/ Finally Free (WARNING!)

Finally Free is a combination electric tweezer and patch scam that should be avoided by all consumers.

Here are some Amazon reviews:

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A Pain in the A**, October 3, 2001
Reviewer: Liz Kent (see more about me) from Sweet Briar College
Bottom line is, it sort of works … you have to hold each hair
for 30-60 seconds to make it turn loose. And one treatment won’t kill the hair. Imagine doing this for each and every hair! Believe me, this is a slow, slow, slow process.

It works better on thin hairs. Heavy chin hairs are immune to this product. So if you have a few thin eyebrow hairs to kill, it might be worth your time. But I would rather be washing a cat than use this thing again!

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do NOT buy, June 17, 2004
Reviewer: A customer from Houston, TX
This is a big waste of your time and money. In addition to the product not working and delivering promised results, the company does NOT stand behind its 100% satisfaction guarantee policy that is promoted on the website.

I purchased this unit plus 2 additional packs of the hair removal patches. When I returned it all (within 7 days of delivery) the company refunded my money for the unit itself, but NOT for the additional patches even though they were unopened.

I corresponded with the “president” (David Walsh) of the company and he refused to stand behind the 100% part of the satisfaction guarantee. He’d rather receive bad reviews about the product than refund me a minimal dollar amount. The dollar amount is only $26, but it really speaks volumes about the integrity of this company that he won’t sacrifice such a small amount to make a customer happy. They do not care about making customers happy or secure with their purchases.

Take your business and your money elsewhere. This product is as useful for removing hair as a tennis shoe would be.

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Complete Rip Off, April 8, 2004
Reviewer: sandy4763 (see more about me) from GILBERT, AZ United States
This product is a complete rip off. It does nothing it claims to do and when trying to take advantage of the guarantee, they never respond.(…)

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Approved by the FDA???, February 1, 2004
Reviewer: A customer from Auburn, Alabama United States
OK, yes this product has been approved for use by the FDA. BUT, after doing some research on the FDA’s website, I have discovered that all that takes is proving that this system is “essentially equivalent” to systems already out on the market! I also found that, according to the FDA, there is no statistically significant data available (even from their “published trials” which I had no luck in locating) to support claims of long-term or permanent hair removal through use of tweezer-type epilators. Bottom line…check the advertiser’s claims before you buy their product because obviously these claims don’t hold water!

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frustrating trial, January 3, 2002
Reviewer: pennyan from Alabama
I ordered the Finally Free product for my daughter. She was so disappointed that she asked to write the review that follows: after using this product a year in hopes that something magical would happen- i have decided this product is […junk]. do not buy this product. it does not work, and it is a pain to think that this product got my hopes up to permantly remove embarrassing hairs. all i have to say is, Finally Free will be be Finally Chucked in the Garbage for me.

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Save your money, November 29, 2001
Reviewer: A customer from New York City
Home electrolysis(the one with a needle) kits only work for one or two pesky thin hairs. This kind(the tweezer one)absolutely does not work. I’ve tried it, along with many other hair removal products, and it definitely does not work. If you feel very inclined to purchasing this, check the return policy carefully.

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It does not work and can’t work, November 13, 2001
Reviewer: elevich from CO, USA
Don’t believe anybody who writes that this product works, because it does not and cannot - the whole conscept of killing hair roots by electric current is false and utopic because it’s been proved that the hair is not an electric current transistor (even if it’s completely wet, the electric current won’t penetrate below the skeen surface).
Note to Tamy (previous review): - it’s obvious that this review has been fabricated, because she writes about her own exprience and then suddenly announces that this product works on all hair types and colors. How can the person have multiple hair types or colors? It’s an obvious advertisement.

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It just doesn’t work., June 26, 2001
Reviewer: A customer from Atlanta, GA USA
The bottom line is, this product simply does not work. I followed the directions carefully, and waited the appropriate time, but saw no effect at all. As your mother probably told you, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Once again, mother was right.

<small>[ July 02, 2004, 12:05 AM: Message edited by: Andrea ]</small>

I need help. I ordered this item but the following day, I immediately read the awful reviews and so I decided to cancel. I called and e-mailed them, but to no avail. The e-mails were bouncing back to me because it says that their mailbox was full. No one also answers the calls.

Unfortunately, two days after they shipped the item to me. I got a return number from their website. So immediately upon receiving, I sent it back soon. It’s been 4 weeks now; I tried to email, call and fax to them, but no one replies or picks up the phone. Please let me know how you have successfully contacted them, if you ever did. Or if you ever returned this item, how long did it take them to refund. The website says within 3 weeks, but the non-response from their end is giving me worries. Please reply to this message board.

How can I get to talk to the owner of the company?
I bought the product at, in New Jersey.
Let me know how to reach them!!

I really appreciate your help!

