Please help me!!!! ( for James, W,)

I think i just paid the 15 dollrs for asking any qeustion in the fourm via credit card, but i can’t wait so long, i am very worrying now!
I am an chinese, but i am studying at UK! Maybe my english is very poor for you to understand, please try the best help me, i feel so depress now, and worrying so much even can’t sleep well at night!

I just had electrolysis treatments on face few weeks before, and i found out that some of my untreated hairs on the face were lose (fall off) very easily after the treatments. (some dark,strong hairs, and some thin hair) I am wondering this is abnormal, and i am afraid this might be skin damage casued by the treatment, and there is still a little bit of swelling sincs two weeks after the treatment now!

However the person who did electrolysis treatment for me said it is fine!

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But i still think this is a very serious problme.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you sure you received electrolysis? Not laser hair removal? Because hairs don’t fall out by themselves with electrolysis. That happens with laser, and it can happen two weeks after the treatment.

With electrolysis, the person inserts one thin needle into one hair follicle, and zaps it. They work on one individual hair at a time. So those are the only spots exposed to thermolysis----and the only areas exposed to possible skin damage. So if the hairs that fell out were not treated with electrolysis, then electrolysis could not have caused this to happen.

I hope this helps,

THANKS FOR you information, i am sure that i had electrologist treatment, not the laser. AND the person inserts one thin needle into one hair follicle, and zaps it. They work on one individual hair at a time.

Sorry about my poor English!

i can describe it in more detial. After the electrologist treatment, some of my untreated hairs fall off very easily around the treated area. Especially for thoes heavy, dark hairs that were so easily pull out by a nippers. Before the treatment, thoes dark hairs were very hard to pull out from my face. i did the 3 treatment on the sids of faces, and cheek.

I think this problmes maybe casued by the electrologist treatment!
Please help me again with many thanks!

I had paid 15 dollars for the HAIR TELL PREMIUM, is it ready for me to ask question on that site?

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What you experienced is called by many “Collateral Damage”. Your practitioner treated a hair, and a spillover of treatment was enough to treat a hair or two close to the one that was worked on. This hair was then sitting loose in the follicle, and therefore would fall out at the first friction, traction, or it would just fall out in a short period of time.

You have nothing to worry about, besides, isn’t loosing as much hair as possible what you are paying for? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

Thank you James!

It really helpes me lot!

however it really did worry me a lot, because i think the hairs that falled out will be regrow again and then become darker and heavier! few of them do really regrow agian. I recored the hairs that had fall out,which were about 40-50 hairs(some dark hairs,some thin hairs, but most of them do not have deep root) , i think it was a big number of haris that i falled out, and i big damage he did…HATE HIM!!!

Can you give me some more nice advice perhaps? Is this really a not normal occurrence? Becasue it causesd me so depressed, you know, i even can’t concentrate on reviewing finally exams.

I did this treatment in China, i think was a really bad electrloysist, it left me with lots of scars and pit, (Crying…).

Sorry again for my poor English!!!

I think I might do well if you sent me a picture of what you are talking about. My understanding of your question as you first described it suggests you got a normal treatment. Now, I am not so sure I even understand what your problem is.

It is normal for collateral damage to cause nearby hairs to fall out. Those that do, have been treated to the point where they should not come back. If they do, they will be thinner and weaker next time.

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Sorry about my poor English!

i had no digital camera with me right now, so it is impossible to send the picture!

Thanks again for the information!

I mean there were about 40 to 50 of untreated hairs fall out after treament. I had recorded the hairs number! i afraid these untreated hairs will be come back.

Some of the coarse and thicker hairs(untreated hairs) that were easily pulled out by a nipper after the treatment, and they were even not near the treated point; they were about 3cm or 6 cm away from the treated point. I wonder this is not normal. Moreover, few of untreated hairs were fall out after treatment, and now are come back. Therefore, I am afraid that hairs on my face will be become worse.

One more question, about 3cm to 5cm below the corner of eyes, there are lots of thin, middle-long, light hairs, and recently I wake up in the morning, I saw maybe 3 or 4 of these hairs were very easily to pull out by a nipper without any traction. Is it normal?

I hope this time was clear to understand!!!

Please Help me again!

If the fine, thin, light. middle-long hairs on the face were pull out by nipper only once or twice. Will these hairs grow back darker, coarse and thicker?


