Please let me worship you AEA?

I got to get it off my chest. The AEA has once again completely and totally disgusted me on so many vile and pugnacious levels. What is wrong with this organization? There was a brief moment in time were I was starting to warm up to this organization until I got a taste of what some of their holier than though members are truly like, if you’re not a CPE I won’t even let you wipe my ass mentality. Now granted not all of them are like that. There are some pretty damn cool CPE and AEA members that I truly respect and would be honored to work next to, but the organization as a hole has little to be desired. The latest thing that I heard coming down the pike is that they’re realizing what a mistake they made last Fall when they kicked off all non AEA/CPE members off their closed facebook page, what a disaster that was. So now what I am to understand this group of self righteous, holier than though deities are scrambling to get people back into their sacred organization and it took a man to get the ball rolling. Now how messed up is it that? Now I am going to pull some numbers out of my ass, 97% of all the electrologist’s in the world are female, 2% transgender and 1% male. So last Fall when all these female electrologist’ spoke out against what the AEA was doing the AEA turned a deaf ear? Now a man comes along and tells the AEA the same thing and now someone is listening. Now the AEA wants to open it’s doors again to vile such as myself, AKA non AEA/CPE members. So what’s happening here? Their getting a taste of financial short fall from that terrible decision they made last Fall? Their membership has become stagnant like a rotting pond from the decision they made last Fall? The active topics on fine electrology that one might see on other closed fb electrology pages do not exist on the AEA page because of that fine decision they made last Fall? Who knows? I don’t have all the info, I’m clearly not on the inside so if you are feel free to attack this post AKA me, Gretchen Goodman P.C.E., owner/operator of Precision Electrolysis in the unlicensed state of Colorado. \m/ May the Gods of hell fire rain down upon me. \m/

You made me laugh Gretchen.

Gosh, I’m wondering if I’m the man who got this change of decision (since there are, like what, three men in the whole profession?). If this hypothetically was me, I can’t take any credit for anything. I can truthfully say, “not me!” Seriously, nobody listens to me either: I’m an old dried-up “prune fart!”

But if I did say anything that caused anything good to happen … WOW!

On a much wider topic, a lot of what happens in AEA is based on the nature of organizations themselves. Taken one-by-one, as you say, people are great. However, once people find themselves in committees, and they consequently feel the need to comment and modify EVERYTHING, … well, there you have it. Nothing happens.

There’s an awesome professor teaching here in Santa Barbara who is an expert in the life and death of corporations. All organizations/corporations go through various predictable stages. AEA has not missed one of these “life stages.” This guy is so much fun (from Israel) and I tried to get AEA to invite him to speak. Didn’t happen, but they need to hear this amazing story.

What I’ve learned is that organizations start because of a group’s need (usually they are being threatened): this is the so-called “go-go” period. There are many transformations until; finally and sadly, it becomes “an organization is SEARCH of a need!” At this point, there is stagnation and “group think” and loss of direction. The basic goal of the group becomes the furtherance of the group itself: and this was NEVER the original intention.

Oh sure, yes, I’m always am happy to speak with the various AEA committees and groups and hear all the enthusiastic ideas. However, by the time everybody has modified the idea nothing is left of it!

What does the AEA need? Well, ANOTHER DICTATOR! We DID have a “Queen” (not “that kind”), in years back and I was a BIG supporter and she got things done … it was breath-taking. Not all dictators are bad! (Not all Queens are bad either!)

All of this is fascinating to me and all reflective of human nature itself. AEA is simply maturing according to plan.

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Just to clarify this is not an attack on any of the guys. What was done was done with the best of intentions and I truly respect the person who went to bat for scum bag unlicensed electrologist like myself, what a cool guy.

This professor that you speak of sounds awesome, to bad the AEA sucks to no end and will only listen to those who have rotting breath. Or they only listen to the old school mentality. It’s like unions, when unions were first established they were there for the oppressed work. Now unions are like a toxic disease that only works for the bad incompetent worker and muzzles the good worker who should advance but can’t because of some jerk off who has seniority.

I’ll be interested to see where this goes. As of right now I would rather pull my brain out of my head through my left eye socket with a rusted barb tied to a pointy stick from a Russian Olive tree.

Michael, have there ever been male leaders at AEA? I hear the Army is down-sizing its officer corps due to budget cuts; maybe a tough colonel can set a straight course. :slight_smile:

I’d be good with that.

As a matter of fact, there was once a male president of the AEA.
If the story I got is correct, he left the organization entirely when his presidency was ended.

Art Hinkel was president of the California Association in the late 1970s … for one term, if I remember correctly. In military terms, the tenure was nominal.

