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Due to high maintenance costs, the dermatologist that my practitioner works for is selling the Sction 1064 Nd:YAG laser. All of the techs are upset about this. Supposedly, the maintenance contract on this $300,000 machine is $15K per year. There have been a few breakdowns, one happened when I was being treated, which was a leak in the cooling part of the handpiece.

The Coolglide seems to be a similar laser to the Sciton. I was wondering how its maintenance costs compared to the Sciton.

I had great results with the Coolglide on my beard and finished my arms with it too. I ran out of time during my last Aurora session so I thought I would finish up on my arms with the Sciton. I will miss the Sciton, especially the large area scanner which helps shorten the treatment time.

Does the Coolglide have a scanner? What spot sizes are available?

Thanks in advance.


I meant to say I had great results with the Sciton. I have not tried the Coolglide yet.

Nobody else around here uses Nd:YAG lasers. Everyone else either uses the Lightsheer or the Aurora which are great machines. But sometimes the 1064 laser is the only option.

The Aurora did a great job on my upper legs but my skin is just too dark for it on my lower legs.


RJC2001, I have a question for you. I’ve seen you in many posts here - My guess is that you set that id up in the year 2001. Your still having laser treatments??? Sooo another words laser did not work for you.

Was this post just a way to put out there that its soo expensive to “up keep” these lasers so we the consumer should be ok with the 750 dollar price tag for doing your chest for an hr???

If you’ve really read lots of RJC2001’s posts like you say you have, then your skills at interpreting what he is actually saying leaves much to be desired. Why would you Try to insinuate that a board member that consistantly talks about his SUCCESS with Laser, and his deep satisfaction with his practitioner, is somehow saying that “laser didn’t work for him”? If you are unhappy with the price of Laser, then that is obviously your right, but why are you trying to twist and mold others words to suit your own personal gripe?

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If he is still doing laser after 3 hrs, it doesn’t take to much thought to say Laser isn’t working for him.

Like people have said before, people who’ve had success don’t post here they move on.

Whats the total you’ve spent to date RCJ? Be honest

You say it doesn’t take much thought to come to your conclusion, and I’m suggesting that your problem is that you are not using much thought.

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Perhaps they, like others, can not afford to make multiple appointments a month, or focuses on one section at a time (start at face, 6 sessions every 2 months, there’s a year, etc), or had to stop for real life to catch up? Just some idle thoughts, although I should talk, just started back up after regular electrolysis 9 years ago…

Of course. Rjc2001 is constantly talking about halting his hair removal sessions for months at a time while he enjoys “tanning season” (while hairbegone is lamenting not being able to take his shirt off in public), and is always describing how he is doing different sections at a time. He is also seeking 100% removal which takes more time and money then say what I’m after (reduction in amount of hair), and he seems fine with the investment. Hairbegone seems to want to project his problems with the hair removal industry onto those that clearly don’t feel the same way he does. Either that or he just isn’t comprehending what others are saying. Not to be a buzz kill, but if Hairbegone is thinking there is going to be a $100 device, the size of a razor, that eliminates hair permanently by next year, and the Laser industry is going to be devestated, and that’s where he’s putting all his hope… I would say RJC2001 is the rational one, spending money to enjoy his life right now, and no matter what happens in the future with hair removal he won’t regret the money he is spending.

Laser has worked for me. Redhead is right on all counts. If it didn’t work for me I would not keep using it. It is not unusual to need 8 to 10 treatments per body part. I cannot get laser treatments from June to January because I am too tan for them. It takes about 3 months for my tan to fade enough for the laser to be effective on me. I can rarely get more than 2 full treatments per area per year because with the newer lasers they are recommending 8-12 week treatment intervals.

And yes, I want all my chest and back hair gone, totally. It takes more treatments for that and I will have to finish with electrolysis but that’s OK with me. As a matter of fact, I have had no laser treatments on my chest or abs this year. There is not enough hair left to justify laser there.

