shaving bikini area [MILDLY MATURE CONTENT]

What are the reasons I should shave my bikkini area? And how do I shave there correctly?

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Women are much more attractive without bikini hair. You would probably be more comfortable without it too.


</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by cowgirl:
<strong>What are the reasons I should shave my bikkini area? And how do I shave there correctly?</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Make sure you trim your pubic hairs first so they’re very short and easy to shave. Use a really good shaving cream or gel (I use Skintimate which is really great) and a 3 blade razor such as Venus. Always start with a brand new razor each time you shave. And always shave against the direction of hair growth so it’s a close shave. I hope this helps! Good luck!

A few more tips:

Take a shower or bath first-- the hair will be softer.

Use as few strokes across each area as possible.

Don’t use a lot of pressure.

Use a product like Tend Skin or Bikini Zone after to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs.

Gently exfoliate the area with every shower between shavings.

Make sure and apply something right after you shave your bikini area or you might get really bad razor burn. I use cortisone cream it works great!

I used to use cortisone cream, too oreosmama.

Lately, I’ve been recommending using 100% aloe gel right after. More people seem to find that soothing, but cortisone can be nice, too.

I also carry a product called Aloe with Nutri Gel this is a great product that works will on this area I use it as an after treatment for clients. Clients love it, it helps sooth the area being treated.

If you haven’t started shaving yet DONT!!!
Shaving increases hair growth and causes hair to grow through like sand paper! If there are on a few hair there I would advise you pluck them, if there are more have them waxed. That way the hair growth should come back softer and hopefully reduced. If you decide to shave or anything else I would use a tea tree lotion afterward as tea tree is anti-septic-inflammotory and loads more also makes the skin soft and helps to prevent ingrowing hair (a good one is Australian Bodycare tea tree hand and body lotion it is lush!)

Beauty therapist, shaving has been shown in clinical data not to have an effect on hair growth rates. Shaving does make hairs feel thicker because the tips are blunt after being cut instead of tapered.

Tea tree oil is a great option for some, but it’s also an irritant for some consumers. If you’re having problems with tea tree oil or have sensitive skin, you might try aloe and witch hazel, or a product like Tend Skin. Tend Skin also help many consumers who get razor bumps.

Hi Andrea,
Even though shaving has not been medically proven to increase body hair many people believe it does. From what I have seen since becoming a beauty therapist and waxing loads :fearful: of legs is when someone has been shaving up to the knee for example very often there is a distint line between where they have been shaving and the area untouched. From what I have seen the hair is ofter a lot darker and coarser. This is a discusion we often got into at college and we all had different opinons. I guess on day it will be proven one way or the other.

Beauty therapist, the first three studies on the page below demonstrate the shaving does not affect hair growth.

Hairfacts: shaving medical data

Many women shave from the knees sown onlt precisely because the hair in that area is thiucker to begin with. Many women have much downier hair on ther upper legs and thighs which does not require shaving. Many people confuse cause and effect when making observations about shaving and hair growth.

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Andrea, you are right. Shaving does not increase hair growth. When a hair is cut it has a blunt end which makes us feel like it is coarser. In the book Electrolysis, Thermolysis and the Blend: Written by Arthur Ralph Hinkle, P.E.E. A California State Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer and Electrology Instuctor I have taken this out of his book: It states: Shaving has been found to have no effect whatsoever on hair growth. This fact has been demonstrated by a number of experiments on the subject. As they conducted many series of experiments to test the effect of shaving various parts of the body in adults of both sexes. By pairing off accurately symmetrical areas on each side of the test subject they were able to observe the results of shaving on one of the areas in relation to its “twin”, which remained unshaven. They made measurements of both areas before and during the time of testing, which involved shaving the test area daily. After several months of this, they could detect no difference in amount, length, diameter, or pigmentation of either the lanugo or the terminal hairs present on either side. Duke University has produced the same neg. results.

I guess I am going to have to admit defeat on this one :frowning: At my college we were made to believe shaving is naughty, but after reading all of the research on Andrea’s pages I AM WRONG (I hate saying that!) but I still hate the stubbly effects of shaving and would advise waxing every time.