Sometimes with laser or electrolysis, nearby hair growth cycles can be halted by treatment of nearby hairs. If the energy was not applied directly to those hairs, the effect is probably not permanent, but rather the kind of hair loss that can occur from mild shock to them.

Keep in mind that though we don’t usually notice it, we shed hairs on our face over time. Usually only about a third of our hairs in any given body area are visible, while the rest are in other parts of the growth cycle. You may be looking at your face more closely and noticing these hairs falling out, where you didn’t notice that before.

So, as they say, don’t panic! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Remember that tugging on a lot of hairs will make them come out easily, because they are about to come out in the next week or two anyway.

I hope this answers your question!

andrea: thank you very much for your information, it really hlpes me!

But there are still few hairs fall out easily even 16 days after treatment now, i just still feel a little bit of nervous!

Hi Tommychen,

I wonder why you are so nervous. There is nothing wrong with shedding hair. Relax. Are you worried that it is symptomatic of an underlying health problem? If you are, then you should see a doctor, otherwise just chill. You’ll be fine.

Actually, i was worried about the electroylesit treatments that i had on my face has caused some sorts of damage to my face.
Becasuse the practitioner is using a very old machine!

Thanks for your caring!

The machine works.

Your hair is being removed.

Relax. Old machines still work. That is why no one gets rid of them. If they broke, people would buy the newer machines periodically, instead of staying with the old, now outmoded stuff.

Hi Tommy:

If you are using nippers or tweezers as we call them, you should not be doing that. They can grow back thicker and it may even distort the follicle. The hair that grows back could even become ingrown, under the skin.

Besides that it defeats the purpose of the electrolysis, and the hairs will keep coming back.

It is normal to get the occasional red spot or bump from electrolysis. They usually go away in a few days if you use some tea tree oil at night and aloe vera during the day.

I have had 70 hours so far on my face. I know people who have had 200 hours without damage. The machine my electrolygist uses is not the newest model, but it is a good make Silhouet Tone.

Try not to worry so much.Let it heal and put away the nippers.


Really really appreciate you guys replys, help me a lot!

What you experienced is called by many “Collateral Damage”. Your practitioner treated a hair, and a spillover of treatment was enough to treat a hair or two close to the one that was worked on. This hair was then sitting loose in the follicle, and therefore would fall out at the first friction, traction, or it would just fall out in a short period of time.

after few days observe, i think my situation that is exactly like your describe. you are such a professional electrolysist. My situation is bad, because lots of dark, coarse hair has been Collateral Damaged untile today.
normally, Will these hiar caused by “Collateral Damage” grow back?

Thank You for your kind words.

As said before, most collateral damage is a perfectly treated hair. The majority of them won’t grow back. Those that do will be thinner and weaker next time.

It could also be that some of the treated hairs, for whatever reason, were not pulled (tweezed) out by the electrologist. Maybe she forgot, or decided to leave a few in and use the remaining treatment time to zap other hairs. It sounds to me like you’re doing fine. Your hair is falling out, and that is exactly what you want. Be happy!

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Thanks for your reply!

Acutually it is impossible, because i saw he did all the process, including he tweeze hair after zap.

Hi all ! My English is really poor, PLEASE try the best to understand my words, and help me!

I noticed that there are Still few of hair (about 2,3 hair per day) fall out, or they just sitting very loose in the follicle [color:“blue”]EVERYDAY [/color]around my treated area. (The hair sit loose in the follicle that i almost can take it out easily by my finger). The most weird thing is that most of these hair fall out Everyday wihch i used to pluck them before.

I am still wondering that is it a natural shed or maybe TOO MANY Collateral damage to cause this hair to fall out!
Maybe i just too nervous about it! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I tried to relax myself, and it works sometimes, but when i saw this hair fall out everyday, [color:“blue”]it just keeps me to think that Collateral damage SHOULD NOT cause that much hiar to fall out! [/color]

Therefore, the main reasons that i worried about it a lot is that maybe i am not a good cadidate for electroysist??electroysists is my only hope to get rid of hair. and i just afraid this hair MAYBE will grow back thicker and darker, hehe, maybe i am too nervous.

PLEASE help, i will veryyyyyyyyy appreciate it…