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Just wondering if anyone has any information on this product. It looks like it could be a good product and is already almost done with phase 1 of clinical trials. Just dont know much about the method or company. thanks. looking for anything thats better and more permanent than the current methods which suck

sorry the website is

Could you give us a synopsis of what product this company makes that you are referring to?

Sorry I was referring to the compound SL-017 and its use it cosmetic hair removal. It is already in clinical trials and it says it has recieved seven of the ten patients (whatever that means) anyways i was just wondering if these is a new and probable technology. or if these is just another version of something that is already out there and obviously doesnt work

I thought maybe this product might be rival technology to Sirna Dermatology’s investigation into an RNA interfering product called Trichozyme. Trichozyme would be applied directly to the skin and the medicine would reach the bottom of the hair and interfer with the protein production which is necessary for causing hair growth.

Here’s what they wrote:

“Quest PharmaTech Inc. Receives Health Canada Clearance
Quest PharmaTech Inc. (Edmonton) announced that its contract research partner, Innovaderm Inc. has received clearance from the Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada to initiate a Phase I clinical trial to investigate the topical application of its lead photodynamic therapy (PDT) compound SL017 as a treatment for acne and also for the removal of unwanted hair. The Principal Investigator for the trial is Dr. Robert Bissonnette MD. This planned study will be in addition to the Phase I clinical trial of ACP-SL017 for photodynamic therapy of Actinic Keratosis (“AK”), which is currently underway at the University of Alberta, with Dr. Jaggi Rao as the Principal Investigator. The results from this trial are expected to be available in Q1 of this year.”

This is light therapy plus topical medication?? You could e-mail the company for clarification. I’m aware of Sirna’s efforts, but not familiar with this. Sorry. If there are some hairy researchers types that read hairtell, please help out if you can.


This is light therapy of a certain wavelength that is activated when the light hits the chemical. I believe that PhotoDerm in Europe is working on something possibly similar.

These new treatments (Quest, Sirna etc)are coming out not so much to rid the world of hair (although they do hope to capture a large part of the market)…a lot of this research is proof of concept for other therapies, such as cancer, huntingtons disease etc.

Heres the newest post they put on they put on there website. The only question I have is that they intend to use it for dark hair individuals right? It never really says and mentions light hair and hair that has already been put through laser treatment. thanks

The gel that they use is transfered into folicile and the light works together with the gel at the follicical level so it’s not collor dependant which sounds great. I emailed the Doctor and this is what I got:
“Thank you very much for your interest in our hair removal product under development. We need to wait for one more trial, which is anticipated to be completed by the first quarter of next year, before taking steps to launch the product for sale. Meanwhile, we believe our product is superior to laser hair removal for the reasons outlined in our news release. Although, it is yet to be determined, we anticipate using our product only once to remove the unwanted hair in a setting wherever appropriate light sources are available. Also, it is possible to sell the product directly to the consumers. However, it will take some more development at the light source level”

I hope it actaully kills the hair. Just like electrolisys for it to be effective the needle needs to touch follicile. So if that gel is capable of reaching the root of hair and use a light source to activate the get to kill the root than their theory sound very believable. I know what most laser techs and electrologist are going to say but I Think it may be superior to laser

Like everything else, there will always be advances over other treatments. Modern medicine is constantly evolving, so some treatments will fall to the wayside as new technology comes about.

I thought that they were just starting trials, but if they are this far along they must have some good results if they are talking about releasing it to the public by next year, or the year after.

Heres the latest news from questpharmatech. They are selling the marketing rights in Asia for their hair removal product. They still are unsure of the capability of their product. But this means that actual people outside of the company see something in their product. Hopefully they are right and they hurry the crap up haha.

I have been e-mailing the company on their product and so far have received some mixed responses. The first reply was that they hoped to produce a product which DELAYED the hair regrowth in comparison to shaving or depilliary products.
Obviously this is clearly not the permanent solution we all seek.

I wrote back stating that I was confused and thought they were trying to develop a product more effective than laser, not mere shaving and depilliaries!
The reply to that was more along the lines with what has already been discussed in the thread (possible one treatment, use on all skin types, better efficiency than laser, etc).

However with the mixed response from the same doctor I have to say I have lost a bit of confidence in the company. You would think that they would know if they were clearly on the verge of a major breakthrough in the area, and it is still very much a penny stock on the TSX.

But I haven’t lost all hope. The Asian sale does seem to indicate that there is some positive interest in the product. I guess we should just listen closely to their clinical trial results, due early next year I think.

I have tried contacting these guys as well:

They seem to be developing a similar product (stating a release in late 2007!) but aren’t answering any e-mails. Again, seems a little shady. :frowning:

As it stands I really believe that Sirna offers the best hope of developing the magic cream we all await.

With the quality of researchers at Sirna and the fact that they are a much bigger firm (stock currently over $7.00, and up significantly this year) I think they are in the best position to really deliver.

But hopefully Quest and Photoderma might be able to come up with something better in the meantime, as Sirna looks to be some 3 or more years away from a marketable product.

All up to the scientists really!



I also tried to contact them as well with no response. I think you will find the same with Sirna though. I think sometimes the only way to get a straight answer is to call them up.

I think that a product that delays the growth of hair that works better than shaving or depillatories could still be a good option for home use.

