Electrolysis in Portage, Michigan?

Hi Everyone,
Where in portage, Michigan or other areas in the state I can find a reputable Electrologist that perform the blend method?

Welcome! I recommend checking on the American Electrology Association site:


Any well-trained certified electrologist should be skilled at performing blend or thermolysis. Many have their preference and perform one over the other, but they should still be able to perform either modality, with ease, wisdom and self-assurance!

Both modalities work. Why do you prefer blend?

Cause The blend is better for my skin. I had bad reaction to the other modality and regrowth.

Regrowth (or lack thereof) is related to the skill level of the electrologist not the modality. Flash thermolysis is capable of killing hair with single zap. What kind of “reaction” did you have with thermolysis?