How much have I spent on laser? I don’t keep track of that. I can afford it so I am not worrying about the cost. I would guess I have spent maybe $4-5K tops but that’s no big deal over a four year period. I am a long time customer and as such I get a good discount. My treatments average about $100 per hour and I think that’s pretty cheap for the results I am getting. FWIW, my first TWO treatments for the back abs, and chest area combined was $1,400 total.

I am EXTREMELY happy with my laser results. I moved on to have other areas done, such as the beard, arms, and legs. I work out with weights and like the muscular definition that being hairless gives me. Plus, it is way more comfortable during the hot and humid summers.

You have to have the right attitude if your’re going to do hair removal, especially permanent hair removal. It takes time, money, and a certain amount of pain. Whether you’re willing to do it or not is up to you.

Hope that answers your questions.


Thanks RCJ2001 for that info

Redhead are you a laser tech?

If the No No method is true, and the results are like waxing and the cost is $250, then yes this will def hurt the Laser hair removal industry.

Technology moves incredibly fast. Spatouch has been approved for own treatmeat use, and that was what, 2 years ago. I beleive there are a few others out there trying to develope something for home use as well.

Redhead - Whats with the personal attack about me not being able to take my shirt off in public - You obviously have no idea how painful it is to go thru life like this…

It wasn’t an attack, you had stated previously that you were unable to take your shirt off in public. I used that statement to show the irony of you telling RJC2001, and others, that Laser “obviously wasn’t working for them”, and that the smart thing to do was to wait for things like “NO!NO!” technology to save them and destroy the Laser Industry in the process. I was pointing out that RJC2001’s plan is not only working, but unlike you he is enjoying his life right now. You could too, but you seem to want to obssess on how the Laser Industry is “greedy”, and this “new technology” is right around the corner. I am not a Laser Tech, I am a consumer interested in hair removal and have had both Laser and Electrology treatments. There is nothing more I’d like then for some $250 piece of equipment to change my life and make Laser and Electrolysis obsolete. Do I think it will happen anytime soon? No. Am I willing to wait until then and live with unwanted hair? No.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by hairbegone:
Redhead - Whats with the personal attack about me not being able to take my shirt off in public - You obviously have no idea how painful it is to go thru life like this…</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>not to belittle your trauma, but there are women on this board with major facial hair issues, who still manage to leave the house every day. i understand that at times each of us thinks that his/her hair problem is the the worst in the world. and yes, it’s painful to look at yourself in the mirror and see something other than what you want to see. but you need to realise that it couldn’t possibly be as bad as it is inside your head.

you have excess body hair, not cancer. there are many solutions, both temporary and permanent. if it’s really bothering you that much, why don’t you have it waxed? i’m not sure what issue you have with laser. is it 'cause it’s too expensive? get a job. get a second job. a few hours a week ought to be enough to pay for treatments. if it’s that important to you, then sacrifices have to be made, my friend. otherwise, stop raining on our parade.

Raining on your Parade??? What Parade? The Parade of profits?

Look, I’m happy for all of the people here that can go get LHR done, pay the thousands of dollars in the hopes that maybe it will work.

At the least it should be told to you that even after 8 - 10 treaments there is a good chance that all the hair will grow back. In fact you can end up with even more hair. Not to mention signing your life away right before they start zapping u.

When does your hair start growing back after its waxed? 2 weeks maybe, then what wait a few months before you can have it done again, walk around with 70 grit sandpaper on your chest?

You guys here can think i’m an a**, I’m ok with that. People should be aware that LHR is only successful for the few - mainly the one’s without the huge problem areas. (i’m sure there are some success’s but still, does not justify the pricetag)

One thing I don’t understand is how it can ever work for RJC2001 if he only has it done twice a year (because he wants to tan? If he did the 8-10 in one year he’d be done with it right) won’t it all just come back without hitting the entire growth cycle.

