My Story-Diary

Thank you Josefa!

The ones I saw weren’t like those; the roots were black but it had some kind of white/transparent thing attached to some of the hairs. They didn’t have that “white head”, so to speak.

:slight_smile: anagen definitely

Update: to date 9 treatments - 9 hours. Everything is going well as far as treatments go. I haven’t made it yet to the 2nd month of consecutive treatments so I guess I’m really early on this journey.

Just a little upset and impatient at this point, I’m going through a phase were the hairs are kind of coming back. I’m guessing it’s a new cycle but it appears that every week I have new ones in an area that I had almost cleared a week before. I notice less density for sure. But what it seems is that every week there are new hairs on the area. I can’t really explain. Maybe it’s only thinner hairs that become more noticeable in the smooth skin.

My next treatment is only due two weeks from here so in that time I’ll be practically -little scab free- I’ll update photos as it is easier to see without all those little red dots.

This post is mostly to get these things of my chest. I’ve read that the first 6 months are the hardest. I hope so.

Thanks, hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.

Please keep letting us know how you go. I’ve had the same problem. Except much much worse than you. I’ll put pictures up soon and tell my story. The hairs have been stimulated unbelievably thick and black and everywhere! I hope electrolysis is a solution for you. I plan to start soon as well. Please keep letting us know how you are going. Regards.

Johnyvb, take a look at this thread and be of good cheer. You are on your way.

DPP and James, thanks for your help and motivation! I really appreciate it.

Anyway, today I went for my 10th treatment after two weeks without going. I wrote about my concerns last time but today my motivation got up again after reading what you guys said/posted and this last treatment. I never had much density as Josefa has stated but I definitely see a reduction, although, I don’t really know if this apparent reduction is anything to go by because I haven’t been any more than two weeks without going since starting this journey…

So as I went for today’s treatment I looked pretty much the same as two weeks ago after my last treatment, except with no scabs (not one). It’s funny because I was feeling down due to the regrowth but it still didn’t look half as bad as it did before treatments began.

Today the treatment went perfectly. One hour today was enough to cover all the area of treatments, not for total clearence, but enough to go the beach if someone invited me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, something is bothering me. I have like three hairs on my left shoulder that she didn’t treat neither two weeks ago or today. Two weeks ago, I let it pass because it was more important to me to make an overall reduction and today we agreed to focus more on the sides of the back. My concern is that two weeks from here when I tell her to treat that particular area, those hairs might not be in the anagen phase and so they will not be killed and I’ll have to wait again for them to come up. What do you think?

So resuming: --10 treatments overall - 8 consecutive treatments spaced one week apart, except for christmas and new year time. (1 treatment = 1 hour)

–9 weeks of treatments - 2months and one week.

Next treatment will be two weeks from today and if I’m good until then, I think I will start to space treatments two weeks apart (if the hour is enough of course). Once I’m finished with the exams I will make maybe two appointments in one week in order to have the most close to a full clearence as possible.

I’d like to add that the back of my neck - where the hair was really coarse, like the hair you have on your head - as been pretty much cleared since it’s first clearence. It’s been the most responsive area to treatment (also the only area that was 100% cleared). One or three hairs come up every week but they’re really thin. And this area is what makes me see that she’s doing a good job, if those hairs were thicker and haven’t come back yet full force, then there is no reason why the thin hairs on my back don’t get the same treatment as well.

All we need is patience. (I’ll try to add the photos later)


Reminding left shoulder (5/12-11/12)

Around New Year’s Eve, when I talked about the regrowth (31/12/2012 - after 9 treatments - around 8weeks of treatment):

(left shoulder)

(left shoulder)

Yesterday, two weeks after treatment nr 9 (11/1/2012 - 9 treatments):

(left shoulder)

(left shoulder)

COMPARISON (before electrolysis treatments and now - 11/1/2012)

(back) - around July (1 laser treatment)

- (back) - around late September (2 laser treatments - it’s when it got worse, especially on the shoulders)

(back) - January, two weeks after treatment nr 9

How much are you paying each hour, jonnhyvb?

Shii, one hour is 70 euros. Two hours is 120 euros. I was able to make an agreement with them in which I pay 4 hours and the 5th hour they don’t charge.

