Skin issue after electrolysi, how to treat?


I recently had electrolysis and first two treatments went well, but the third treatment went worng and now it’s already 3 months after that treatment and my skin haven’t recovered yet and it shows a some pits and also hyperpigmentation sometimes but reddness in some places

what to do! I visited some clinic and they said to take pixel laser resurfacing, which one do you all suggest I feel very bad

Once again, this is an EXACT “danger area” that can (often) cause problems … and, some electrologists miss, or don’t know about, the three “danger areas” on the face. I’ve seen this scenario hundreds of times in my career … so damned common!

First off, if you get a recommendation for a post-treatment remedy … ask exactly what that remedy is supposed to fix? Just throwing products on your skin (for no particular reason) is often what people suggest. If you use a product or a modality … WHY … and WHAT is it supposed to be doing?

Perhaps a savvy dermatologist can say, "Here is what happened … and, this is what we need to do.” For example, putting Neosporin or Aloe on your skin NOW, would be like changing the tires on you car after you flipped your car and were upside-down in a ditch! The remedy is a tow-truck; not an oil change!

I’m concerned, because after 3-months those “pits” are probably contraction scars (deep in the dermis) and you can only hope that they will become less noticeable (they usually do become less noticeable).

Here’s the problem (for electrologists): Chin hairs are straight-in and usually the most coarse on the face. It’s super-easy to treat all of them; without seeing overtreatment (until later). Here’s the problem (for clients): They want all those hairs gone immediately and will seldom want the area “thinned” … Clients don’t want to walk out of your office with a bunch of untreated chin bristles. So, it’s often a “perfect storm,” and the deleterious results are not wholly uncommon.

Consult with a dermatologist or (my preference) a plastic and reconstructive surgeon (not a cosmetic surgeon).

Do you have any pictured from before treatment?

My face is so clear no hyperpigmentation no scars, but after this it turned worse :frowning:

Well, that photo looks a little better? Problem for me is that I cannot see you in person. However yes, there are products that might work at this juncture.

I’m reluctant to recommend anything, because I don’t want to send you off in the wrong direction. Still, I have found reasonable results (with months-after problems) with products containing copper peptides.

If you see a dermatologist, ask about these products and he may be able to direct you to the best one. (You can do an on-line search, re: copper peptides … and see for yourself). I had a client with a much more severe case, in this same area, and such products worked amazingly well for her. Again, I can’t say specifically.

Here in india, I don’t see much help coming and information coming , can we please have a video call over zoom or any platform, and actually this stressing me out like hell

Okay … now, I do NOT see any classic contraction wounds in this series of photos … thank God! However, I do see classic hyperpigmentation … very very common in Indian skin, and it should be expected. The good news is that it ALWAYS goes away. The bad news, it’s going to take a very long time to resolve (up to a whole year). My colleagues here are TERRIFIC for remedies to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation … I will leave it up to them. Again, no long-term problems.

First, if hyperpigmentation is a concern, let me soothe your fears. In virtually all cases where hyperpigmentation occurs, the issue resolves completely, without any medical assistance, or anything “added to the skin”. It may however remain much longer than you are comfortable with, over a year in severe cases. However in all cases, hyperpigmentation resolves and fades completely. With your skin tone you are highly susceptable to hyperpigmentation.

I think it is worthwhile to consult with a dermatologist as Michael suggests, but if it were me, I would hold off on jumping into treatment of any kind for surface texture issues. As Michael has indicated at 3 months you are in a period of healing during which is far from a “sure thing” that what you are seeing now is what you end up with. It’s very likely to completely heal.
I DO see a great amount of hair growth. and its clear there is a hormonal influence at play, very likely PCOS . I am not a doctor however and you should seek help for this medically.The hair growth itself can cause considerable disruption to the skin as can many temporary methods you might be employing to deal with the hair day to day.

Above all, relax. I hear the stress in your words. It is going to be okay. Michael has more experience than I do in evaluating treatments gone wrong, but dont be in a hurry to “add stuff to your skin” or undergo expensive resurfacing fractional laser treatments for something that may well not result in any long term issue anyway. Do have faith in the healing powers of the body and the skin itself.

Actually I do have some pitted scars also like pin pointed but not so deep, will it be fine if anyone can take a video call so I can show the areas of concerns, it will be great help to

Have a look at this picture I just took of my arm. See that white area? Let me tell you what that is.3 years ago I bought a sailboat. I was under the trailer of that boat wiring up the trailer lights and had a hot soldering iron laying on the ground next to me as I worked that I was using. Without noticing I laid my arm on top of it and what resulted was a SEVERE burn to my forearm.This was a first degree burn. It heavily scabbed over about an inch wide.To put this into perspective, this was about 1000 times worse than what you experienced with your electrolysis treatment. If the electrologist had repeatedly jabbed a hot poker into your skin, they STILL would not have caused nearr the damage I did to my arm. It hyperpigmented considerably and that hyperpigmentation lasted over 18 months. It did however, resolve completely, and there are NO skin texture issues to be seen.All that remains, is the small white hypo-pigmented area where the dmage was most severe.
You would not have caused that level of damage to your face and there honestly is not a lot to be concerned about. You are most certainly “freaking yourself out” . It will be okay, it will resolve.
Edit: Sorry I dont know how to do zoom calls and as it’s my "day off " today I have other things I need to be getting done.There’s no rest for the wicked!

Ditto …

Thankyou so much Bono and Seana​:blush::heart: your words really lifted my hopes and your knowledge on this topic is really deep and taking a bow for clear explanation

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Hi All,

An update all my pigmentation and also some pitted kind of scars were totally gone and faded away i am so happy actually i have stopped my electrolysis and used triple combination cream Triglow - hydroquinone, tretinoin and and some carticosteroid i guess, for 20 days every night and stopped the cream and cause the areas of application turned red as it is tretinoin and gave skin to calm for 15-20 days, all my pigmentation, scars and my issues were totally gone and now i am back on electrolysis again i have twice after this issue has been resolved i can see a lot of difference in my hair growth i mean the thickness and also the time it takses to come back is long than before and i can see some spots hair didn’t grow back and also with electrolysis i have been using homeopathy to treat my PCOS and also i have concentrated on my health excersing daily and maintaining my food habits, i feel good now and i feel i will be hair free with all the hard work in am on

Not so fast! We wanted photos before, and we do want them again now! Lets see that beautiful healed skin! This , showing the result of what we say, helps others who come after you who may be doubting. So show us! Help others who may also be anxiety ridden with the same issue.

I can definitely say triglow was my saviour at this point, i guess cause of tretinoin in it, skin cell turn over was fast and all the pits were covered and they were flat and pigmentation and redness was totally faded, i am very happy now, i am totally low when that incident happened glad this healed well and fast

let me ask you this…what do you think the mechanism of this “help” is? How does it get to where the healing is taking place to have that effect? The wound module is a closed unit.Ther’s nothing but blood getting in , or out. So how does “tretinoin” you credit do it?

I’ll let you in a secret. there is virtually NOTHING you can add to the skin that can get in there to assist with healing. Your body does it all by itself. The result would be the same if you used nothing at all on the skin.

Oh and have a look at the thread “Hair Porn, or what I did for an hour today” . You’re going to see very similar growth from one of the other folks from your region of the world , and such growth is in my opinion extremely common. Actuallyy that case is quite far along now it was much much worse. So there is hope for you, and electrolysis can be done safely and without cusing harm to your complexion or appearance. Have faith!