I hope you bought this using a Credit Card. The only way you will get a refund easily is to dispute the charge with your card issuer. If you need to wait for the scammers to send you a return check, I don’t envy your situation.

as in Finally Free Electrolysis (

We chose this name for our Electrolysis business long before we had ever hear of this scam called Finally Free.

A co-worker suggested Finally Free Electrolysis to me as a name with the tag line…

Free of Waxing, Free of Chemicals Finally Free of hair FOREVER!

It is really amazing how many people this other company called Finally Free has taken advantage of…

Even more amazing that they still get away with it.

Hey guys,

I bought the Finally Free Device about a month ago myself because it claimed to be FDA approved. The product is a scam! I took Andrea’s advice and called the FTC(Federal Trade Commission) and filed a complaint. They also advised me to file a complaint with my state (state consumer protection). The FTC representative told me that if they received enough complaints about this company, they could get a class action suit (is that what its called?) going. So you should all call to make a complaint and save other people from getting ripped off as well.

Thanks guys, I was just about to order this and decided I better do some checking. So glad I came here!!! I was planning on sending my money today!!

More Amazon reviews

Paper weight
February 6, 2006
Reviewer: Emmie (California U.S.A.) - See all my reviews
I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this product, unless you are looking for an over priced paper weight. I followed the directions exactly. After numerous tries, I realized this product did not work ay all. It literally did not remove a single hair, any where! Not to mention the shotty “customer service” provided by the manufacturer. I purchased direct from “finaly free”, & they advertise “If you aren’t satisfied, call or E-mail in for a return authorization within 30 days for a full refund.” When I tried to do that, just 4 days after purchasing, I didnt recieve an E-mail reply, or return call to my weekly messages, until that thirty days was up (conveniently for them). So if you still want to try it for some reason… Dont buy from the manufacturer,they are scam artists. Make sure it’s a company that will refund your money when you realize it does not work. I’d say stick with good old epilators if you want lasting results.

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January 11, 2006
Reviewer: J. Wood - See all my reviews
My friend ordered this item when I told her to try laser treatement instead. She did not listen and ordered it anyway. Not only did it not work at all, she couldn’t return the item. Now she is doing laser treatment, which is a little pricey depending on where you go and she is very happy. Laser treamtment has improved so much in the last two years. If hair is a big problem for you, SAVE MONEY and get laser treatment. Do no bother with these gimmicks.

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[/b]Based on last comment[/b]
January 2, 2006
Reviewer: A. Charland “Inquirer” (USA) - See all my reviews
I am looking at purchasing this item and I am a little confused about the last review “if you’ve got time” … If it was effective, then you shouldn’t have been using this product for ‘a number of years’ as you have stated… There are just too much negative feed back to consider this product.

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Doesn’t work at all
September 3, 2005
Reviewer: Pete Davis - See all my reviews
I have tried this product exactly as it says. Waited for minutes on each hair…very time consuming. Every single hair came in darker and thicker. It didn’t work at all.

I blame myself for getting sucked into this scam. I should have been smarter than that. If there is a permanent way to remove hair, everyone would be getting it and it would be all over the news. Think about it.


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We did not find this product to work – and the company appears to be a fraud!
August 25, 2005
Reviewer: A. Rainwater (North Carolina) - See all my reviews
Back in June (of '05), I ordered this product for my wife, as a gift. It was promptly shipped, and was a decent looking little product… And I wish I could continue with positive remarks!

Our experience has been thus: She carefully followed their instructions – TO THE LETTER. She even multiplied the application time recommended by as much as FIVE TIMES! But she was unable to detect EVEN THE SLIGHTEST results after 25 days of use of this product.

Now, here is the bad part: We returned the product under their “generous” “30-day No-Risk Guarantee”. According to the Return Receipt I ordered from the Post Office, they received the product by July 13th. Clearly within the 30-day window…

Their policy states that we should receive our refund within three weeks. That would have been Aug 3rd, '05. On Aug 9th, I called them to inquire after my refund – and I actually got to speak with a live person! (I remark with surprise now, based upon my following experiences with this “company”.) I was promised that I would have my refund “within 10 business days”.

That would have been Aug 23rd. It is now Aug 25th, and I still have no refund.

I have spent the better part of the afternoon for the past TWO DAYS trying diligently to get through to a live person again, but no one will answer the phone. After one 30-second hold cycle, you are forced into voicemail. Repeated messages go unanswered.

THIS afternoon, I tried calling again, only to get a “Fast-Busy” tone – a tone usually reserved for phone lines that are out of order, or SHUT OFF. Later calls did get me back into their person-less phone system again – but they will not return calls!!

Now, even e-mails are “bounced”, with a message saying that their e-mail account is “over quota”.

Clearly folks, these are not good signs – this is a company to stay FAR AWAY from.

Even if the product were good, I would not want to buy it from someone this disreputable and unreliable. And I truly wish the product had been what they had promised in their well-polished advertising.

