Tala: Ant Egg Oil .. permanently hair free..??

I have found something i was very curious about, i hope someone else have tried this to…

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[size:14pt]Health Benefits of Ant Oil[/size]

This article is geared especially toward people with hair problems.

The IUPAC name for ant oil is furan-2-carbaldehyde. The chemical formula of the ant oil is C5H4O2.The ants used to extract the oil are well bred in a formicarium. The formicarium is a vivarium which was designed solely for the study of the behavior of the ants. The similar objects to these are the ant farms, which are found in domestic areas such as homes and schools where they are bred for projects. The people who study ant behavior are known as myrmecologists. The ant oil produced is a completely natural product. It is used to carry on superfluously on body and your face. The ant oil is commonly used by the people to reduce the unwanted hair growing on the body and other parts and also for reducing unwanted bristles.

In order to use the ant oil, remove all the hair from the unwanted area with the help of dig hair machine or by the process of waxing, whichever is desirable. Then when this is done, you should apply the ant oil over the body part. Keep the ant oil spread over you properly for at least a duration a duration of 3-4 hours. Then after this, remove the oil by washing it with the help of a soap or a mild cleansing agent.

This will help you reduce the hair growth significantly over that part of your body. This is completely natural process and is for external use only.

Ant oil is produced mainly in the country of Iran and is famous there by the brand name of Tala.

In the process of production of CO2 extracted supercritical ant oil, the ant powder is crushed into fine granules in the form of powder of around 60 mesh. This process is done in the temperature of 30-50 degree Celsius. The ant oil which is extracted is red brown liquid and it has a sour fragrant ant smell. The high quality and low lead content contains certain amount of elements such as Zn, Mn, etc.

Let’s share this discussion… i hope this is at least one product that actually works…, i WILL try… and it costs 30 euro for 6 bottles, at least it is vey affordable…!!
Hope it is worth the price


It seems very beautiful to be true!!! But anyways if you try it please let me/us know about the results, because right now I am having a bad time for money. If I see results on you, Im definitely goanna buy it as soon as possible. Please keep us informed for every action you take, if you can…

best regards,

I don’t think anyone has tried this to even respond.

i have just recieved the package…
ingredients: helianthus annuus oil, prunus amygdalus var, dulcis oil, glycerin, formik acid, cucurbita oil, polysorbat-20 herbal extract, chamaemelun arvensis…

will try this week, anyone translated the site yet…?? and the forums on it… it is in turkish…

I also ordered the package. waiting for it and ready to try it. Kepp us posted for everything Vredeskind, I will too, as soon as I get the Ant egg Oil…

Let me know how it goes =]

I don’t even understand what this product claims to do. Is this supposed to be an alternative to shaving?

What does this mean “This will help you reduce the hair growth significantly over that part of your body.” It’s a somewhat ambiguous marketing phrase that really doesn’t state any facts. How? Why? In what way? For how long? Where are the answers to this question.

well this is not a scientific lotion, but its old known antioxidant that helps to destroy the root of the hair…that is it. it is not proved in any laboratory…

Once again, in what way? And I don’t see any claims of permanency in that description.

What’s the difference between this and snake oil :crazy:?

I dont know my friend!!!

for personal contact with the people who i bought it from, here is the messenger {msn} and email address :


anyone who’s having questions, just email or ask him through msn.

Does snake oil reduce hair also? Sounds too good to be true! Not to mention, I don’t feel too comfortable having something secreted from an animal absorbing thru my pores. yuck…

Well, I guess you don’t use cologne or perfume either. :wink:

Rarely! And when I do I spray into onto my cloths, never my skin. I’m kinda weird about that stuff.

But I have no problem having lasers or needles stuck into my skin if it’s gonna remove hair!! HAHA

I don’t know, the whole idea just sounds way too farfetched in my opinion…

Have you every seen a hairy snake? :grin:

LOL! Guess you have a point there!