As for Sirna, we are in the 4th Quarter of 06 and nothing has yet been announced. I’ve read different sources that say Sirna may be announcing something big in the coming weeks. That may be one of the reasons the price of the stock has increased a bit over that last few weeks. This doesn’t mean though it has anything to do with their hairless treatment, it could be a new partnership or news from one of their other studies.

This is something else I read on a forum, so take it with a grain of salt. Someone was talking about an individual they knew that has macular degeneration. This person could no longer drive, but they were one to take part in the AMD trials through Sirna. She has since been cleared to drive again by her doctor.

Translate that in to a much simpler delivery for hair removal and I think things could turn out well. We are also not talking about a treatment that needs to be inhaled, swallowed or injected so the definitely helps speed up FDA approval.

If you end up hearing from either of the other two companies or if you call them, let us all know.


Hi again,

Yes I have been noticing the recent climb in the Sirna stock as was considering a buy a few months ago when they were at $4.50, wish I had, as are above $7.00 now.
So it does make you wonder if they are set to make a big announcement, but I believe it will be in one of their other areas if so.
I have been listening online to some of the science conferences that Sirna has been presenting at and they have failed to bring up their hairless product in any of them. I think their main focus at this point is their MDG product (as they have a large partnership with Allergan there).

I do agree with you that success in an area as complex as the human eye will hopefully translate into quicker progress on their hairless product. However I also feel that scientists would rather be working on products that save lives rather then merely improving dermalogical “cosmetic” conditions (as much as these conditions do effect our daily lives). But perhaps this is why they choose not to mention it at the science conferences, as it is not exactly life saving science at work.

However a breakthrough in the hairless product will translate into substantial profits which will be able to fund their other areas of research, and I am sure this is what they have in mind.

According to their thereaputic pipeline an announcment on either their hairless product or Hepititis C product should be due in the fourth quarter this year…so could be either of these I suppose.

As always, just have to wait and see.
I’ll keep you updated if I hear anymore.


Just thinking a little more on this issue and always have these conspiracy theories swirling around in my head so forgive me if this sounds crazy.

Obviously it is a little early yet but say Sirna or Quest is getting very close to a “magic bullet” product. One would think that the big boys like Gillette (aka Procter and Gamble) might see this and fear serious bites taken out of their shaving cream and razor markets (am not saying that the demand for razors will ever disappear but if Sirna were to say come out with a magic cream that was cheap and easy to use in permanently removing hair, what woman in her right mind wouldn’t use it on her legs, underarms, etc to avoid the sometimes daily chore of shaving?)…Profits would fall substantially if this were the case.

So as far as I can see Procter and Gamble might have two options here:

  1. Partner up with Sirna/Quest to assist in funding/developing/marketing the new product in return for royalties on sales. Still profits from their razor/shaving cream divisions will go down as less are demanded, factories close, and P&G employees lose jobs.
    In addition sales of the magic cream while at first would be lucrative would eventually taper off as more and more ppl get “their fix” and no longer need it. Of course there will be new adolesants entering the market all the time, to keep up a steady demand for the product, but this is nothing when compared to the levels of demand for razors and shaving cream which ppl need to use throughout their whole lives.


  1. Using the billions of dollars at their disposal to buy the patent/rights to sell the product from Sirna/Quest, and bury the product preventing its release…keeping their stranglehold on the shaving/razor market where it is (very healthy at the moment, have you seen the cost of Mach 3 blades!?!). Using confidentiality agreements to keep it all tightly under wraps and forcing the public to continue their lifelong addiction to razors/sharving creams.

Which do you think they would choose? I’m hoping scenario 1 but have no idea how huge corporations operate when threatened. I would feel sorry for those who might lose out, but this is inevitable as we strive for new and better technologies in replacing the old. Surely scenario 1 is better for the advancement of society.

What do you think?

I’m not one to believe in the conspiracy theories. I would think even if a company like Gillette was looking at this technology, I don’t think that they would bury it.

I’m not sure what the cost of Sirna’s product is going to be, but I have to assume it’s going to be expensive. Possibly more expensive than what an individual would pay for a life time of razors. Many men may choose never to use this on their face to get rid of their beards, so I don’t think they would lose that market. They probably would gain since more men and women who have used no hair removal methods for certain areas of their body may now make use of this product.

lol this one seems like its gonna b out pretty soon ahy. i went on the website it says market end of 07…
thing is though on the site it says that its “suitable for fine vellus hair”
doesnt sound as promising as siRNA… lets just hope that these things get a move on with it… seems like theres a light at the end of the tunnel ppl. peace


When it says that it is suitable for fine vellus hair, it means that it will be effective against fine hair which is something laser is not able to easily treat. I believe that it will be able to treat the coarse hair similarly to laser.

There has been some talk on whether this is “permanent” or “long-lasting.” They haven’t really given a definitive answer on that.

Whether it’s Quest, SIRNA or whoever…any progress and work in this field is a good thing. The idea of not getting zapped by a laser or poked by a needle appeals to just about everyone I think. Hopefully that time is coming soon.

Anyone hear any more on this?

I found this. This doesn’t appear to be Photoderma since this one is in Germany. It sounds similar to Quest though.

Looks like they will be taking patients in the future for trials.

Certainly seems to be a lot of work going on along these lines (ie. topical application then activation via light source) with new researchers popping up everyday.
Let’s hope we see a breakthrough soon.