This seemed strange...

I just called to inquire about electrolysis, as I’ve been looking at different electrologists in Toronto, to see which one I find to be the best for me. I still have been going weekly, for one hour but not always with the same person. I am stuck between two people right now…One uses the blend method, which I’ve heard has a higher kill rate than thermolysis. However, the one that uses blend also suggests to use hydrocortoisone which I heard is a big NO NO, as it causes the skin to thin out. The second electrologist I found, she seems very knowledgable and shes super fast, but she uses thermolysis, which I heard can take longer to kill the hairs…
I’m not sure if that is true, has anyone had successful completion with thermoylsis?

OK now for the strange part, I just called an electrologist who is part of the FCEA (Federal Canadian Electrolysis Association) she is the VP, and she works out of her home. I mentioned to her that I want my face cleared as soon as possible, and she said what she usually does for the face is after the hour is done, she waxes the remaining hairs :s…ok I thought waxing was a big NO NO while doing electrolysis. She said, it’s really doesn’t affect treatment, because whatever hairs grow in are the ones in the active phase which is easier to treat. I don’t want to wax my face :s…what the heck?

So I’m thinking of sticking with the second electrologist I mentioned, she’s been doing it for 20 years and she’s fast, skilled, knowledgeable (she gave me post treatment package) which no other electrologist I’ve been to has given me…she told me to use Witch Hazel during the day, and/or Vitamin E or Tea Tree oil at night…

What do you guys think? Sorry for the long post =(

I have been having thermolysis on my left over underarm hairs (after laser), it’s been going very well.

Thermolysis just takes more skill, I believe. A good electrologist can give just as good results with it.

If you are more comfortable with the 2nd thermolysis one, I would stick with her.

No waxing after you start electrolysis, okay?

Properly performed thermolysis will KILL the hair and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As an electrologist, I have done underarms with blend only and thermolysis only, (MicroFlash and PicoFlash) and results are the same. Most clients want the flashes over the blend due to sensation reasons and speed. THEY BOTH WORK, so keep that in mind. A modern epilator brand makes a big difference, in fact, it makes all the difference in the world of electrology. I’m partial to the Apilus Platinum, but there are other brands that will do the job with the permanence
you want.


This is the second time in a short period of time that I’ve heard of the electrologist waxing the remaining hairs after an electrolysis treatment. What the heck is going on? The first one was in Florida, I believe - and now someone in Canada?

I see no problem with cross-over skills - estheticians and electrologists are a perfect blend of services - and waxing a week or so before the first electrolysis treatment, but never again for the area being treated!!! Who has perpetuated this horrible “technique”? My concern is that consumers will never get done with their electrolysis if they continue the waxing, and the result is that the word gets out that it doesn’t really work - and we know that’s not true!!! I have a few clients who go elsewhere to wax the area I’m treating - and I tell them it will take forever to get THOSE WAXED areas finished with electrolysis…

Another problem I see with waxing after electrolysis…applying the wax to the treated area increases the risk of inflammation and possible infection from the hot wax and the double dipping…

why is it better to wax an area before starting electrolysis??

Because the hairs that emerge thereafter are most probably good, moist growing hairs which makes the treatment more comfortable. I like it when my clients wax JUST one time before they come FOR CERTAIN AREAS like the arms, back or legs, but not all electrologists like this idea. Shaving is good, too. I can handle it if clients don’t want to do anything at all - no big deal! Hair can be “killed” in other stages too, but moist, tender, young, growing hairs are ideal for the currents (AC and DC) to work well.


well this makes a lot of sense. after I’m done with my face , I want to get my back and nape of the neck done, so I would definitely wax those areas before going in!!!:slight_smile:

Barbara, add another country to your list. In Spain, it has been doing this dumb thing for years.
These “top” professionals of Electrolysis worry about in applying more than 15 minutes in any body or facial area. But their hands do not trembles when applying wax over the area recently treated.
I do not know the origin of this absurd and insane practice. But I do know that spread the whole country since the 80s.

