Recurring Questions

After being on Hairtell a relatively short time, I see a rather wearisome problem. We can discuss an issue, say a post-treatment manifestation, and get it resolved with the writer. Then — only seconds later — here comes the same question/problem from another pre- or post-op client.

There are only so many issues that develop with post-treatment electrolysis. Why aren’t the patients getting the answers from their own therapists? I don’t get it! Why don’t electrologists have simple hand-outs for post-op patients that will describe, in detail, what’s going on and how to deal with the perceived problem? (Most problems aren’t problems anyway.)

When a patient has a surgical procedure, the doctor gives them very clearly written instructions for pre-care. If one of many difficulties, such as the “dreaded hematoma” develops, he deals with it quickly and, after explaining what happened, hands the patient a paper explaining again what happened, what to do and how the thing will resolve. (Another patient just got a post-op hematoma from self-medicating with seemingly benign OTC vitamins and herbs. I get so frustrated!)

I have found that patients can handle any difficulty if they are convinced that their therapist: 1) knows exactly what happened, 2) can give it the proper name, 3) give detailed instructions to resolve the issue and 4) give a time-frame for the thing to resolve. Patients just want to know that “we are in control of the problem.”

Maybe Hairtell could archive some relevant dialogues about key issues, such as PIH, crusting, “red dots” etc. Then, when a patient comes on line, we could refer him or her to the correct information. This way the patient will get instant information and we won’t have to repeat the information into infinity. (Maybe Hairtell already does this? I’m sure it already does but I can’t seem to find it!)

I sincerely commend all of you for your amazing patience. How did you last so long to do 8,000+ posts? I already need a “vacation.” I should cede this site to you “heavy hitters:” James, LAgirl, Dee and (my adorable) Jossie. I suppose I’m just too impatient. And, I mean this; your willingness to help is beyond laudable. I might even add: Madonna Mia Pizzaria!

Good idea. I have many questions very often and I don’t want to open up new threads every time.

I got one to start. I plucked hair on my face the last time last week(and I’ve been plucking non stop for the past 5 years). how long do I have to wait untill all the hair has grown back and I can start treatments?

There’s a lot of truth in what you say, Michael. Using the Search can answer most questions but often the last thing people want to do, when they are feeling extremely anxious, is look through dozens of posts to find what they want.

36tinklebells - in my experience plucked terminal hairs come back in about 4 weeks or so.

Thanks Mr Bono.

I just realized that this subforum doesn´t have a propper FAQ section. At least, I haven´t found it.

Of course, having that FAQ thread will take more work for admins and moderators in the short time, but surely it will be a time saver for regular users, proffesionals and of course, the non repetitions of threads containing similar questions and answers, also will mean less disk space on servers.

As usual, I want to apologize for my english.

This is why I wrote Laser FAQs! Everyone thinks their questions are unique though, even when they’re not :slight_smile: People are lazy and don’t want to read or run searches etc.

I think we at least need Electrolysis FAQs here. I’ve suggested it and can probably write one myself, but I feel one of the electrologists here would probably do a better more thorough job.

Maybe you’d like to volunteer, Michael? Writing is your specialty, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

YES LAgirl, I did find your FAQs and it’s superb; I have learned a lot, thanks. I would be willing to write anything and use illustrations from my books. Of course, I would only do so if all the other electromologihists agree to it. (Sorry, I just had to do that!)

First off, it would be excellent to list the most common post-treatment problems. Jossie is awesome with her camera so we could use her photos. Then, some science about what is actually happening. Followed by after-care and time-frame. such a FAQ section would probably “drive” more folks to Hairtell too: both electrologists and clients. I’m all for it. Who wants to start?

I’m good at collecting information, so if someone would make the skeleton of the FAQ I can help fill it out by offering the information I’ve discovered so far.

For example:

Dietary Recommendations after Treatment

“Internally, you can help this out by taking 150 mg of zinc in the morning, and again at bed time, and increasing your vitamin C intake. Both of these help skin to heal. If you have any acne issues, add 100,000 IU’s of vitamin A spread out over the day. A usually comes in 10,000 or 20,000 mg pills, so you could take them 5 times a day to reach the full dose.”

(posted by James W. Walker VII earlier today.)

I think that’s the biggest problem: no one wants to start! Haha.

I can easily provide the most asked questions, if that will help. I’ve been here long enough to pretty much have them down :slight_smile:

LAg … go for it, I’m “all ears” (and Dr. Chapple refuses to make 'em smaller!)

Dee is correct.

Your stature is at the level of the requirements of a forum as this one.

Your recognition and your international reputation turn you into the perfect candidate to answer to the frequent questions.

I will try to illustrate with my photos all your exhibitions. Since Dee has said so masterfully (I do not find her words), this can be something really [size:17pt]GREAT[/size].

[size:14pt]* This is what Jossie is referring to. I posted and then tried to edit and add and it disappeared off the board! Whew! I got it back! Sorry! Long day and I feel a little loopy right now. I’ll try this again.

Some thoughts…

I have received plenty of e-mails over the past seven years from other electrologists that don’t agree with some of my answers here on hairtell. Some question my approach to electrolysis care, some question my setup and thus, I have thought and re-thought many times of undertaking the effort to write a FAQ’s for electrolysis here on hairtell because it would probably end up in some big drama if I presented it the way I would envision it should be. I would envision a FAQ’s as being more than an ultra general happy clappy FAQ’s like the kind we frequently see on the internet. My approach has been to just refer newbie’s to the AEA FAQ’s at and if that isn’t enough, then they could come back and seek more specific information concerning their problem as we already do now here on hairtell.

You know what it is like to get ten electrologists in the same room to agree on most things to do with electrology, right? Honestly, I really have not tired of answering individual concerns here, and I do it to the best of my ability, but would certainly not be opposed to having an Electrolysis FAQ’s. I do like the personal touch that answering a question for each individual person. However, I do think it would be one more great offering for hairtell that would help the hair consumer.

Someone of your stature, Mike, would get less e-mails of disagreement than someone who holds no national or international recognition in the field of electrology. With 35 years under your belt, and a variety of books and a DVD, well… I vote for you to design something really creative and helpful that is not the usual run-of-the-mill blah blah blather that isn’t very specific. I envisioned a FAQ’s in the past, that was based on selecting posts from actual posters here, in their own words, to answer and expand upon those frequent questions and concerns we get here. An example would be the myth that shaving affects hair growth. No matter how many links we supply or how many ways we try to explain this, we cannot teach or persuade some posters that shaving did not cause their hair to grow deeper, darker and thicker. No matter how many people say to a poster that their hair is too thin for laser hair reduction and they need electrolysis, they still come back and say, “I want laser because electrolysis is too slow and I don’t want to get an infection and scars”.

I have been invited to speak to a group of dermatology residents, medical students and attendings at Ohio State University in May. The chief resident told me that they know a lot about laser hair reduction, but know little about electrolysis and would like to learn more. Thanks to hairtell and all our dear posters over the years, I’m sure I can give them a REAL WORLD education. Having a REAL WORLD electrolysis FAQ’S, by you, to refer them to, would be impressive.

Wow, thanks for the confidence — not really earned, but thanks anyway. My mother would often tell me: “Michael, always remain humble because you have a lot to be humble about!” Mom was a “classic.” Hungarian, by the way. I could use another word, but I won’t!

You are right about getting ten “anybody” to agree on anything. But the FAQs could be basic, scientific and neutral. I’ll put something together and see if it’s acceptable. (Group: It’s okay if it’s not acceptable, no problem. Remember: humble here.) I’m going to let Jossie pick a topic.

My simple answer to the “shaving causes hair to grow” silliness is to suggest that bald men start shaving their heads to get their hair back. I tried it, it did not work! I’m getting so bald that the bone is coming through!

Actually, the myths and cultural associations about hair are fascinating. My guess is that all hair is sexual — I mean ALL hair, not just so-called sexual hair. Hair signifies our sexual virility — it’s a deeply embedded “marker.” Hair announces sexual ability and age. (And of course we all want to be young and sexual.) The embarrassment and cultural taboos associated with hair mirror this deeply sexual nature of hair.

I’ll bet any of you could do the following: look at a close-up photograph of hair anywhere on a body and you could tell the basic age and sex of the person. And, that’s probably the purpose of hair. Just think about how even ear hair announces age and sex. Years ago I took about 50 photos of ears, from a 10-year-old to a 90-year-old. Everybody could identify age and sex, just by the hair pattern (and skin quality too, of course).

You think I have a “hang-up” about ears?

Okay, it is time to show us your ears.

I’m sure some laser people would disagree with some stuff in laser FAQs as well, but everything in there was stated and confirmed by several experts in the industry. Either way, these are just recommendations of the forum since we generally agree on most things. Some answers can be slightly vague. But I think having them is still beneficial for an average consumer who comes here to do some research and wants the basics laid out for them.

I took some of the questions from and added others that we get here often.

What is electrolysis?

Are electrolysis results permanent? (mention underlying causes of hair growth)

When should I choose electrolysis over laser? (laser only for dark dense coarse growth on areas that don’t need precision)

What types of electrolysis methods are available? (mention advantages and disadvantages of each?)

How many treatments are required? (mention hair cycles and underlying causes of hair growth, and advantages of getting full clearances each time)

How much will treatments cost? (average hourly rate and time to complete treatments if treatment protocol is followed)

What do electrolysis treatments feel like?

Are there any side effects?

What is the best aftercare routine?

How do I choose a good electrologist? (also, suggest running a search here for past recommendations and adding location to the profile)

Does shaving induce more hair growth?

Can waxing, epilating, or threading affect hair?

I would divide the questions in two groups:

Questions that arise before and during the process.


Are electrolysis results permanent?
How many treatments are required?
How much will treatments cost?

During the process:
These side effects are normal?
Should I worry?

I agree with notadelphin. FAQ will be great, but sometimes people need a re-statement of the answer, since we have different communication methods.

That’s me when I go looking for information!!!

Add to the FAQ or a separate thread of a GLOSSARY. There are so many terms we take for granted, but when we started we had to learn:

Hair Cycle
Subaecous Gland
Probe / Insulated / Gold / 5,4,3,2,1
Tea Tree Oil
Witch Hazel

I am no one special on this site–I come here to read and learn, but don’t contribute or ask much-- but I do have some suggestions if you are going to put together a more encompassing FAQ.

One thing you noted above was the unlikelihood of getting “ten electrologists in the same room to agree.” Although having such a reputable poster such as Michael Bono to write it would solve some of that problem, you might be able to lay out the FAQ in a way that allows for some plurality of thought.

A format of: Question, Bono Answer, Differing Opinions, would both provide the most accepted academic thought on the matter while acknowledging what other people are saying. Portions of Bono’s answer could be underlined or in color to indicate the places there is contention. Then in the “Differing Opinions” section they can refer to and dispute just those portions instead of giving complete alternate explanations.

As a relative novice on this site this type of format would be quite helpful. Other than initial confusion about terms (which the above posted topics would pretty much solve) a lot of my confusion came from trying to understand differing opinions. Overtime, I have come to see that most of the (good but) long electrologist disagreement posts usually stem from fundamental ideas. From there stems disagreement about process, procedure, and best practices. These “differing opinions” might also help novices to put what they have been hearing or reading other places into perspective. Thus, if there was a way to identify these points of contention and have the alternate explanations ready it would be eliminate a lot of the core confusion.

One example is the frequently disputed issue of pain. From most of the posts I have seen there, the accepted answer seemed to be that the procedure should not feel like plucking and can be painless. A new comer to the site may see such a reference as absurd and be dismissive of other information on the site. If that newcomer can at the same time read a “differing opinion” that is more in line with his or her current idea they might be more willing to learn about the different ideas. In this case the differing opinion might state that painlessness is highly dependent on the partitioner’s skill so personal experience may vary. It might even go on to mention that (as I think I read here somewhere) in the 1970s electrolysis was trendy and a lot of people with little to no skill had machines. This caused a large number of people to get bad electrolysis treatments that were long, painful, and ineffective.

So that is my suggestion for the FAQ. I apologize if my answer was to wordy. I definitely struggled for a while to understand how the good information from professionals fit in with what I had heard else where. In a dream world, I would have learned it all right the first time, but in reality it can be impossible to educate if you don’t acknowledging where they are now.

Good luck with this project. I am confident that any format it takes will be filled with copious amounts of useful information. Thank you Michael Bono and all of the other amazing electrologists who generously share their knowledge on this site and are planning on contributing to the project.

I’m sort of waiting for a couple items to “drop in” for an idea that has been “festering” in my “pea-brain” for some time. Another week or so. I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.