Scarlett's photojournal

Date: 15-05-2024

Hello All, I grew unwanted body hair 4 years ago. Maybe due to COVID vaccine or the COVID stress. After nearly 4 years of silent suffering…and feeling low, bad and not like myself…, today I want to post here about my journey from here on ahead.

I procured ballet needles recently. F1. The gods truly blessed me the day I received them.

I did build my galvanic electrolysis setup. Trial version. Just wanted to see if it would work. If I could do it. I forgot to click the pic of the setup, I will do so after I put in standard wires and solder and a neat box etc.

So, on day 1, I chose my leg as the scapegoat region.
I tried on 3 hair, they wouldn’t come out. Out of frustration I overtreated them for like 100 sec each. I developed hyperpigmentation. I was strong and stubborn–> No problem if I scar a little if this could work. It didn’t. I dismantled the setup.

Here is the link to those results.

Day 2: I sat down with a cool head. I wanted to solve the circuit.

  1. I was working with a faulty potentiometer.
  2. I was probably trying to attack bigger/fatter hair with a smaller needle
  3. My circuit wasn’t perfect…the wires were weak. It was getting faulty every time I moved… and probably the current wasn’t flowing.

Fixed these issues. Chose thinner hair coz I was working with F1 ballet … and…BINGO… I successfully removed 4 hair.
current - around 800 micro Amp. Time - 20 sec.

This was progress… 3 hair wouldn’t come out.
After a half hour…I observed one of them was bubbling out lye…and the hair came out
The next day…there was slight scabbing at all the sites I treated…I just held the hair at the sites of scabbing. the remaining two also slid out.
Remember the first 2 fat hair which were treated for 100s, 2 of them slid out.

I cried…out of happiness. I probably can feel like myself again if I can get rid of the hair.
I would need so much help…from my mom , or my sister… but here is the deal-> the hair I want gone are very shallow…and fine…and very easy to reach with a probe. They are so shallow that they just come off with the tweezers without any tug. But obviously grow back after waxing.
I just need patience here on out.

Why didn’t I go to a professional?
I don’t have the funds right now. And I have very sensitive skin. It takes too long for even small scars to heal. So, I thought galvanic was better/safer way to go. Scarring wise.

I particularly want to thank @Iluv2zap
You have no idea how much you have helped me. I lurked on this forum with DIY ideas for a long time. And was discouraged at one point that I can’t do it myself. But you said it’s possible.

I want to thank @hairandtheir . Your setup gave me faith. And you pointed me to the right resources.

On the day of the treatment, the sites looked normal, but bulged, like mosquito bites. No discolouration.
By the next day bulging went down but there was scabbing at every site.

This is just the beginning. I will try to journal my progress here on this forum.
I am busy with other things right now. But now that I know it’s possible, I will get to it soon.

You’re most welcome! I love to hear about success! I remember when on my own journey to learn and rid myself of hair, many telling me dont do it! You’ll scar yourself! Yes even seasoned professionals on this very forum! But one or two whispered in my ear"You CAN do it!" And it was the ones whispering in my ear, who were most helpful and actually correct!

All that said, galvanic is still a bit slow for most purposes. I’d still highly recommend investing in a professional machine capable of blend. To get that, was one of the key pieces of advice on my electrolysis journey, that served me very well. You may find with time you havve developed quite a valuable skill, one that will see to it you are taken care of for the rest of your life. Dont stopp here, let me encourage you like others did me, GO Pro! Go on and show the world can be free of hair! Do NOT stop with just your own success on yourself. Keep learning, always.

The second attempt already looks much better than the first. That’s pretty typical for anyone starting out in electrolysis. The first time is always pretty rough.

I’m glad you picked up on the probe size creating an issue. I’d say most terminal body hair should need an F3, though it’s helpful to have F2 and F4 on hand if you can. I can’t remember the last time I used F1 or F5.

:+1::+1::+1: do share your journey with us

There has been an error in my post. My needles are F2. I didnt even know there were F1 needles. I thought F2 are the smallest.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, after undergoing the trauma of unwanted body hair myself, going pro would be something to really consider. I need to graduate first though. I am in college.

People in my country need good electrolysis professionals for sure. Probably the money could be good too.

Hopefully the rest of my journey is successful. :slight_smile: