Sterex SX-B pure galvanic approach advice

Hi, I’ve purchased a Sterex SX-B and spent a year studied how to perform galvanic electrolysis on my thick beard. I have a high quality digital microscopic viewer on an adjustable arm which displays the video on my big screen, making the whole process very easy for proper insertion.

I understand that people are impatient and like to use blend method to speed things up.

I’m patient and have no problem with my current settings: galvanic only, 38 seconds, 0.43 galvanic intensity.

It’s slow, but doesn’t hurt and the hairs slide out easily with the bulb attached.

Since I’m happy, my question is: is there any reason why I would try blend if I don’t care about speeding things up?

Does blend provide better performance of the hair removal? Or is it just adding some risk to save some time?


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I’d stick with what’s working for you. Sounds like you’re doing great! If you are getting releases in 38 seconds at 0.4 tenths … well, that’s pretty amazing. I would have expected 60 seconds. Good job “mate.”

Thanks Bono!
So, as long as they are releasing well, blend wouldn’t provide any additional benefits apart from speed?

I’ve read some statements saying that blend heat makes the lye “penetrate better” into the follicle, but I’m not sure if that’s true. Thanks

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I also read that blend has lower chances of regrowth, but I’m not sure if that was in comparison to plain galvanic or plain thermolysis.

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If you switch to (actual) blend … you have a lots of learning and unlearning to do … why add another layer of complexity if you don’t have to? “If it’s not ‘broke’ don’t fix it!”

Thanks Bono.

Currently I’ve only used F3S needles. Would you recommend paying for some thicker F4 or F5 needles to try out on my thick beard hairs?

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absolutely … the needle diameter should be about the diameter of the hair shaft; not crucial when only using DC, but you will still have better results and a more comfortable experience.