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So I had a full clearance done on the back and shoulders, treatment dates were on the 21, 22, and the 23 of November. It is now december 5 and I am already seeing a good amount of dense regrowth. It seems to soon for this, so please correct me if I’m wrong. When I contacted the electrolysis about this, I was told that it is infact too soon after an entire clearance to see regrowth, and that what I was seeing was stimulated new hairs and that this was good because that will just mean more hairs present at the next treatment time. Never heard of stimulated new growth from electrolysis. Am I getting the run around or is this to be expected?

Did you have laser treatments in that area within the last 6-12 months?

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Well, that depends. What do the “new hairs” look like? Are they blunt at the ends, or are they ‘soft’ and tapered to a fine point. (I’m assuming you did electorlysis.)

Since this was posted on the electrolysis forum, he had electrolysis. He said he contacted the electrologist about his concerns, as well.

Thank you for the clarification. You made my day!

Oh, what I meant to say was I’m assuming you did electrolysis only. Where did the “only” go?

You indicate that you are wondering why the electrologist said new growth was stimulated.

You are assuming that she meant that the new growth was stimulated by electrolysis. Ask her to explain. She might decide to choose her words more carefully in the future. She will most likely tell you that this new growth is a result of natural metabolic processes merely stimulated by hormones - not electrolysis.

The given is – All of the hair that you can grow is not showing at the same time. Therefore, the hairs now cycling in are growing from follicles that she did not get to treat 2 weeks ago.

You will continue to see new growth in the treated area for many months. Be patient. You will see less hair per square inch within a couple of months of treatment. If this is difficult for you to observe, notice that your electrologist will be able to clear larger areas in the same amount of time.

My response is based on the assumption that you are receiving effective needle type electrolysis.

Dear Tr3 “fellow hairy person,”
Arlene’s is the answer … that’s it!

You know, I can clear off a back in several days and the very next day you can see hairs growing in, in the same area. As Arlene said, hairs shed and grow in constantly. Just hang in there.

BTW, Dr. Wm. Montagna thought that electrolysis “might” induce resting hairs to go into anagen a bit sooner. He thought this would be rare, however. (From my letters from him.) Such an event would have no impact on the treatment you are getting at all. No NEW hairs are growing.

apparently it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the hairs to fall out. I’ve had laser hair removal on my underarms and had great results but it does take time for the hairs to shed. I think the time to shed depends on the type of laser used.

has anyone tried the lightsheer duet?

Welcome Cath.
There are many threads on this website about laser and shedding.
This thread is about electrolysis.
Use the search feature and type in Lightsheer and that should get you started.

Most of the hairs are blunt, as if they were shaved, they’re is defiantly less per square inch though. Could tweezing have caused this, the electrolysis said that growth this early could not come from the same follicles that were treated, even if it was poorly treated

You can take a look at a thread in the pros section, “FALSE REGROWTH”, I will update this case.

By the way, if the electrologist says that, he/she knows what he/she is saying, and probably knows what he/she is doing.


Did you feel tweezing during your treatment?

I feel like I noticed some tweezing, and when I mentioned it to the electroligist she said I was feeling a bulb larger than the follicles being pope out.

"Most of the hairs are blunt, as if they were shaved … "

Sorry to say this, but this appearance is THE “give away.” The hairs were missed and regrew immediately. If you have a lot of these, this is a very bad indication. (In an area of 500 hairs or so, you might have only ONE of these “instant regrowth” hairs.) If I see one or two of these after 20 hours on a back, for example, I’m pretty upset with myself.

A bit of an explanation here … but, I’m convinced. Further, if the blunt hairs are somewhat growing under the skin (maybe a tiny bit of redness), well, that’s another indication this is a bunch of missed follicle. For me, this is as bad as it gets.

What can I tell you?

A bulb “larger than the follicle” is pure nonsense. Tweeze out a fat anagen hair and “squish” the bulb with your finger. You will find this to be a non-rigid “flaccid” structure that offers no resistance to tweezing. Nothing is popping out. (A hair is anchored higher up in the follicle; NOT by the bulb … although it does look like it.)

(Flaccid … damn I hate that word!)

Can you submit a picture of the area that was treated at the end of November?

Mike, do you mean missed as in never treated, or missed as in improperly treated then tweezed?

Improperly treated …

Classic: Needle is inserted into the upper follicle (and misses the lower. i.e., bad angle of insertion), the hair is “burned off” at the top … The hair is not even correctly removed but has a “disintegrated” upper part.

This regrows immediately (actually, never stops growing), but now exhibits a blunt end and often has to grow through the upper skin that was occluded by the electrolysis current. It’s nasty and ugly.

Dass heißt: “instant regrowth.”

As Dee asked, please submit a photo.
Please, we have been here long enough to witness the differences in personal observation from nonprofessionals and then an actual photograph. They do not always match.

Photos can also be misleading as you have alarmists interpret reactive tissue as potentially lasting disfigurement.

It can get crazy here which is why, I have been told by my colleagues, many professionals post anonymously or just stay away.