Beauty therapist, shaving is definitely a no-no if you don’t want a stubbly feeling, so let’s say we’re both right! :wink:

"Women are much more attractive without bikini hair. You would probably be more comfortable without it too.


Women are much more attractive with or without bikini hair, depending on who is looking.

PLEASE don’t contribute to women having low self-esteem based on how much so-called excess hair they have.

As we all know, hair, once removed by non-permanent methods, grows back. This involves stubble, ingrowns, itching, and, dare I say it, a period of extreme unattractiveness (when I am looking, anyway) while waiting for it to grow out enough to remove again.

This is not comfortable! Not physically or psychologically - the latter especially when we are convinced by someone that we are unattractive again until we can get rid of it once more. This is why we don’t always feel free to engage in spontaneous activities, like going to the beach or pool, or making love…

Tomorrow I have a date - and although I am psychologically ready to make love, my legs and bikini line are at an in-between stage and I can’t seem to get over all the overt and subtle messages I have received telling me to wait until I can remove the ‘evidence’ and be ‘attractive.’ Although I consider myself a relatively strong, independent woman, there is that niggling thought - what if he finds it disgusting and is repelled or disappointed.

Some people like a ‘big bush,’ some people like it like a little girl. I’ve been with admirers of both. What matters is how the woman likes it -and it is certainly difficult to come to one’s own natural conclusion about that when so many people tell us the only way to be attractive is to shave or wax or tweeze or dissolve or laser it all off!

Sometimes I really feel like a fraud - calling myself a feminist and then considering a brazilian - when I know in my heart of hearts that wanting a brazilian has more to do with comparing myself to hairless models then it does with wanting to feel smooth sensations for myself.

I am not saying that hairless bikini areas are antifeminist…but that I question the purity of our motives…

Maybe being more ‘comfortable without’ our hair is about not being taboo - because body hair certainly is. Otherwise, why are we spending time on this site?

I don’t mean to be too harsh, but on a website trawled by both men and women whose hair problems have and continue to cause them often profound distress, I just think it is inconsiderate to say ‘Women are much more attractive without bikini hair’ without qualifiying that with a big ‘in my opinion…’



I stand up and applaude you. It takes a great mind to think great thoughts.

I’ll tell you these things do go both ways. I don’t do full Brazilian but I do some genital removal. I’ve read some women say that a guy without all of his pubic hair is too boyish for them. But I will say that every woman who has discovered my smoothness has absolutely loved it.

Inexperience, or youth or even ignorance should never influence what an individual thinks or feels about themselves. I’m not going to brag but I have had enough experience to know that it is not the body part but the woman. Women are also convinced that their breasts are not big enough. Bull crap. A man is always going to be attracted to the woman regarless if she has small or large breasts.

My point…I love a woman with a full brazilian but can just as easily enjoy a woman who only trims and nothing else. It is ultimitly the woman who is attractive and not what she does or doesn’t do…

If staying natural makes you feel beautiful then you are beautiful…if going Brazilian makes you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful.

As far as you date is to go…follow your heart and do what feels natural for you. Trust me, I know how you feel.

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Thank you, jonny…I really appreciate your response. I was just sitting here feeling low, obsessing over the fact that my date starts in 13 hours and my legs are looking like those of a badly plucked bird!

The other night this man was telling me that clinical studies have shown men to be slightly less sensitive to touch than women…so, for example, they might not notice tactile differences between bedsheets of different thread counts, etc…

So, I said, laughing, ‘does this mean women can stop shaving our legs?!’

‘NO WAY,’ he replied. That’s different!’

Sigh. I said nothing. Did I mention that he is my date?

None of this is helped by the fact that my former long-term partner, who knew about my body-image problems (all relating to ‘excess’ hair), started going to tons of porn sites featuring ‘shaved girls’ etc etc…and in moments of cruelty, told me that my hair IS in fact a turn-off.

So I am left to wonder - how bad is it, really? Was he just being cruel, was he just being honest, was he being both (the worst case scenario!)?