I wanted to add some words here to ensure this thread appears on page one when you google: painless hair removal, pain free hair removal, permanent hair removal, etc.

I finally reported this company to the Better Business Bureau. They have a lot of complaints.

United Productions
55 Acorn Rd
Watchung, NJ 07060


United Productions Inc.
231 Johnson Ave
Newark, NJ 07108

My experience is similar to others. Bought the finally free product from about a year ago. Tried tweeze method and patch method on male and female hair of various thicknesses, held the thing in place for 5-10 times longer than directed, and got ZERO results.

Emailed the company, called the company. No response. And by the way, good luck finding any actual evidence of these ‘clinical studies’ sited all over their web page.

What a total RACKET this company is running.

What amazes me is their link still comes up right at the top when you google ‘painless hair removal’ or ‘pain free hair removal’. This company needs to be fined to the max, sued, put out of business.

just shows you what some good search engine optimization will do. btw, the links on the right side of the search results are paid for.

Holy crap everybody. You all saved me a lot of money and frustration! Thank you!

You are welcome. Now pass it on and Pay it forward.

Here is from me in South Africa. i really thought this thing is immne to african hair as i have tried it for over two months now; NOT a single strand of hair has fallen off yet. I really feel so ripped off as the shipment costs back for a refund; are equal the product (or should I say rubbish) price!!!
i am stuck with useless fancy gimmick. i have bought a stack of patches to took leave from work for two weeks and sat down holding the pathc on my face from morning to afternoon daily; man what a rip-off!!!
i wish i had read this site before i drown my hard earned money. i was taken by the 'clinical data’on the this journal (Journal of Skin Research and Technology, volume 4 issues number 196, 199 in 1998.) which i got and read.

Now i figured that this is sufficient cover for an ordinary man like myself!! Now it raises questions about the bonafides of these so called independent professional journals!!

For Mr Welsch’s comfort; here is my order/delivery number (76281)if he needs to check that i really bought his junk. my return number is (19571).

Its so so sad to see what is being done by these people to unsuspecting consumers. I also suspect these people make their money on patches (not refundable) and interest on delayed refunds (if and when you are lucky enough to get yours. they know very well they will either some like me; will find it too expensive to send the unit back as they dont cover shipment costs for returns.

May God bless you Mr Welsch and your staff; and please enjoy my money!!!

This is a good place to vent. I’m sorry you didn’t stumble upon hairtell before you turned over your hard earned money. This happens all over the earth everyday and they continue to profit because they count on trusting, hopeful people like yourself to buy this useless product.

Electrolysis and laser can permanently destroy hair. Laser has it’s limitations, electrolysis does not. I perform electrolysis on african skin alot and success is a given if the client stays on a schedule that I advise. The trick is to get new, fragile, straight in the follicle hair as soon as possible.

Do you have any electrologists in South Africa that offer reputable treatments?? Do you have ingrown hairs?


Also, if you look at thier shipment details you will notice that they do not apply United States tax, yet only ship to the United States and are U.S. based. If you ever come across this just to be forewarned it is illigal and should ALWAYS raise cause for concern about the legitimicy of the product

You make an excellent point! The state from which they are shipping, or have any offices should always have sales tax info, so their ads should say something like “New York, California, and Texas residents should add applicable sales tax to order sub-total.”

WOW you all really have NO IDEA how useful this tool is. Thank you for your input b/c I surely thought I found the best thing in the world and I was soon to purchase the finally free hair removal. Me, being a black female, I was trying to prevent the marks from using tweezers constantly, so I found this site about FINALLY FREE. For 99.00, I was a little concerned when I reviewed that its about 75.00 a session which is needed at least 6 - 8 times. AMAZING details. I promise I won’t buy. I threw the paper away once I saw the issues listed above. Thanks for your inputs again.


Thank you for your submission. You really saved me a lot of time and money as I surely was going to buy this product.

Atlanta, GA

Thanks for your post Lolita. That’s what this forum is all about.

You should read the electrolysis section of this forum and consider it for your hair removal needs if you’re looking for permanent removal.

Thank you thank you :slight_smile:

Well, I never heard of ‘Finally Free’ until I came to this site.
So, fortunately, I never bought into the scam.

But while reading about all the unfortunate individuals who thought they found hope in this piece of crap…

I do wonder - can these units not be recovered somehow through the use of judicial rewiring? You know, the kind of simple rewiring that NoHair has done to improve the ‘One Touch’ device(which actually DOES work without modification, for those of you that don’t know)…

Hate to keep the thread alive, but maybe things can be turned around for the better - kinda like the Vectors.

I looked on ebay only last week and saw a HUGE amount of other types of “electric tweezer” systems that claimed to be electrolysis, and therefore permanent. I think one of the most numerous ones were called ‘Accura’ or something like that…

Can’t those ones also be turned around via some minor rewiring to accept professional type probes?