And this is the short version … tee hee

With Texas Electrolysis Supply’s recent book order, my total number of “Telangiectasia” books just went over 6,000 sold since its publication. Either a couple people love collecting lots of this title, or somebody “out there” is reading it … and maybe actually doing it? OMG! It’s the end of the world!

I only mention this (again) to continue our “ragging” on the poor AEA, in this case, pointing out erroneous stances. (BTW, this stance is not because of one person’s ideas … it’s a result of “group think.”)

When my “tele” book first came out, and I attended AEA conventions, I was told beforehand that were I to talk to anyone at the meeting about this treatment, I would be expelled: that means thrown out! Same thing with local anesthetic in later years: ONE discussion and they would throw my educated butt out of the meeting. (What’s an “educated butt?”)

Indeed, these various techniques are not accepted by most governing boards. But the key question is this: is the AEA a policing authority? Is the AEA another “ruing agency,” or are they group REPRESENTING electrologists?

The reality is that AEA has NO authority. Even when members (even CPEs) are totally “out of control” and doing horrible disfiguring treatments and CHEATING clients, AEA not only has no authority, but they won’t do anything to correct ANY situation either. (Sort of like our foreign policy with Russia?)

I have a lot to say on this issue, but this is enough for now.

I attend the “plastic surgery” conventions almost every year. This is a truly open free exchange of all ideas and techniques. Members are free to make their own decisions, and guess what … some techniques are soon ruled illegal! However, the association still allows discussion of everything. It’s a “free for all!” It’s WONDERFUL!

I stopped going to AEA conventions only because I got sick of hearing the same shit every year! Safe, non-controversial boring subjects … yawn! (How about a nice lecture on “hand washing?”) MADONNA MIA!

I perceive the “State governing boards” and the “electrologist’s associations” as opposites: opposing forces … well, they should be anyway. So, what keeps the associations “in line” (with something that doesn’t even exist)?

Well, I have always said that most electrologists (and associations) are “fear based.” Most electrologists are afraid of everything … especially new ideas. The reality is that the State boards only regulate issues once practitioners are already doing it. Nobody seems to “get this!”

Of course, nobody listens to me anyway. And, nowadays I don’t care either, “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.“ See, you can only bash your head against a wall for so long. I know it’s going to be “business as usual” forever.

I’m still an AEA supporter! I really am! Only “show in town!”

As a corollary to my above “testament,” let me add another interesting gem.

I originally wrote the “tele” book for electrologists only. It was officially rejected and publicly scorned; so I did a major re-write to include “anybody.” At first, I wanted this to “be ours!” But no dice!

Eventually, the technique ended up “big time” in the hands of estheticians. Now, almost ALL electrolysis manufacturers make a “secret” tele device that they sell through “clandestine” marketers (with lots of “safety valves” to keep them out of trouble … that will never happen). These private companies sell to, yep, estheticians.

The typical rate for this work ends-up being $600 per hour … have a nice day!

(I don’t do the work at all because the people I trained here do it, and I don’t want to compete with my “students.”) BUT THE MONEY!

Come on Gretchen,let us know how you really feel :slight_smile:

Oh and there was a survey lately to talk about demographics of electrologists. I believe it was 5% that were transgendered, but yes, the majority of electrologissts are female. Perhaps someone here knows the thread I’m talking about.

In the end, associations like the AEA are just that, professional resources. They dont make laws, states and provinces do.By refusing to provide a valuable resource, they are making themselves less valuable as a professional resource.

I get a lot more out of hairtell than any of the professional membership organizations.


Actually, associations lobby government to set their chosen people up to run the licensing programs that get passed. The requirements tend to drive business to the associations for memberships, testing, CEU classes and so on. They really do end up acting like cartels.

You’re right Mike, it’s not one person it’s a group thought process that is dictated by old school mentality (hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil). Educated butt = Smart ass and I take issue with your sarcasm concerning hand washing. I thoroughly believe that continued education on the popper direction for effective hand washing is never a waste of time, which would be right hand over left at all times! The AEA may not ever change and I don’t really care either, I just got fired up when this news landed on my doorstep. I have this terrible habit of romanticizing and that’s kind of what I have done with the AEA. I envisioned this utopia of open minded, free thinking, opened armed, knowledge giving killing machines listening to Thrash Death METAL while they promoted genocide on the race called hair. It would be like a total love sit in where everyone got along and sang kum by Yah. Are you feeling it yet? I am and it’s glorious.

