Transplanted hair removal

Best way to permanently remove hair from hair transplant with the least amount of scaring?

Consider that the transplanted hair graft already has scar tissue encircling the graft … it’s just the way the dermis heals. You won’t be able to see these minuscule scars unless you are already seeing a tiny “dent” with each graft … or a tiny bump. In this case the surgeon was trying to align the graft’s epidermis with your scalp epidermis. This was a very common mistake that has now been solved by placing the graft’s epidermis above the surrounding scalp epidermis. I can give you more details on this if you wish.

If you remove the hairs from the graft, you will potentially see more of the dimpling or tiny bumps (more commonly a dimple). Removing the hairs with electrolysis will not fill-in the dimples; but it should not cause any more visible scaring. Of course, electrolysis is your only choice for removing troublesome hair grafts. However, you must then decide if the tiny dimples (that you may or may not have) will become MORE prominent. Get lots of professional opinions and make a very careful decision.

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what about possible poermanent redness left behind?

not happening

I saw this post that seems to have redness 2 months after the procedure but no update from him.

Are there any similar cases in this forum using electrolysis to remove hair transplant that you can provide me with?


The redness is neovascularization and totally normal and expected (growth of new blood vessels). I would also expect some hyperpigmentation on this patient as well. This all resolves and is part of the normal healing process. None of this will be permanent.

Electrolysis (and laser) is a literal burn and you can’t expect the healing to take place within a few weeks. That would be nice; but the body has another agenda.

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It looks like you have done enough removal; the hairline looks good. I only see hyperpigmentation that is almost always “the look” when this procedure is being done. It goes away … after a long time.

It would also be quite amazing if the doctor knows how to transplant individual hairs from your chest (or back) into the transplant area. This greatly softens the line and the tiny hairs at the hairline look amazingly natural. Check it out …

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