The "Wound Module"

Hi lovely friends,
I put together a little excerpt that shows a basic illustration of the “wound module.” I hope this is interesting to you all and will inspire more searching: this is only a tiny snapshot of what happens as the skin heals. I sent this to Josepha and she “did something” so I could post this here for you all. (I suppose I’m too lazy to do it?)

Anyway, here it is below. From California — to Spain — and “back to you” — with love. (Ain’t technology great?) There is a ton of information on-line too.

Thank you in name of all for so many generosity, Michael.

(To pulsate on the image and to extend, it can be read well if you do click in increasing.)

Thank you, friends. I think I have an older version of this in my files?? Will look for it later.

Apparently, the book seems not available. At least not from the distributors.
The people at texaselectrolysissupply did not even respond on my inquiry :frowning:

Michael will have to do something to solve the problem of the distribution.

There are two persons in UK and a couple of Spanish colleagues who want the books.

I believe it is easier to obtain the Holy Grail :wink:

I am truly sorry … right now both distributors have ordered NO books at all! I’m going to do it myself if they aren’t interested. (Presently, I am sending these out for free — so, maybe it’s a good time to send me an email? Two books go to the UK in the morning.) This “new” volume is the material that was removed from my earlier book and hasn’t been seen for about 12 years. James was the fellow that “pressured” me to get this stuff back in circulation. (It’s all your fault James!) The book works with all modalities and is not “blend specific.” I was lucky to get this material together because my computer was crashing and I just made it to the last chapter revision when it died! (I had an “expert” do an upgrade and he ruined almost everything.)

Where can I purchase the book online?

I was looking for Mr. Bono’s new book over at T.E.S. and I couldn’t find it. James showed me the new book, was immediately impressed and wanted to order a copy. I was already a fan of The Blend Method and am excited to see the missing parts from the first edition.

Prestige just ordered a good supply of the “Strategy” book and also the telangiectasia DVD (22-minute instructional). So, I’m on my way to the post office. It’s windy today, so I put extra “polygrip” on my toupee! (Well, my raccoon really.)

Sometime I’d like to talk about tele treatment. I know it’s controversial, but it is eactly what we do amazingly well. There are now about 2,500 estheticians “doing it,” absolutely not as well as an electrologist. You already have the equipment — all units will work — and the common fee is $200 for a 15-minute treatment. Sometimes I could pull out my hair (if I had any), we have so “missed the boat” on this one. But, big story, the California Association is doing a BIG tele presentation next week in the “Napa Wine Country.” Patsy Kirby put together an awesome “show.” AND, the AEA is giving CEU credit for the lecture. Maybe it’s time? maybe it’s going to happen?

Note: Texas just ordered too!

Yippee! I’m so happy I could just send you a lifetime supply of Polygrip.

This website is amazing! I can’t tell you how happy I am that, presently, 300+ people have viewed and read my little ditty on the wound module. At best, I sell 100 books per year (inclusive of all three titles). So, in only a few days, more people have read this information than would have taken me 3+ years to accomplish. I’m really giving this whole “printing” concept a second look. This truly is “the information age.”

I just checked with Prestige and Texas and they will have the books (and DVD) in a couple days. They WILL send to Europe. shipping, however, is about $15 - $20 per book (a bit much, but it’s all about those nasty terrorists! You think?)

Or… the cost of fuel and distance. :slight_smile:

$ 20 for shipping is a small price in exchange for this valuable information. Some courses of 12 hours cost 300 euros here in Spain. And believe me, they do not give the students some notebooks.

Michael, your books are not made to decorate a library collecting dust. You thought of everything: the rings facilitate the consultation exercise and in my case, it is constant.
I know that have a discount if you buy 3 books at a time. I have done this. My library books Electrology is almost complete. Curiously, 135 years of History of Electrology and have only been published, how many? a dozen books? Instead pages successes could fill a volume of Don Quixote, the masterpiece of Miguel de Cervantes.

Electronic books have grown 200 % in Western Europe, 90 million books sold in 2010!, maybe it’s a good idea?

Another thing that never fails, creation a farm of carrier pigeons trained to travel from California to Europe. Too much time for lovers of the moving like me. :wink:

Thanks for the laugh! You all have no idea how helpful you are to me. So many seemingly insurmountable family tragedies, all at the same time. Your comments and writings are helping me focus and not feel “the end is near.” I really mean this!

Just “confessing” here: I was taught, in electrology school, to never make friends with your patients. HA! My patients, almost all of them, are also my friends. Sometimes I feel like paying them for the happiness they give me.

As long as we are “confessing” here:

See, that’s how “unprofessional” I have always been. I often describe myself as “a professional best friend.” I meet people, do them a favor that they can’t do for themselves, and they introduce me to other people who would like me to do the same for them — oh and they pay me!

I can easily say that my client list is also a listing of my friends, and if I were having a party, or in need of a favor, one could bet that current and former clients would be heavy on the list of people who RSVP on either occasion.

In fact, I had an almost hilarious occasion where a one time out of town visitor accused me of being unprofessional. I replied, “On, this we agree. I don’t know of anyone else, who would have helped make your reservations, picked you up, taken you to breakfast, done your work, and returned you to your hotel, and all without charging you extra.”

Of course, I may have learned that behavior from one or more of my mentors. :wink:

Oh James, you just reminded me of an amazing “patient based” experience I had at my 30th birthday. My beautiful mom decided to give me a big surprise party and she invited everyone she could find (on every “list” she could get her hands on).

I had been a schoolteacher, so the teachers were invited (and my former principal and the school librarian — a certified stereotype). I had been a City lifeguard, so all the jocks were there. I had a following of half a dozen transgender folks (mostly from Hollywood) — they all came, fully clad. I had also done some hair removal from tattoo areas, so there were a few “leather-type” bikers too. When I found out that these diverse groups would be interacting, I got nervous. A colleague (electrologist) thought she could calm me down with some pot (it didn’t work! I hate pot; it never worked for me.).

At first, there were some funny glances by the partiers. But in a short time, it was one of the best parties ever. The lifeguards were dancing with the “big girls,” the librarian was laughing with the bikers (she went for a ride on a Harley); all were happy to have the experience. It could have been a scene in a movie. I learned again that we are all just people. It was a magical time that I’ll never forget.

I have had customer appreciation parties, and picnics, and sometimes it gets to be like a movie as well. I once had someone turn to the lovely lady next to them and say, “Do all these trans people make you feel weird?” Little did that person know, this was said to an actual trans girl. :smiley:

As Robert Palmer said when people were demanding that he point out which of the Robert Palmer girls was the trans girl named Tula, “if you can’t tell which one she is, why should I?”

I am one of those professionals who have an unprofessional behavior, too. I go with my clients to breakfast “chocolate with churros”. You can not leave without visiting “house Aranda” from Malaga. This is fun to see the waiter’s face when I appear together with my friends and he asks himself, from what country be this time? :o

(I wait some day, to say to him, this time is from Buffalo and from Santa Barbara (USA)) :grin: