Questions about electrolysis (+picture)

hello, i have a question about electrolysis. How many sessions do you think i will need? I am thinking about doing electrolysis for almost a year, but i am affraid of sideeffects. Also i dont want to make it worse than it is.
Sorry for my english its not my first language.

Hi Klementine,

Welcome to Hairtell ! Beginning an electrolysis treatment is a good idea because this is the only permanent hair removal method.

If you do not tweeze your hair before the treatment and between sessions, you will need 3 clearances. A clearance is about removing all visible hair.

Don’t be afraid to ask other questions if you need.

By 3 clearances they mean letting it all grow back in, most people once they have achieved clearance like to maintain the look such as myself and don’t let it grow in.
It should make no different as to the time or money you spend on electrolysis just a different way of doing it.
You either go to 3 treatments over a 12-18 month period around 4-6 months apart or you go regular every 3 weeks to achieve the no hair look daily. If you have a lot of hair you may need to start out going weekly but it won’t take long if you stick with it. There are little electrolysis in UK that do marathon sessions it seems to be more of a US thing. Most in UK offer maintenance only until it’s fully gone.

There is no 3 clearances for face at least not for 99% of electrologists. 3 clearance method is strictly used on the body and legs. The face requires more delicate approach and so it takes up to dozens of sessions of clearing.

In the Klementine’s photos, it seems that the area is “virgin” of any tweezing or plucking. Thus for virgin facial hair Klementine will need only 3 clearances for 99% permanently hair remover.

If a electrologist need to do more than 3 clearances for that work, it is not correct.

@Hellen : it seems that Klementine already let her hair grow, so I think it will be ok for her to let the hair grow while she will be doing a electrolysis treatment. In this situation, with only 3 clearances she will be permanently 99% hair free.

Fenix is correct on this …

Adrein the 3 clearance method is a wonderful protocol if achievable, and Josepha is probably the best person to teach it to you. However it rarely if ever applies to facial work. Areas like the upper lip and just below the lower lip take a slower approach and it’s not often advisable to do full clearances there. And it’s a rare electrologist who works on the mass 3- clearance methodology. Fenix is correct.I can tell you it took me far more than 3 clearances to clear the hair on my chin and lip but the treatment was nonetheless effective and proper. Keep learning your enthusiasm is great, but you will need to gain more experience with results.


How much clearances was necessary for the cheeks and neck of Johnson ? how much clearances for the sideburns of Stoppit’s sister ?

Of course Seana, I keep learning and practicing the more I could. Of couse I need to gain more experience with results but the 3 clearances method works between skilled hands, so why I can not say that Klementine’s lip could be done in 3 clearances ?

Adrien, of course I appreciate your enthusiasm. However, oftentimes with “newbies” a tiny bit of information gets wired as “the way it is!” … But it’s not.

In 99% of such cases … no 100% … of upper lip cases, the 3-clearances technique (first described and detailed, actually, by me in my 1990 book) … is not appropriate for upper lip work.

I’m not able to give you my 40-years of experience here on this “blog” … just understand that your 3-clearances supposition is at best and “overstatement.”

I understand what you mean. Sure I will study your book.


Part of what I was getting at, is there are some areas that are either so dense, or such sensitive skin, that attempting to do full clearances on them would involve overtreatment of the area. Upper lip is a prime example and one yo will also see people like Dee advocating for a thinning approach instead of complete clearances. I tend to work on upper lips over a period of months, doing partial clearances each time.
When I did my chin, the hair was so dense that getting a clearance in a single sitting would have taken days and days, and definitely left marks and damage from overtreatment.

Some areas like cheeks, neck, this isnt the case and the 3 clearance method works well, but some areas, especially those important ones on the front of the face, require a little more care .And I know chin in particular, can be an area you will see alot of regenerated hair( just my opinion, based on experience) . Again, as time goes by you will come to appreciate this. Josepha does spectacular work, let her share some of those methods with you.


The area for the upper lip is extremely senstive, my electrolysis performs 10 minutes for me on the upper lip and by the end of it it is bright red and puffed up. I drive a 20-25 minute drive home and my lip is still the same when I arrive home, I just pray the neighbours don’t see me as I get out of the car as I live on a busy street and have to park out front of the properly.

When I used to have 10 minute treatments on my chin the areas was invisible of any treatment by the time I’d arrived home.

I’d had the chin and around my nipples cleared for around 9 months before I stared on the upper lip. Purely because it wasn’t painful and I was starting to see results.
The upper lip is painful and my eye’s water, especially with the hairs so close to the noise.
She tends to do the corner of the mouth first then will cover a few in the middle and lastly near the nose she never clears all these as they are killers and she always tells me before doing one, brace yourself.

I know some do much longer than 10 minutes but my electrolysis personally refuses to do more than 15 minutes on the upper lip and she states that I don’t need 15 minutes although I am sometimes frustrated I still have some hairs left when I leave she says this is because the lips is red and swollen making it harder for her to see and more painful for me.

She has also told me she will never free me of all my upper lip hair that its natural to have hair on the upper lip it will keep growing but that she will clear me of the dark hairs.
Look at women and most remove upper lip hair but a few have a natural light peach fuzz that is what I am hoping for.

I have dark hairs which are horrid I’ve also been completely hairless from removal creams which I was happy with. But when you’ve had electrolysis and all the dark hairs are gone and you’re left with just the normal villus hairs I personally think that is the best look and makes me feel the most confident and feminine.

Be realistic with your hopes x

Helen … I LIKE YOUR ELECTROLOGIST! (She’s “doing you right!”)

The strategy “only 15 minutes on the upper lip at each session” is ideal for the client … except when you have to travel 2000 km to the treatments.

I do wonder how you handle this issue Josepha. I know you can get away with a bit more because of your technique, but doing anything like a full clearance would still be very hard on sensitive areas, even taking distance one has travlled into account correct?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:
yes my hair on my upper lip is virgin. i never plucked it nor shaved it. Im just little bit affraid of this method and just wanted information :slight_smile: thank you so much.

I would like to do it like this too! i dont want to be completely hair free :smiley: i just want to get ri of those dark hairs -_-

I spoke with the electrologist i chose only through email and she told me she is doing 30 minutes sessions. I should meet her for consultation next week so i will know more then. Can you give me some advice what should i ask her?