Starting Electrolosys in medford

hello all, i was wondering if any of you have had any experiance or knowledge of the women at the medford electrolosis clinic? i am starting tomarrow… on my back, here is a picture of it, any one have any idea how many treatments it will take before i start to make some head way?

That will take some time. I have my stylus it took a while to get it most electrolysis suppliers were closed till 1-9-06. I have also purchased a mobile machine that should be here in 2 weeks. Drop me a line and I can stop by for a hour or so. If your still intrested…

how far into Oregon would you be willing to travel to?

Thanks for the pictures, Tom. I actually showed your pictures to our own James Walker today as he was passing through Columbus on his way to Austin, Texas. It was great to meet him for the first time and work on his dear “little” chin whiskers. Anyway, I thought I’d pass along his thoughts about your back situation.

He said that clearing an area like your back would take about 12 hours. You would have the joy of looking finished, but you would not be finished because new hairs that have yet to surface would pop up probably every two or three weeks therafter. Keeping up with the new growth would be important in the several months that follow, so you must be consistent with your appointments. Appointments will diminish and spread out as you reach the end.

Goal number one is to get all the hair off fast as possible. This is done by a speedy electrologist doing ONE efficient insertion per hair,utilizing thermolysis, perferably, microflash thermolysis. This is only accomplished with quality light, magnification and of course, a quality epilator. Quality magnification would give one the advantage of seeing new hair that wouldn’t be noticed by the naked eye, thus, one could zap that sucker dead in it tracks. So stay on a consistent schedule and you may be finished in 18 months, give or take a couple months.

It would be fine to have nanci work on you, too, but I thought I would pass this info on to you since James isn’t near a computer for a couple days. At least this gives you some general time frame to think about even though there are many,many variables that can slow or speed up the process.

Did you already have some work done at the top middle of your back, as that looks bare.

Good luck.


Wow, thanks so much for showing that to james, that was really cool of you. i havent had any work done, it was just shaved when i got my hair cut. but hey! i started electrolosis today! just got back from my first apt! she is doing Thermolosis, and she charges $55 an hour, which is great i think, it didnt hurt nearly as bad as i expected. my major concern is that top part, which as you can tell is the most dense, so thats where she started… here is how it looked 30 mins after my first apt! how does it look compared to your experiance?

If you provide lunch and an unlimited supply of diet coke I will drive farther and stay longer. Also if you help load and unload my car my light is heavy.
zap ya later.

It looks like you are off to a good start. You can expect some redness (or pinkness depending on your skin type) and minor swelling right after, that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to sometimes as much as three days. You may see some pinpoint scabs 48 hours following a treatment that could last a week or two. The scabbing is pretty common on the body areas, so DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS. If the scabs connect, then ask your lady to adjust her timing and intensity. Try to ice it for a minimum of 24 hours by doing 10 minutes on and ten minutes off. Some doctors like icing for at least three days, but for most that is impossible to do and I think unecessary for this area. And of course, use that refrigerated aloe vera gel for about three days.

I forgot to mention that James is really fast with that 12 hour clearance rate. I must humbly admit that I would probably be more like 15 to 20 hours, but maybe I’ll catch up with him someday. Maybe it will take longer than 12 hours with your lady, too. We all have different rates of speed, but at least you have some ballpark figure for that important first clearance goal.

I’m glad to hear that she is doing thermolysis and I think her hourly rate is very fair. I think where she started is good also. I always ask my clients what bothers them the most and then we get busy. I hope you can see this through because there is a lot of work to do. So many people want quick fixes to hard problems whether it be dieting or hair removal or getting an advanced degree. Good luck to you and please keep an updated journal here with us on hairtell. Okay?

Your pictures are great, Tom. Would you be willing to update all here with more pictures, dates and approximate time for each session until first clearance and then do the same when you start the maintenance part? That is one of the beautiful contributions that hairtell posters like yourself can offer back to many people seeking information.

Good luck.


Yeah, its been 2 days and im starting to seee tiny tiny scabs, but they dont bother me, its a small price to pay. i will update pictures every time i have an apt. my next one is on tuesday. Im starting to get excited, i just hope i dont run out of money before i get most of it done… i have about 1300 dollars saved up that i can spend on this… the rest is going to pay for Tuition… damn college! hahaha

Nanci, if we set an apt like in… Eugene? thats about 3 1/2 hours from where i am… is that about 3 or so for you too? that seems like a good mid point, i would definetly pay for lunch is hahah diet coke, im not quite sure of where we could go because i dont want my friends to know i am doing this (embarassed) and I am in college so they all have dorms or small apts anyway, but im sure there is a cheep motel we could rent for the day and just get the work done in there? does that sound good? i dont know what all you need to do the work? like do you need a specific chair or do you have that?

i would definely help you unpack and pack up

CAn you do salem?
I have a hook up in Salem with no hotel charge. I heard it’s about 30 min more but no hotel cost.
Tag your it!!!

2nd treatment done! wew! and the lady said i had hardly any regrowth! and thats good right? haha here is the picture about an hour after my second treatment!

hows it look?

my next treatment is in a week. and heres somthing cool were doing next time, she and her sister share the office, as in they are both electrolosists, and they agreed to both work on me at the same time for the hour, so ill be getting twice the work done in 1 hour, i do have to pay both of them, but hey! it sounds like a good idea to me!

Nanci I could do salem… i dont have plans to go that direction right now becuase midterms are coming up, but when i do, should i just send you a message on here?

Thanks for the progress report, Tom. This is exciting to follow and looking forward to more!

You won’t see any regrowth of treated hair having just started, at least not for several weeks, but when it happens, get after it aggressively. If you see hair sooner than 3 or 4 months (generally speaking), it will probably be NEW growth, meaning there was hair lurking below the skin that couldn’t be seen when you first started but now it can actually be seen and treated.

Love those pictures! Can you attach times with those pictures, too? For example, session 1 - 40 mintues, session 2 -60 minutes, etc. Everyone always wants to know how much time it took followed by how much did it cost.

Thanks much,



cool, alright. i got for an hour each time, so both my treatments were 1 hour each.

Oregon is a regulated state with a very active, pro continuing eduation assosiation. You might check or the yellow pages to locate a local practicioner.

Well i just got back from my 3rd 1 hour apt. i had two electrolosists working on me for an hour! it was awesome! i got twice the coverage done! it makes it feel like there is so much more work being done… because there is! haha

check out my pictures of my first 3 apts!
This is before any thing has been done
This is after my first 1 hour apt with one person working on me
This is after my second apt with 1 person working on me for an hour
This is after my 3rd apt (i had them both working on me at the same time for an hour)

how is it coming?

Just lovely! I think your skin reaction looks great.


good to hear! i was kinda worried because of the red bumps, but that helps acutally, thanks!

just got back from my 4th apt. 1 hour and two people working on me
here is the picture 4th apt 1 hour long with 2 people working on me

Thanks for the picture, Tom. How are you tolerating the hour with two electrologists working on you? Is is very uncomfortable or have you adjusted to the sensation of electrolysis?

Skin reaction looks normal good.


im really surprised how not uncomfortable. both of them say they have the machines turned way up, and that my skin is taking it really well… so thats exciting!!! they also said their is minimal regrowth! so yay!