*Sigh* my neck still looks like hell

I posted a while back about an electrolysis experience that went bad. It has been about two months since the last time I’ve let the needle touch my face, because I’m still dealing with discolored skin. It has faded a bit, but I still look like a diseased freak and the caked on layers of makeup to hide it is another story in itself. The first photo was taken about two weeks ago and the following photo was taken tonight. I made the mistake of trying a skin lightening cream, as my skin had a bad reaction to it and now I’m dealing with even more red discolorations on my neck. To make matters worse, dark hairs are still popping up. It is very emotionally frustrating. How long do you assume this will last?

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First of all, I hope you did not put all that make-up on the day of, and/or the day after the treatment was done. That could cause its own problems.

Next up, depending on the hairs it is very difficult to do neck work without some temporary skin distress. Having said that, most people without a certain melanin profile would have had all their skin discolorations fade in two months.

Internally, you can help this out by taking 150 mg of zinc in the morning, and again at bed time, and increasing your vitamin C intake. Both of these help skin to heal. If you have any acne issues, add 100,000 IU’s of vitamin A spread out over the day. A usually comes in 10,000 or 20,000 mg pills, so you could take them 5 times a day to reach the full dose.

And, oh, yes, if you smoke, quit already!

The first day or two after the treatment I didn’t wear any makeup, but I did afterward because there was no way I could go to work with how red and bumpy my face looked a couple of days after the treatment. What additional problems would that have caused?

I’ve been taking a multivitamin daily and I’ve just recently added a vitamin C tablet. I’m not sure how effective they are at fading what I have. Hopefully, it is speeding things up. At night, I’ve been applying some bacitracin zinc ointment along with aloe vera gel, which seems to help a bit. I’m not a smoker. I’ve been wondering if exercise does anything to help speed up the process as well?

What do you mean by people with a certain melanin profile? I’m prone to tan easily and have a lot of body moles.

I’ve tried searching online about electrolysis and hyper-pigmentation, but I didn’t come across too many answers. I really hope this isn’t something that is going to take 6 months to a year to fade!

People who have a darker complexion profile, like those with middle eastern or african genes can tend to have a higher melanin component to their immune system. In these cases, it is more likely that dark spots will occur, and that when they do, it will take a longer time for them to fully fade. When this is the case, however, one must soldier on and get the hair removed as soon as possible, as only when one is no longer irritating the skin will one have smooth hairfree, even colored skin. These people get pigment changes from the razor burn, and ingrown hairs as well, so the electrolysis is not causing anything more than they would have had, it is just the hair free skin that tends to make it more visible.

In any event, the skin healing process will make it happen that you just look great, when you are done.

Give it Aloe Vera at least twice a day, and Tea Tree Oil overnight, and keep taking the extra zinc and vitamin C.

I agree. You should invest in Tea Tree Oil and not use those oil treatments that can clog pores. Tea Tree Oil at night and Witch Hazel during the day will help clear this up much faster.

Your neck looks like classic PIH. Not really surprising, further treatment can actually help clear the pigmentation! The “fired up” macrophages zero-in on the pigment too. Don’t be afraid to get the job done. PIH always goes away. (If you do continue treatment, please report back and let us know if you notice LESS PIH! Nothing like a little experimentation.)

I had discoloration on my back for months, really 18 months to clear up fully. I tan easily. Looks great now.

Update: Well, my skin still has a red bumpy rash from the skin lightening cream I used about a week and a half ago. To make matters worse, my skin became inflamed again after using some sort of soap to wash the area. I could kick myself in the crotch for ever using that dang skin lightening cream. I didn’t realize it was going to cause this much of a pain. My skin is also pretty dry now too. It feels like a vicious cycle! Since it has been a couple of months since I’ve had electrolysis, hair is coming in and it feels as though I’m back to square one but with damaged skin. I hear a lot of success stories. I wish I was one of them!

Well, there it is. I usually try to get patients to do nothing and let nature take its course. However, you are STILL going to be just fine. You have my “word” on it.

Unfortunately there are lots of people, electrologists included who will tell you that normally after treatment there will be no reaction, this is a Myth! that needs to be explained away and resigned to the rubbish bin where it belongs.

