No personal attacks allowed

Welcome! A reminder: no personal attacks

This is a respectful community of practitioners and consumers working together to deal with unwanted hair. Do not engage in personal attacks. If you feel someone has posted something problematic, please contact me directly.

If I determine a post is a personal attack against another contributor, I will remove the post and warn the poster. In cases where the problem persists, or where the posting is illegal, the poster will be banned.

Thanks to everyone who posts here, especially the practitioners who take time out of their work day to help consumers. We can all have differences of opinion, but I want to reiterate that you must express those differences with respect.

Post erased, user warned.

Whenever people have a concern about user conduct, please send me a PRIVATE email. Do not air your grievances in public, as that tends to make things worse.

I’d like to make this post super -stickied if I could!
Recently I’ve had to step in on multiple posts and remove entire paragraphs for multiple parties, attacking me, other professionals here and it has gotten beyoond rediculous. I’m no longer going to weedle through posts and edit out sections, if you violate the ruule of respect in your posting your post in entirety will be removed. If such behaviour continues beyond that, I will be speaking with Andrea about having the posters profile disabled until the situation can be rectified.Hairtell plays too much of an important role to consumers to allow such behaviour to continue.

We’ve enjoyed several years of for the most part, very respectful posters here on this board. I’d like to see that continue. If you have never read this post ( stickied since it’s creation in 2011 ) then it’s high time you give it a read, and the creedance it deserves. This is a repectful community and without this continued respect the boards goal is diminished. I and the other moderators will not allow this to happen.

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