Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post

This should be a useful thread for everyone on here. Please post your story with as much detail as possible. 6 months post your last treatment ONLY please.

Please indicate:

  1. Area(s) treated
  2. How long it’s been since last treatment
  3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s)
  4. Device used and settings (if known)
  5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s)
  6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!)
  7. Finishing with electrolysis?

There is a similar thread on this other forum.

Example Response:

  1. Area(s) treated: bikini
  2. How long it’s been since last treatment: 8 years
  3. Your skin and hair type on that area: type II, coarse dark brown
  4. Device used and settings: Ruby & LightSheer
  5. Estimated % of reduction in the area: 90% w/some regrowth
  6. Name and location of clinic: Montreal, PQ
  7. Finishing with electrolysis?: I am just trying electrolysis for the first time on my face and it is working great! So, now I am considering having the remainder of the bikini area taken care of, too.

I manage that thread on the other forum. Here are my results:

1. Area(s) treated
bikini, underarms, lower legs, stomach

2. How long it’s been since last treatment

3 years

3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s)

Type II, dark coarse hair on bikini and underams, finer on stomach, medium coarseness on legs

4. Device used and settings (if known)

GentleLASE alexandrite laser; 14J on 18mm and up

5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s)

Bikini 95%+
Underarms 95%+
Lower legs 60%+ (only 3 treatments, wanted reduction only)
Stomach 40% (4 treatments, switched to electrolysis, hair too fine)

6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!)

Dr Babapour, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills)

7. Finishing with electrolysis?

Yes, finished with electrolysis on undearms, some bikini, and all of stomach

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i have been reading on fora like these since i was 12. to thank you all here is my success story.

i have had hisutism since i was 12, my life was horrible, i never could go out in the sun on holiday or even wear a tshirt or skirt. i was hiding and lying to everybody. i felt so ugly and was always on fora like these. when i was 18 i started getting treatments. i got a test done with laser but they said that my skin colour changed so i got treated with ipl. the starlux. this was on my whole legs. it did work but i needed so much treatments, definitely more than 14. on my arms i got treated with the aurora. after years and years of treatment the clinic (the best one ever, i was only doing my arms here) decided to buy the lightsheer. they had so much experience and noticed that laser was better. so i did a test and my skin didnt change so my whole legs and bikini, stomach got treated with the laser, it works very well! now once a year i go back to be hair free in the sumer, just for my bikini line and stomach. i get teated with the highest settings. i also have done electrolysis but this is whorrible, it takes ages! waste of time. now i am totally hair free, something i never ever thaught would happen! now i go out swimming, to the beach wear everything i want! now its 7 years later and i feel like a normal person. get treated because it really works! i had the luxury that my parents paid everything.

  1. Area(s) treated: arms and a bit of upper arm, stomach, bikini, whole legs
  2. How long it’s been since last treatment arms and lower legs 1 year, bikini stomach 1 day
  3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s)very pale skin, dark hair
  4. Device used and settings (if known)aurora, lightsheer, estelux, electrolysis
  5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s)96%!!
  6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!)korpos, Netherlands!!! best clinic ever, so nice, expereinced, hairremoval is the only thing they do! cheap!
  7. Finishing with electrolysis? i did, but laser is still better because its faster.

please get treated it changed my life!! now i can go out, and even have boyfriends!! something i never was able to have.

if you have any questions please let me know!

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Since we just created this sticky thread, I’m including a link to another thread where I have kept track of many success stories reported on the forums since 2006.

You can find them here:

My success story is that maybe two or three years ago I found my new office was around the corner from a laser place.

After 8 or 9 treatments on my shoulders/upper-back, my shoulders and upper back have been free of hair for more than a year now, maybe longer.

  1. Areas treated: Shoulder and upper back
  2. How long it’s been since last treatment: A year or more.
  3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s): black and brown hairs on pale skin.
  4. Device used and settings (if known): Candela GentleLase, on setting 12/26 to 12/28
  5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s): 98%
  6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!): Barris Laser of Boulder CO - fantastic place
  7. Finishing with electrolysis? No, I’ll do more areas when I can afford to.

There are some straggler hairs and some clear/white hairs on my shoulders that I need to go back to get regular electrolysis on sometime, but I feel no hurry. For now I just pluck those, and they aren’t visible at a distance anyway.

Was it worth the collective hundreds upon hundreds of dollars? YES!

I am now kind of addicted to this, even though I have no real need for much more. I stopped for a year or so, but now with tax refund time, I had my hands done, and am going ass-up tomorrow to clear the hair from where “God split” me.

Update: I just went on Saturday, and, ouch! I’m redder there for longer than I am on, say, my shoulders – probably because my butt rarely sees light, let alone laser light. But, once it fades I will be happy.

I debate sometimes about getting my stomach and chest done, but at $300 a pop, and an uncertainty about whether I’d feel demasculinized if I lacked that hair, I have thus far held onto it. If I win the lottery, I probably would do it.

It is the addictive nature of laser that is most remarkable to me. I suspect it is similar to how exercise, or chiseling the body into shape, can be addictive. Except here, you just walk in one way, and walk out looking different, with none of that pesky exsertion that exercise requires.

I am also most pleased that no numbing cremes were needed. I am afraid of the allergic reaction risk.

Left-shoulder, before (Aug 2007), and after (2010):

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Thanks for the story and photos! Looks fantastic. I’m sure many readers will appreciate it.

Will Bfree how long has it been now since you got your last laser treatment done and has any of the hair grown back at all?

Another success story posted on another forum. This person went to Ideal Image in Miami (starting in April of '08) and got great results.