My personal income is not the issue - The issue for me is ripping off the consumer.

I thought this was an open discussion board for the Pro’s and Con’s - Just expressing my opinion, sorry to rain on your hairy Parade

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O.K., Laser doesn’t work, and the price is too high. We got it. Are you done now? Can the grown ups talk?

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I,m gonna have to agree with hairbegone on this one. I have had more treatments than just about anyone, going on #15 in september, been getting laser 4 1/2 years now. I had my whole body done 10 txs with my back,shoulders, back of neck 14txs. I have used the gentlelase first 8 txs 30j-15-3ms, apogee 9300 last six. My last tx we upped the settings to maximum 50j-5ms. My next tx will be set at 50j-20ms from here on out . I can get the rest of my txs at no cost the rest of my life at this place so im pretty sure i,ll be going for ever. I would say i have a 10% reduction on my wholebody , might as well be NO reduction. On a scale of 1-10…10 being a gorrila im at least a 9 1/2. What really gets me is none of these laser franchises never tell you there,s a 50% chance that you could be a non responder and get no where at all.

since I have been doing Electrolysis for 20 years and also do laser hair removal I too would like to add some thoughts to this.
In any industrie will you find money making machines with no other intrest.
Reading this forums I have yet to understand why so many poeple keep asking for the cheapest place,even so plenty of the post say look for a trained technican who will take the time to treat the patient right,do not put cost first.
Just zapping hairs off is not what it always is about.So many of my Patients when I start talking to them tell me gee nobody ever asked me those questions,and I did not think this was important for hair removal.Yes there are patients where Laser or Electrolysis has not the great I AM HAIR FREE effect,but out of all the poeple I have treated in 20 years I have yet to find somebody who does not have results if given the prober treatment,needed time and if nessary medical help.
I dont claim my laser will remove the hairs 100%
but for my patients who shave everyday sometimes even 2 times I can tell anybody out there having less then 20% left after Treatments they are happy and if we have to we do go into elctrolysis wich becomes at this point way more manageable.

Really, 50% don’t respond at all. Thanks for the education. Andrea might want to put that on the page, because that seems like an important number. Did you know that 90% of people that make up statistics are not well informed?

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Whats up with the HOWDY DODDY additude red.

Did you mean HOWDY DOODY? If you’re trying to insult me I don’t really resemble Howdy Doody, and I sure don’t know what kind of attitude that would represent. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really had a problem with my looks, so that’s not the best way to try and get to me. But it shows a lot of class in your attempt to try and insult a persons physical appearence on a Forum dealing with sensitive cosmetic issues.
To clarify, I have never said the your experience, or for that matter Hairbegone’s, is untrue or that you are exaggerating. I have never said you shouldn’t talk about your being lied to or all the money you wasted, or that you should just “get over it” . Hairbegone, on the other hand, is not respecting RJC2001’s experience by claiming that he doesn’t understand how RJC2001 can claim success or happiness, and you said you agree with him. You also fabricated the statistic that 50% of people being treated with Laser wont repond at all. Do you really feel that this is constructive or appropriate? Rjc2001 has answered Hairbegone’s questions, and basically told him he’s wrong, that he is a very satisfied customer, and yet the interragation continues. RJC2001 speaks in very good English, and all of his posts are in black and white. What is the comprehension problem? In short, you have had a bad experience and you want people to know about it. Fine. Telling other people their experiences aren’t true or making statistics up to support your own dissatisfaction is a different story.

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redheads insults on this thread alone:

1: your skills at interpreting what he is actually saying leaves much to be desired
2:You say it doesn’t take much thought to come to your conclusion, and I’m suggesting that your problem is that you are not using much thought
3:O.K., Laser doesn’t work, and the price is too high. We got it. Are you done now? Can the grown ups talk
4:Really, 50% don’t respond at all. Thanks for the education. Andrea might want to put that on the page, because that seems like an important number. Did you know that 90% of people that make up statistics are not well informed