The one that laughs last, laughs the most!

I want to share a little story.

Before I started with electrolysis I tried removing the hairs with IPL.
I had 10 sessions with an IPL device, and was promised a permanent hair free skin after 4-8 sessions. The treatments resulted in absolutely no results at all.
The technican insisted that there had been a reduction, but wanted to give me two more sessions for free or free waxing (I think this speaks for itself).
I told her that I didn’t want more treatments, and was going to start with electrolysis treatments on my upper body.
Her exact response was: Hahaha! That is impossible!

After having done 3 clearances on most of my upper body, and started on buttocks and legs the results were amazing (photos in my diary).
I had travelled to Spain to get treatments, and guess who I met in the airport? Taking the same flight as me home?

She came over and asked how everything is going.
‘Have you started with the electrolysis?’ She asked, expecting me to answer that it hadn’t worked. I told her yes, and lifted my sweater up to show her my arms.
She just stood there and looked at my arms. Almost without hairs. I lifted the sweater up even more.
She was without words (when I think back, I should have lifted my whole sweater up). She didn’t say much more, it was like she was paralyzed.
‘Have you waxed?’
‘Not for a couple of years’

How I smiled. All the way back to my country.

This story is especially dedicated to all the other boys that have problems with hairs. The one that laughs last, laughs the most. Right?

Haha that’s cool. I’m happy for you man.

I’m hoping to be in the same type of situation in half a year. And I too have had similar comments from the people that did (failed) laser on me.

That was educational for her, no doubt!! What a great way to enlighten doubters!! Bravo for you and the fabulous Josefa.

Oh yes, Christine, it’s funny how some people skeptical of Electrolysis, have so much faith in a system which they can not guarantee results.

I do not believe much in destiny, however, this meeting as casual, (same flight, same time, same city) is as if “someone or something” had wanted to reward the tenacity of this guy.

Over the years I have heard every excuse in the book from the laser people as to why their “treatments” did not work. “Oh, your skin is the wrong colour.” “The spot size was wrong.” “You must have a medical problem!” And so on and so on. They’ll blame the victim, but never admit that laser is very hit or miss and results, if any, are unpredictable. Meanwhile, people having electrolysis are guaranteed permanent hair removal every time…no matter what their skin colour or hair texture. I think the laser people realize this and spread all the misinformation about electrolysis, claiming it’s not good for large areas, takes too long, is extremely painful, etc.

people having electrolysis are guaranteed permanent hair removal every time

There are plenty of cases on this forum of people not having successful electrolysis treatments. Or I think as Josefa wrote it, and I’m paraphrasing here, the electrolysis works but the electrologist failed the clients.

True! MANY cases of failed electrolysis, or cases that take WAY too long to complete.

If electrolysis “delivered” in every case, there would be no laser. If laser “delivered” in every case, there would be no electrolysis.

The choices are many, and the onus today is on the patient: do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into before you “jump” into any procedure and spend tons of money on worthless treatments!

Sounds good in theory Michael. However in the real world ,in most places outside of LA and major centers ,there really are only two choices laser, and electrlysis. In both cases no matter how much research you do ,you only get to know once youve spent your money, how your practitioner , treatment measures up and I’ll tell you there are not a lot of Bodo’s or Jossies out there so for most of us money , and time will be wasted on both laser and E . Like it or not.

Happy for anyone that gets results they want either electrolysis or laser or waxing. Just as long as that individual feels better about themselves then whatever means works for them that is great. For me I am happy with laser on my back thus far as I get a good couple months hair free and if I was shaving or using a cream were not even talking anything close to a couple months. I never ever thought i’d get a week hair free let alone a couple months so the money is well worth it for laser. I am getting results also as the hair is less dense and coarse so i’m happy with the process.It is about what works for you and thus far for me it has been laser.

You’re right, basically what is important is the client’s needs. However, to my knowledge, people who undergo laser or electrolysis, are aspiring (and what they are paying) is for permanent hair removal, ie, get rid of unwanted hair forever, and 2 months not what I would call “forever”.

What I notice is that any reduction or hair free period LASER provides is seen as a success by clients, while any single hair that is EVER seen in the treatment area is seen as an Electrolysis failure, even if the person only went to one appointment in January, and the offending hair shows up in July… two years later.

Is it the money or the full court press advertising? Something has given customers a “Too Big To Fail” attitude about LASER, and a “too small to succeed” view of electrolysis.


My best guess is that laser is advertised as “hair reduction,” so when a client sees hair reduction, they got exactly what they paid for and so they don’t complain. When electrolysis is advertised as “hair removal,” the presence of hair there does sound like a failure of electrolysis because “removal” didn’t seem to occur. I don’t think it’s a “too big to fail” attitude as it is the legal semantics of what each method is allowed to call itself.

Only the marketplace!

Like all of you, I’m ONLY an observer in the “hair removal market.” I have no answers … yet!

One interesting fact, however, is the following: There were two physicians in Santa Barbara that were the “laser hair removal kings.” They have both discontinued this service.

Dr. Gross is a friend and I asked him about this. He said he “would never touch laser again! Too many problems and complaints from patients.” He is, by the way, a leading “plastic and reconstructive surgeon” in my town (you know, the real deal), so he absolutely does NOT need the additional income from laser hair removal. He does surgery, and is at the top of his game.

(He would, however, consider having an electrologist on-board! Also. Dr. McKenzie (another highly-skilled plastic surgeon) would consider having an electrologist in his office. So, there you have it: two positions open. And, what does all this mean? I don’t know, you can decide for yourself … since YOU are the “marketplace.”

I bet that the popularity of spas would increase considerably, especially if they hire good electrologists.

Check out this Michael, everything is wrong in this procedure, the insertion angle deviates 360º from the correct direction.
Mon dieu, someone stop this man, if possible with handcuffs and throw the keys into the sea!!!

I worked in two different doctor offices for several years. Bad deal for me after awhile with a 60/ 40 split.They weren’t cheating me and it was fun working there, but it didn’t make economical common sense to stay when my workload demand outpaced the hours I could humanely handle and I was giving up 40 % of a larger income.

My GOD! Someone stop him! This guy has a loaded gun in his hands. Can you see the skin reaction with all those shallow insertions? He isn’t even stretching the skin properly and his hands look nasty. Do you know where this takes place, Josefa?

Help! This woman is scary! This video impresses me! I can not see it, even my boyfriend, best needle inserted with only two times I’ve depilatet

Yes, Dee, in northern France, “CENTRE LASER DU MANTOIS”. Can you imagine how this will leave huge holes? It’s terrible, and think that France with its strict laws intended to protect its citizens. Merde!

HEY WHY NOT GIVE HIM A PHONE CALL ?!! Thanks for posting! He will be just one more lousy zapper that i wont have the pleasure of meeting!

josefaaa? but who is this? if not mourn or laugh, the best of video, is what hechando air tube, it’s pathetic! , That’s a poor woman torture stretcher
And put up the phone number, Honestly I would call, but we will not understand the language, too bad!