Fear based? absolutely. You would think one AEA agent would take on this really messed up post but no. Although the truth may be a hard pill to swallow those in the upper echelon of the AEA know my words are of truth. The AEA really needs to pull their head out and play nice because I would really enjoy hanging out with the really cool people of the AEA. Of course they may not want to hang out with me.

Well, yeah, hand washing is important … but how many lectures does one need to hear before you “get it?” (Not, please, at every national convention.) Besides … we wear gloves and we’re not doing invasive surgery either. But, I digress.

Over the years I have wanted to hear people with controversial and unpopular views; sure, even ideas I don’t agree with. Susanne Anderer always gets a “deep sigh and rolling eyes” from AEA top dogs, and might even be consider, well, “special.” Still, I want to hear her “schpiel” … why not, let’s have some fun. I might learn something.

Harvey Grove was always considered an “outcast” by AEA officials. Yeah, he’s another old irascible dude (like me) and can REALLY get “under your skin.” However, he had … at least … AN IDEA! His so-called “new-trolysis” was fairly innocuous, but he was shunned and never allowed to talk because people didn’t like him.

Hell, if I had the chance, I’d like to hear Stalin or Hitler speak! … yeah, even Jesus, if he cared to climb back up “the mount” again … I’d be all ears! Pretty good speech the first time, that’s for sure!

Shoot Mike I’ve never been to a convention. I really wanted to go to the AEA convention last year and I was just about ready to spend my hard earned cash, until some of the old schooler’s started sharing their thoughts on electrologist like me and there’s a lot of electrologist like me. I wish I could have Skyped that topic because then I could have explained to them how to read between the lines. Couple months later everything exploded and now they may be back again trying to cover up their mess. One of these backwards old schoolers wants have some sort of indicator for non-AEA/CPE for the sole purpose of elevating themselves above the un-holy masses, AKA me. It’s also an indicator that electrologist who do not have the AEA/CPE label are not to be taken seriously. As messed up as that is I would want to hear Stalin and Hitler speak too, hell lets throw in Pol Pot.

For the sake of accuracy, I will point out that Mr. Grove’s contribution to the industry was called, “Ultralysis”.

There is change happening but its takes time… and your gonna start seeing it starting with the next national convention… and remember its a volunteer organization. there are other things ( like there own business and family ) that these volunteers are doing all at the same time… and the “MAN” was Skip from Instatron and his his family has been in the hair killing business forever and are one of a hand few in manufacturing good epilators. We do need to vent anger but you get more flys with honey than vinegar. if you want change help me do it… just complaining wont change anything.

When you get five electrologists together, you get six opinions .

Harvey Grove’s method WAS called ULTRALYSIS. See below.

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WHAT A HODGE-PODGE ASSORTMENT OF GIBBERISH. I invented ULTRALYSIS. I could have called it SUPERLYSIS or a number of other good sounding names. It was my idea to pick up speed while still doing thermolysis. It saves some time but I doubt if anyone can move their hands fast enough to remove a single hair at the speed of 0.04 seconds. That is 4 hundredths of of a second. BE REAL!! IT CANNOT BE DONE THAT FAST. It takes longer than that to depress the switch and wait for the response. It takes longer than that to decide which follicle you are going to attack. That speed, if it could be accomplished, would be very fatiguing for your hands and could not be sustained.

I guess you believe it can be done so there is no point in continuing this discussion.

Ok Izapem, I figured you might be the only AEA member to to touch this post. How can I help you create change we can believer in :slight_smile:

Gosh, it’s so much fun to read Harvey’s stuff (thanks Dee) … gotta love it. He makes me sound like a Polly Ana!

Yeah, “Ultralysis!” What happened? Anybody ever use that technique? (I do remember that his “invention” was summarily dismissed by AEA board members without ever hearing the guy.) If Harvey had been speaking at a convention … I would have attended for sure! I used to enjoy Kaye Lasker too … Madonna Mia! (Whatever happened to her?)

Remembering Kaye …

One anecdote, if you will indulge me a minute: My first encounter with Kaye Lasker — (Pennsylvania, multiple-needle proponent).

I attended her lecture (with John Fantz). Afterward, I complimented her on her talk and said it was “brilliant.”

She said, “You’re from California, aren’t you?”

I said, “Yes, I am.”

She said, “You’re a bunch of CLOWNS out there … you don’t know ANYTHING!”

John Fantz said, “Well, Michael is writing a book at the moment.”

She said, “OH YEAH? What are you writing? A PAMPHLET!!!

Yep, she was so “warm and cuddly!” I wanted to ask her where she had parked her broom, but she scared the hell out of me … so, I slinked away!

I miss the “good old days!”