My Treatment Experience @ Advanced Laser Clinics

Hey Everyone,

Well I had 5 treatments on my full legs using the Lightsheer Diode and I must say I am pretty happy with the results. I am now under the Advanced laser clincs 2 year warr so we will see how it turns out. I am going to see what grows back and keep all of you posted and I am always willing to answer questions about my experiences.

I am now working on the next area which are abs

Thanks for everyones help and like I said will keep you posted

I am glad to hear the diode lightsheer laser has worked good for you. I am just starting on my treatment. How many treatments did it take untill the hair fell out? I am on my second week after my first treatment and still waiting for hair to start to fall out.

It may be a little different for everyone. I too recently had my first lightsheer treatment. It took about 2-3 weeks before I noticed that my legs were much smoother, and then I only had to shave once a week to get the straglers (when normally I’d have to shave every other day to keep my legs that smooth.) Now about 2 months later and I’m noticing the hair is growing back faster again(though much thinner). I’m positive that this is the next phase of hair they’re gonna get with treatment #2. I can’t wait!

would you mind saying how much it costs please? and also what skin type are you and how hairy were your legs?

also were you burnt , or is there a chance of being burnt with this laser?

thanks in advance

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I had my lower legs done. I don’t have the paperwork in front of me so I may be a few dollars off, but I think it cost about $139 per treatment, 5 treatments, for a total of $695. I too went to Advanced Laser Clinics, and I too had the option of the 2 year guarantee. I decided to pass it up, because for that they charge nearly twice as much. I’m willing to pay for a few extra treatments if I need to, but I’d have to have more than 5 treatments over the next 2 years to make it worth it and that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I’m a type II with VERY dark and course hair. I decided to have the treatment because it was so painful to shave my legs that I could only do it twice a week, and it grew back so fast that it pretty much meant that 5 out of the 7 days in a week I had stubbly, uncomfortable legs. I always had red bumps and ingrown hairs, it was miserable. If I come out of this with only 50% hair reduction and thinner, lighter hairs, it will be 100% worth every dime.

I was not “burned”, at least not in the way I think you mean. My legs were tender like a sunburn for a couple of days, and it took a couple of weeks for the redness to completely fade. They look perfectly fine now. From what I’ve heard this it pretty normal. The chance of being burned more severly is always present, I suppose. You just have to feel comfortable that the technician is knowledgable and careful.

Okay I am going to answer everyone question and comment on each one as I go:

To Mzdeadlyspell:

It takes 3-4 weeks for my hair to fall out at times and when hair does grow out pass that mark sometimes I will tug on the hair and it will come out don’t fret it will either be new growth or will eventaully fall out since its only your first it will be a while. They tell me each time you do it it reduces the hair 10-25% but results will vary as I have only done 5 and I am pretty Happy.

To Lady_Persia:

Okay I had my full legs done I am a male and I do cycling and tri’s so they were pretty hairy. My skin type is a 3/4. I have not been burned at all and I do have some dark spots but feel they will eventully go away. When I got the package a 1yr ago I paid for 4 and got the 5th one free and each treatment was $379.99. Of course there is a chance of getting burnt just depends on how knowledable your nurse is and all.
Keep in mind Salamender only had lowers so that is why of the price difference


Thank for your input on this!!

I hope I have helped everyone so far and I will keep you posted

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update:

It has been 5 weeks and I do see blonds hairs growing but its very thin and hardly noticable. After 5 treatment i would say I am at 70-85% clear with most growth occuring around the knees (meaning 2in above and 2 in below but it is patchy) I go in for #6 in April to do full legs which will cover the touchups under my 2 yr guar.

I will keep you updated as I go and ask away with any questions and I will answer them as best as I could

Hey Biker - What color hair do you have? And what is your skin type?


Biker, what fluence did you start at and what fluence did you work up to?
Are you able to get the legs treated completely in a one hour session?

I’m glad to hear you are having such good results.

I was thinking about having my legs done and was wondering what to expect.


hey Everyone to answer the question above here are the answers:

For Bianca201: I have skin type 4 and my hair was a dark black.

For RJC2001- They started at 25 and I believe I worked up to 30/32. The reason for the two different numbers is due to my tan the uppers would be the higher number and the lower is the lower legs. The legs take about 1.5 hours

Any other questin please let me know

An hour and a half? Does that include the prep work like shaving and emla? I’m having my back done with several machines, but with the LightSheer XC the actual treatment couldn’t have been more than 20-25 minutes. They just glide the handpiece over and the beeping/zaps are pretty quick.

Well they do both legs and that is for full legs and that does not include shaving or emla. I mean it varies between operators so I am not sure but I believe 20-25 for your full back both up and down is way too fast. I mean when they do my legs they put ultrasound gel on an then work with the zaps in the area. They also put ice as necessary to lessen the pain and after certain area they will apply post treatment lotion.

Hope that helps

Hi everyone,
I am new to this board and to web forums in general. I am considering laser hair removal but don’t know whether to go with the Candela GentleLase System or the Light Sheer Diode Laser. Also, I am looking for a place in Niagara Falls that will service American citizens (because it’s cheaper in Canada). I would like to get most of my face done. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any info would be much appreciated!

wahh sorry…don’t know how to use this yet. I’m just gonna ask if Altus Cool glide laser is any good. I am fair with black hair. thanks

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Biker, how high to they go on your legs? Does it just depend on the type of underwear you are wearing during the treatment?

I was thinking of starting out with just my upper legs. Shorts weather is here and I don’t want to have visible red marks on my lower legs. If I like the results on my upper legs I’ll have the lower legs done next winter and wear long pants after treatments.

For my legs I will probably go with the Aurora.

Biker, how high to they go on your legs? Does it just depend on the type of underwear you are wearing during the treatment? I am trying to figure out treatment time and cost based on the size of the area being done. I’m 5’11" so my legs are just about average length I suppose.

I was thinking of starting out with just my upper legs. Shorts weather is here and I don’t want to have visible red marks on my lower legs. And it will be easier to treat my upper legs because they aren’t quite as dark as my lower legs. If I like the results on my upper legs I’ll have the lower legs done next winter and wear long pants after treatments.

For my legs I will probably go with the Aurora, since it results in the least amount of swelling and redness.



At the clinic I go to they go all the way up and around. On te inner legs they will stop 3 fingers legth from you brief as that is considered a seperate area which is known as the bikini area.

For treatment times its about 90 minutes- 2 hours. The cost for full for me was $399 package price meaning I paid for 4 and got the 5th free (but this price is out of date now) as this was 1.5 years ago and I believe prices have gone up.

I hope that helps and I tried to pv msg you but couldnt and if any one else has questions please feel free to ask

That’s a very good price for that area. I will send you another PM.


Biker, Have you been for your #6 treatment yet? If so was it TOTALLY free of charge? Are you still happy with the results of the treatments? I am going for my consultation @ ALC this weekend. Thanks in advance

I go in for treatment six this friday. Just as an update I am at 75 % I believe. While waiting for treatment 6 , I let it grown out and the frontal leg is pretty clear the back of my lower legs have a stripe and the tops like | |(knee here if you can picture it is pretty hairy but sparse. The hair is very thin though and sparse and it looks pretty good. I will update this weekend

Also ask away any questions if any one has them