In the seventies, big bush ruled. Just look back at the porn. Now, it’s brazilian all the way. Since body image is socially constructed, what the hell chance is there for hairy girls now, to be formally recognised as beautiful? We have to depend on finding men (I only say that because I am straight) who can deal with it, look beyond it, see the other ways we are beautiful…

again, thank you for apparantly being one…

All women who choose to engage in the cult of beauty will suffer for it in some way. For those blessed with relatively little body hair, shaving the pits and lower legs might be their only, relatively painless, indignity. But for many of the women who post here, who actually DO have ‘excess’ body hair, due to genes or hormones or whatever, it is much harder.

Some might say, so why engage? Just stop waxing and shut up. But there WOULD be painful consequences…as fellow posters know…consequences I am not willing to face.

I saw this documentary in Britain, called ‘Hairy Women.’ This woman agreed to stop waxing for 3 months. When she was interviewed with her boyfriend, he joked, but with quite a cruel undertone, that she should stay away from him in bed. He ended up leaving her before the experiment was over. But worst of all (because face it, he was a dick) was the behaviour of her GIRLFRIENDS! They were revolted, and made horrible hurtful comments about being DISGUSTED, etc. by her legs! One said she thought she was going to puke at the sight of them. I thought that these women were projecting their own body/hair-hatred and shame onto her, who, by agreeing to stop waxing and therefore ‘own’ the fact of female body hair, had become a convenient scapegoat - the holder and publicist of all bad hairy female things. She had blown their cover.

The fact is, it is more practical and probably less painful for hirsute women to pursue hair reduction by whatever means, than to face judgement like that, or years of therapy toward ‘self acceptance.’

Despite all this,

to quote the immortal words of Christina Aguilera (I CAN’T believe I am writing this!) -

‘We are beautiful, no matter what they say’

Hear, hear. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be brave enough to risk ‘exposure.’ And if that man isn’t kind or smart enough to see and feel beyond some stubble, well, I’ll try very hard to consider him as having ‘excess’ inner-ugliness and unrighteousness!

This really should be a post on the emotional issues thread - maybe I will add it to it later, because I am always interested in discussing these issues with others -



On of the most attractive attributes in a woman, for me, is intelligence (sp?) and you are definitly a very smart woman.

I’ll tell you as a guy…wait let me tell you about me…I have a great carreer that pays very good money so someone thinks I am smart…never had a problem meeting women, so I am at least not a troll, even if I am not a great speller, and I am 40 years old which should at least show some wisdom…now as a guy, if you have any concern over your stubble do not, I repeat, do not sleep with this guy.

Why? Not because of your stubble but if you are thinking about it you cannot be yourself and if you like this guy enough to sleep with him then this is the time for you to be yourself and not distracted.

On a lighter side of life, having him shave you can be an incredible form of foreplay in a bubble bath. You can also remember that he too has something on his mind that he is worried about.

I have said many other places on this board that I personally have no issue with female body hair. I look at it as the natural state of things, and therefore don’t find that it takes away from the beauty that is the woman that would be spending time with me. I won’t repeat that again here.

What I will say is that while riding in the limo at my Father’s funeral I noticed something that some of you out there would find totally unbelievable. It came to my attention that not a single woman in my family who was riding in the limo had shaved for the occasion. My younger sister was the only one who was even wearing stockings dark enough to make this fact hard to tell. One woman was proudly wearing a little black dress and bare legs with nothing but some lotion on them.

I smiled to myself, and enjoyed the security they all had in their femininity.

Count me with my pal Jonny_Longer, a gal gets farther with me when she can bring great conversation to the table. This counts much more so than smooth legs, and silicone.

While body hair is a matter of personal preference, I think it’s worth noting that some people might prefer to not have contact with people who’re exceptionally stubbly–whether it’s the bikini area or legs or whatever–just because it’s not all that comfortable. Girls similarly don’t always want to be smooching with guys who generally shave but are a little tardy in doing it. :wink:

It’s really a matter of personal preference on all sides.