Thanks everyone! I thought I was just being too picky, I know that you shouldn’t wax with electrolysis, every electrologist I have seen has said DO NOT TOUCH THE ROOT (I.E Wax) when doing electrolysis…Funny thing is, the lady who said she would do this, is the Vice Chairperson of the FCEA…STRANGE! I think I will stick with the one who does Thermolysis, she is really close to my house, she’s clean and she’s informative. I have a question though, when I went for treatments, she gave me the needle she used to take home, she said to bring it in every time I have an appointment, and she will sterilize it. Then after about 10 times of use she will give me a new one, she use the Ballet needles? Does this matter?

Tell her you will pay her a $1 more to see her open a new packaged probe every single time you start a session and then ask her if she would she lick her fork after every meal and put it in a baggie to save it for the next meal? (How’s that sound James?)

So I guess it’s a bad thing to use the same probe even if it has been sterilized? She said she’ll clean it every time I come in?

There is a difference between “cleaned” and sterilized. The largest reason for disposable probes is that you can’t possibly watch the practitioner resterilize the probes. It just takes too long to do.

If she really were sterilizing them, instead of soaking them in a solution, or rubbing them with a chemical soaked cotton swab, or some such thing, then it would be ok. Of course, in order to resterilize a probe, the thing should be a permanent one in the first place. Resterilizing disposables is silly, as they disintegrate from use, and sometimes don’t even hold up to one full treatment, let alone many.

Dee, knows that I use the licked restaurant fork as an analogy in my consultations. :wink:

I had pretty much all my electrolysis treatments using thermolysis. It’s faster and has the same kill rate in good hands. So if you feel the thermolysis lady is good, go for that one. The only area that needed blend on me was the areolas since the hairs are deep and curled there.

Any Apilus epilator that has a mode called MULTIPLEX installed would be a good thermolysis method for those deep, curvy areola hairs, too. Either that or blend would get them.

Ok, so about the probes, how should I ask her that I want them changed each time, I feel bad like then she’ll get offended? How should I ask in a way that would not offend her, and possibly cause poor treatments. I will buy my own if it’s such a problem…but I do like the first electrologist as well, she uses blend on me, and she shows me the hair afterwards. She is the one who uses hydrocortosone, but she also went to Meharg? so I’m just confused. I know people said James also went to Meharg, but why would she recommend hydrocortoisone, if every here says its a NO NO…I like her treatment method though. I’m stuck between the two =(

Since you will have many electrolysis appointments, you will be using your aftercare products for many months to years. Since hydrocortisone has too many negative side effects like thinning of the skin and possibly stimulating hair growth, it isn’t among my aftercare suggestions. The key here is continual use of a product.

Well I’m thinking of going to the first electrologist who uses blend method, I really like her, and she seems very confident in her insertions and shows me the hair after she extracts it. I’ll tell her that I prefer to use tea tree oil instead…But some electrologists use hydrocortoisone, why is it that some do, but then majority say not to use it?

Maybe some do not understand the side effects of continual use of a particular ingredient.

Why do you think people have different opinions? Why don’t you google side effects of certain ingredients and show them to those who make suggestions.

No one knows everything and information changes with more knowledge.

On the probes, the best, easiest way to assure your probes, would be to buy them yourself, and bring them to your appointment. Who could argue with that? You are paying for your own personal use products. Since you are going to buy your own (texas electrolysis supply 1-800-626-6025 or dial direct area code (281) 486-8237) I suggest going for the gold. The best sensation is had with gold probes, you need only find out what size she uses on you. Most people use size 3 as their default probe, but Dee and I use 5’s and 6’s on most people, because we can see better with our high powered vision equipment.

The only reason to use Hydrocortisone is if you have itching. If you have itching, then by all means use it. rubbing on some cortisone is a better option than scratchng. If you are not scratching, there is NO reason to use it. It doesn’t help your skin heal. I don’t know any way to say it any plainer than that.

It shouldn’t really matter to you what they recommend. Not all effects of cortisone are widely known. You can bring up what you heard about it to her if you want.

Either way, you’re the one who’s going to be using aftercare at home. So you can use whatever you want.