How is it going so far, jonhyvb? Are you happy with the results?

Hey, sorry for not saying anything in a while.

So let me update you. In the 26th of January I was schedulled to have an one hour appointment after two weeks without going, but the practicioner was feeling sick and decided it was best if we stopped treatment that day. The only reason she did not call me to cancel was because she only felt bad at the time and she figured I was already on my way. Anyway, she did like 10/15 minutes and we stopped. She did mostly my left shoulder. I didn’t count that as a treatment.

What followed was that I decided I would only make an appointment two weeks from there, due to studying to exams etc.

So in reality when I checked in last friday (17Feb) for my treatment, I had been 4 weeks without treatment on 80% of the area I’m treating. Now, I really don’t know if four weeks is a time where you can see if treatments are working or not… (if any pro is reading this I would be greatful if you could clarify this doubt); but what I saw kind of pleased me, I had regrowth, but not near what I had. The “longer” hairs are coming more and more sparse. At this point it’s even kind of dificult to show in pictures but I will upload later the ones I took.

The treatment went well and in one hour she took care of about 80% of the present hairs. Next treatment should be enough to get the “clearence”.

You know what. I’m feeling motivated. My plan is to take the treatments for one year and see what happens. I don’t think I’ll be needing that much to reach to a point where I’m satisfied. Of course I still have to keep in count that I may need some touch ups if the hair develops and it wasn’t a laser stimulation after all. But that’s another story. RIght now I’m focusing on making up for my mistakes on laser.

The back of the neck area had the most regrowth, but the hair is very thick there so I wasn’t surprised. The hair that grew was thiner. Healing goes well, small scabs form but 80% of them disappear after a week if that much.

I don’t feel plucking during treatment, that must mean something.

Anyway, pro’s what do you think? Are four weeks an indicator… or another whole month without treatments would make a huge difference in terms of present hairs?

Next treatment is on the 1st of March.

Good luck out there, and thanks for reading

I think the 4-week mark can be a “sort-of” indicator.

Because, in my personal experience, if hair growth is still sparse at 4-6 weeks, this means that after 3-4 months I’ll still have some kind of a permanent reduction in that area, compared to a similar non-treated area.

It sounds this was the case with you. :slight_smile:

What sparse hair at 4 weeks does not mean is, that it will stay that way. For me the majority of the new hair starts coming in between 8-12th weeks and I finally get a clear picture of what really happened after 3-4 months.

Reduction can be hard to see at first, especially if you have nothing to compare it with. Some signs include quicker subsequent treatments, longer time between treatments, skin bounces back faster as less hair are being treated, etc.

Keep in mind, at the 8 to 12 week mark, you have hairs from different follicles coming in. Even if you got 100% kill rate in your treatment, you would see hairs at 8 to 12 weeks.

Hey everyone, I was wondering… I’ve heard the first 6months are the thoughest to get through. I thought I understood it but when I re-read the post about the grid that James shared in here I got a little confused. Doesn’t it take one year to get through all the hair cycles? I mean if hair A comes out in January shouldn’t I only get a glimpse of what was treated aroud that time? What does the 6months mark mean?

-Thank You-

I noticed that after the 6 month mark I had longer periods without hair. But around the 9 month mark I suddenly saw a new crop of them. The tips felt… shaved, even though I hadn’t shaved that area since starting electrolysis. I’ve no idea why would that be though…

That’s curious… Even if the 6th month mark means longer hair-free time… By what I read, you still have 4 months ahead in which you should have hair coming up that wasn’t treated, that of course if you’ve been getting 100% kill rate. right?

How long were you’re treatments spaced?

Sorry. Instead of “after” I should have written by the 6 month mark I had longer periods without hair.

In the beginning the hair seemed to “come in” quicker but after a few clearances it took longer and longer for the majority of the hair to appear for treatment.

The area was treated monthly at first, now once every 3 months.

What surprised me about the sudden appearance of strong black hair at the 9 month mark was, that I hadn’t seen any for quite a long while; so I had assumed they were all gone for good. (We were dealing mostly with long vellus hair by then.)

I don’t think it was a regrowth of previously treated hair but hair that had been dormant.

I’m assuming you had clearences in every session?

Yes, that is correct.