In order that the lower two thirds of a follicle can be destroyed, which is ultimately what we are trying to achieve, certain levels of energy MUST be used to accomplish this. All the time people are told “you should have NO post treatment reaction” electrologists are going to be airing on the side of caution with treatment levels (as we do anyway) so that they are not labelled incompetent by “experts” and misguided people who don’t particularly know what they are talking about when a “Normal” reaction occurs.

Something to consider… If you want to be spending more time with your electrologist than your family? If you want to travel enough miles to and from your electrologists to circumnavigate the globe? If you have a bottomless pit of money that your willing to empty? Insist on NO post treatment reaction and you should be very happy.
If on the other hand you want to get the job done and be hair free (what a joy) Allow your electrologist some breathing space and be realistic. This doesn’t mean, expect to put up with huge scabs or scarring that last for ever. it does mean allowing your electrologist to work effectively to leave you hair free. This equates to using power levels that may, on occasion, cause an acceptable (depending on the individual) and Realistic level of post treatment reaction.

I have been through the process of hair removal myself with complete beard area removal.I had a number of laser sessions (12 I think), the last few at full power with limited success and some burning, then I moved on to electrolysis. I did have slight scabbing a couple of days after every treatment with electrolysis but personally I felt this was acceptable in order that the work could be completed in the shortest possible time. I have been left totally hair free with No pigment change, scarring or Any other marks that could have been caused by my treatment.

I am personally a firm believer in leaving nature to do it’s thing with the healing process. If you eat a fairly balanced diet and stay properly hydrated your body will competently heal your skin without outside intervention. Constantly applying various magic creams or soaps can antagonise a treated area and actually create an issue where if left alone, there wouldn’t be one… Leave it alone, don’t touch it, fuss over it and certainly don’t pick at it and it will resolve nicely all on it’s own.

I recently finished reading Mr Bono’s book “Treatment strategy for electrology” It’s an excellent read and goes into detail with the healing process and the various types of post treatment reaction that can and does occur. The sooner the Myths are blown away that surround electrolysis, the happier it’s practitioners and clients/patients will be…

Electrolysis stands alone as the Only means of “permanently” removing hair.
A certain amount of post treatment reaction is normal and can be managed.
Treatments will be more successful and available when the Myths are exposed.
Stay focused try not to miss your regular appointments and you will be hair free.

Best wishes to everyone and particularly chewbacca, the reaction will disappear as Mr Bono says and before you know it you’ll be hair free and the whole experience will be a distant memory :slight_smile:

follizap, thank you for the response. It helps to hear another persons opinion and experience. Also, I would like to thank everyone else for their patience. I’ve browsed through the forums a bit and I recognize the regulars who stick to it in helping people out with their questions and concerns.

Before this bad reaction occurred, I had been getting electrolysis on my chin, neck, and jawline for a good 6 months and about every week and a half. I’ve always expected that there would be skin reactions regardless, because the skin is being poked and prodded at with a heated needle.

Before, it would usually take a couple of days until my skin went back to normal. The last treatment I freaked out, because my skin continued to look terrible after a month or two post treatment. My biggest concern was whether or not it would ever go back to normal, as is still my concern. It looks like some of the pigmentation has further faded, although it is hard to tell considering I’m judging beyond my recent skin reaction/rash from the skin lightening cream. I should be thankful that my skin seems to heal rather quickly. I’m learning that taking the natural course seems to be the best course. It’s just hard to remain patient when it is in a visible area.

Although I hate to point the finger, I think a lot of the problem lies within the electrologist I was seeing. It is also my fault for not doing much shopping around. I guess I figured that since the lady had a good 30 years experience, I should trust her to do the job properly. Granted, she was always clean and sterile with her work, but she had terrible time management skills. It was normal to expect her to be 15 minutes late for an appointment and I’d feel as though she would rush her work towards to end to prevent other clients from waiting, leaving some areas more red than others.

It does look like I’ve experienced some decrease in hair, but not as much as I would have expected. I would like to give it another go at electrolysis once I give my skin a good long time to heal, but I’m unsure of where to begin my search for a good and professional electrologist. It looks like there are a lot in my area that work out of their home. Although I realize that there may be a lot of really good electrologist that do that, I’m also a bit leery about going to someones house. I’m not sure if that sounds strange.