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[i]Editor’s note: This post by Member carpet carpet has been moved to a thread for people who do not feel their results were successful.[/i]

Anything that grows back that many years later is NEW hair that your body developped. You should look into potential causes - we have a sticky thread for that.

Hair can’t just regenerate if it was originally killed. And if it wasn’t killed, it would have shown up within 6 months after your treatments ended due to hwo the hair grows, i.e. in hair cycles.

  1. Area(s) treated: Bikini and Lower Legs
  2. How long it’s been since last treatment: Bikini treated 8 years ago and Lower Legs 4 years ago
  3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s): Type 2 and brown to black, medium to coarse hair (more dark brown on lower legs and slightly less coarse than bikini)
  4. Device used and settings (if known): Bikini - unknown brand but definitley a PAINFUL Diode laser, settings unknown; Lower Legs - LightSheer, settings unknown.
  5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s): Bikini still 95%, Lower legs 85%
  6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!): Bikini - Dr. Storwick, Calgary, AB; Lower Legs - Laser Rejuvination Clinic, Calgary, AB
  7. Finishing with electrolysis?: No. Happy with final results - not bothered by small amount of remaining light coloured, fine hairs. Currently having some touch-ups on lower legs for a few new dark hairs.
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hi all, was told i should post my IPL success story here.

I was doing IPL treatments for over a year now on my beard. Before then i had a very thick dark beard. I am pleased with the results the hairs are very thin and i haven’t gone back to a treatment for about 6 months now.

I will say that it did hurt particularly on my upper lip and there were times where i got some redness mainly on the chin. I recommend IPL to people with thick hairs or have big patches of hair they want to get rid of.

For the men that want to do there rough beard be prepard for patches over the coming months and a lot of people saying “dude whats wrong with your beard!!”

Let me know if anyone has questions about IPL.

Many thanks!

Copying and pasting a success story. You can find it here:

Hi all,

I’m afraid I’m one of probably many people guilty of using these forums to research treatments, then not returning to give an account of how I got on.

About 18 months or so ago, I used this forum to find a laser hair removal clinic in London. Here’s the original thread:

As you can see, I ended up going with Laser Clear, a clinic near Liverpool Street station.

I have to say, a year and a half on, that I could not be much happier with the results. My hair is not the easiest to treat - being medium brown, but with a bit of red and blonde in there (and grey unfortunately) - but the first six sessions I had cleared virtually everything very effectively.

The areas which showed most resistance were the shoulders (not surprising as it was quite thick there), but even that was pretty clear after the last of my first six treatments in July 07.

I’ve since had ‘top ups’ (these are recommended every six months) in November, and another a couple of weeks ago, but these were only picking up a few stragglers.

Generally, my back looks fine. A bit of fluffy blonde hair, but nothing that looks at all unnatural. I think the laser has also helped clear up some acne scarring left behind by many painful years of waxing.

To sum up, what was once one of my greatest embarrassments is now something I hardly think about.

A sad note to finish on. The lady who runs the clinic, Ann, was recently admitted to hospital, and is quite ill I believe. I can only wish her a very speedy recovery - as I’m sure others will from this forum who have used Laser Clear.

She was refreshingly frank and up front with me at my consultation, warning me that blonde and red hairs were not easy to treat, and that laser hair removal was not a wholly permanent treatment. I trusted her because of that honesty, and I’ve got a great result which I’ll always be grateful to her for.

  1. chin, neck, jawline
  2. 3 weeks
  3. light skin, dark black hair
  4. GentleLASE
  5. 95% reduction
  6. Results Skin Care Center Portland, Oregon

I had to write and voice my excitement. With just one laser treatment so far that treated the grow-out of only 1 weeks worth of hair, I am seeing about 95% reduction. And it’s already been about 3 weeks since the treatment!

If I would have known how effective getting just one laser treatment would be I would have done it years ago! I was a daily plucker. I would estimate that I plucked about 100 dark prickly hairs each day from my face. I am female. It was like a part time job for me. I had to wake up early before work, before school, etc. It took me about an hour each day. I wasn’t being too meticulous either, or using a magnifying mirror. It still took me about an hour a day.

I had had laser done to the area about 10 years ago. It was effective for about a year and took about 4 treatments to rid the hair. It cost me about $1200 if I remember correctly! It was a blissful year without facial hair, but you can imagine that for the cost and limited results I was not crazy to invest again.

What finally made me bite and do laser again was a coupon through the website Groupon in Portland, Oregon. $129 for 6 treatments in a year. The coupons are all sold out now for anyone else who is in Portland and interested, I’m sorry!

I can’t believe with just one treatment that was treating a weeks worth of growth I am having such good results! I still have 5 treatments left on my package and it doesn’t appear I will be needing all of them.

Comments, questions are welcome. I will do my best to keep you up to date… I just had to share because I know how miserable facial hair can be for people, and I would do anything I can to help others who are suffering with it.

Take care,


You will need your other treatments. It’s too early to tell permanency after just 1 treatment and a few weeks. Hair grows in cycles and you need to wait 6 months after finishing all treatments in order to judge permenancy as this thread name indicates.

1. Area(s) treated: lower legs, underarms
2. How long it’s been since last treatment: 2 1/2 years
3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s)- skin III-IV/coarse black hair on both legs and underarm
4. Device used and settings (if known): Lightsheer at the beginning and then they switched to Aurora something (I think). Honestly, back then, I didn’t ask which machine they were using. Sometimes they would use one and then they would use another. : /
5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s): legs 95%. Underarms 50%. Legs had more sessions.
6. Name and location of clinic (do not recommend!)- American Laser Centers. Austin, TX. Not sure if I would recommend. I had to have lots of sessions over a period of 3 years and did not achieve desired results in underarms.
7. Finishing with electrolysis? Not right now, but considering it on legs.