be paying a certain amount for the ticket, then a place to stay etc.

Instead, if we invited someone over, it would mean paying for one person’s ticket instead of us all individually paying for our own. There is a problem in it working out more expensive here, but that’s where we need real life examples of costs to work that out. Anyway, that cost could be easily spread out as I think a lot of people would be interested in getting electrolysis done by the professionals here, providing we get a fair share of their time, we can spread out the costs of their ticket and stay and it could work out cheaper in the end if we get a good list of people who would be interested. The key is real life examples of costs so we can all see whether it is just thought or not. I am the same as others, it does seem difficult to do but if it can happen I am all for it, which is why I am staying positive.

Image for example we invite our electrologist from Spain. Stoppit, you mentioned it would cost £100 a ticket to go there. If we just paid that much for her to come over, that would be £100 (and any other additional costs) spread out between more than one person, so immediately we can see it can work out cheaper for us all individually. If the same can be applied to James and Dee then that’s great.