Excellent commentary here. Thank you both, Michael and follizap. I’ve been realistic in my expectations, and have not been the least bit disappointed, yet. There will be redness and there will be swelling, but they will resolve on their own in hours and/or days. Weeks later, there should not be any evidence of the previous treatment.

Hang in there, chewbacca. Your skin will recover, it will simply require time.

New Poster follizap, I hearby invite you to come back as a regular to post on hairtell. Your post was on target in every single respect. You got it down right.

In reality it was a lucky first hit, beginners luck, or I could say…

I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic mentor with tons of experience and a practical and honest approach to electrolysis

I have just taken delivery of a new platinum and hopefully in a few months I’ll be ready to start ridding the world of hair :slight_smile:

practiced five hours the day after I got it, miles apart from my other machine, positive joy to use

Almighty Platinum!!!

A new hummingbird flaps its wings. Welcome Follizap!!!

It is a positive joy to use. Congratulations on your new baby. Just having the choice of different modalities under the banner of “Blend” or “Thermolysis” gives electrologist the best choices for the different types of hair situations we encounter. I love Synchro for those deep, coarse anagen hairs that my bearded ladies present with. Those hairs slide out easily and intact with the upper layer of skin looking like nothing happened. PicoFlash is awesome. MultiPlex is always a good friend to have. Today I worked on virgin hair with those dry white balls of protein and little moisture in follicle. Nice releases and little discomfort for the client. OmniBlend is the most comfortable of the Blends … oh I need to shut up. You will see what I’m talking about after you use it for awhile.

Please come back and offer some pearls of wisdom like you did today. We appreciate it.


Some years ago, I did a lecture for the AEA. The entire thing was about wound healing and normal post-treatment manifestations. I had at least 50 photos of these “normal manifestations.”

I cannot believe the reaction: I was nearly “throw out” of the meeting, told I was a horrible operator. One person actually said she “hated me!” But that was “then” and times have certainly gotten MUCH better. The days of the “bunny slipper and hair curlers” electrology salons are long gone! Thanks for the “plug” Ms. Follizap!

Electrolysis is a tiny burn and the patient had better expect some after-treatment “something.” When working of specific areas, I often tell the client (men only): “it’s going to look like a horror film!” (I got that cliche from Danny Eastman — the guy who actually “did” Cher!)

Honestly, I worked on a client’s upper lip recently , a crossdresser, for 2.5 hours with the Apilus Platinum in PicoFlash and there was no lymph fluid leakage, no major scabbing or major prolonged reddness. Swelling lasted 2 days. He called me and said all was great. James knows this because I filled in for him with one of his clients when he was too busy and couldn’t see him. Facial work shows little hint of treatment minutes? hours? a couple days? after a session and that all depends on variety of things. Body work? well, pinpoint scabbing usually occurs, but even that is not always the rule. Results are great. Hair killed. Self-esteem restored. Living happily ever after within 9-18 months for most areas. These new “tools of the trade” keep me happy because my clients are happy.

In my earlier days, my clients had post treatment skin manifestations that were all normal and healed nicely within a week or two. Clients were taught and prepared for the healing scenario to follow and just predicting what to expect meant there was no fear or frustration. Either way, people will get permanent hair removal and there is no need for anxiety.

Have you tried just applying something simple like aquaphor? It gives you a moist protective barrier for your skin to heal. I get those on my neck too and thats how I try to deal with them without irritating.

Aquaphor? I’m not too sure what that is or where you can purchase it?

As for an update, it has only been a few days but I’m still noticing some fading. Minimal, but some, which is encouraging. I’ve been using the Neutrogena sunblock daily, which has shown more benefits than one. When I apply it to my face it seems to leave a lighter look to my skin tone, which makes it look better once I apply makeup/concealer over the area.

The downside – now that some of the color is fading away I’m noticing the pesky hairs more. Argghhh! It is so frustrating. I believe the electrolysis that I had over the course of about six months did help some, but I’m still having a good amount of hair growth. Some areas the hairs are thinner, although there are still many coarse hair, mainly around the chin area. Another downside is I’ve noticed some areas of pitting, which I hope will improve a bit within time too.

Sometimes I read through the forums and wish that I lived closer to some of the more knowledgeable and concerned electrologist that frequently post here. My search will continue shortly!