My electrolysis journey...22/female

Hello everyone,

Firstly, can’t be thankful enough to find such a resourceful form. So after reading for a couple of months I started electrolysis on my face. I went to two sessions so far, both 2 hrs each. Using Apilus thermolysis.

I have more hair than any other girl I’ve known. I’m desperately hoping this works out. I was occupied with other skin problems until some time ago and didn’t really care about the hair much. But it’s really high time. It started getting to me :frowning:

Low-Normal BMI, regular cycles. Not a PCOS candidate. Excess hair + oily skin in the family.

I have virgin hair all over my cheeks, side burns. I’ve never done anything to them yet! My electrologist was surprised and happy. She said it will help a lot. She also said that because of that reason most of the hair will be in telogen phase in this beginning period. So, can you all tell me what I should expect because of this in terms of time and treatments?

Here is a picture of the side of my face. I probably have 10-15 long, dark, course hair scattered over my face/neck…or maybe less. Oh and in the picture, those are just my hair misplaced…those are not my sideburns, just to clarify…

Looking forward to lots of suggestions and support!

Hmm how do I make the image appear?

And one more thing, thanks to James! I’m going to a lady he recommended.

Attachments don’t work here, you need to upload to photobucket or some similar site, and then post the thumbnail link they give you here.

Yes, please upload to Photobucket. Also, add your location to you profile.

The hair is killed easiest when it’s in the first phase of growth, anagen. So if the hair is in telogen, it will be hard to kill on the first pass. But it will be easy to get on the second pass. Just concentrate on getting a clearance asap. From there, you’ll only be coming in to treat the new hairs that pop up.

Hi Zaphairzap!

Interesting question. At this point I feel like a prophet. Tell you what will happen for sure. The Electrolysis in your case will have spectacular results. An area that has remained untouched in the face, is an area with more than 95% of hairs present. The success in the treated area will be equivalent. If all visible hairs are treated area I guarantee you the greatest success in the first clearance. Back a couple of months later for the second clearance and in all probability be the end of treatment. Some hairs that are invisible now acquire more consistency in the future. But this is something you can control with a short visit to your electrologist once a year.
I am eager to confirm my impressions. But I would bet half of my heritage since I know that James has recommended these hands.

Hola Zaphairzap!
Interesante cuestión. En este momento me siento como un profeta. Te diré lo que va a ocurrir con toda seguridad. La Electrolysis en tu caso tendrá unos resultados espectaculares. Una zona que permanece virgen en el rostro, es una zona con más del 95 % de los pelos presentes. El éxito en la zona tratada será equivalente. Si todos los pelos visibles de la zona son tratados yo le garantizo el máximo triunfo en el primer aclaramiento. Volver un par de meses más tarde para el segundo aclaramiento y con toda probabilidad será el final del tratamiento. Algunos pelos que ahora son invisibles adquirirán más consistencia en el futuro. Pero esto es algo que usted podrá controlar con una corta visita a su electrólogo una vez al año.

Estoy impaciente por confirmar mis impresiones. Pero yo podría apostar la mitad de mi patrimonio desde que sé que James ha recomendado estas manos.

This is embarrassing but here it is. What do you all think?

I think most of the women on this forum getting treatments would say that they had about as much hair. You’re not that weird :slight_smile:

Electrolysis is the only thing that will work on this. Keep going with your treatments and you’ll see permanent results.

As I mentioned before, get long treatments and often at the beginning to get to your first clearance fast. Then you’ll only have to come in for touchups.


I shaved everyday for 10+ years and after just one treatment on my cheeks I have a lot less hair and the hair is much thinner. I’m sort estimating here but I would say I have about half the hair I started with (probably less).

If you haven’t touched the hair I can only imagine you’ll have even better results than me.

Also, you have really nice skin. I’m sort of jealous. Since you’re going to someone that James recommended, i’m sure it won’t be too long before your completely hair free! :grin:


I think that:

A.- You’re one of those cases where an electrologist can demonstrate the quality of their work quickly and effectively.
B.- Your perfect skin has not been abused with temporary hair removal systems, so that at the end with Electrolysis your skin will be like when you were 5 years old.
C.- Your hair is thin, but long, so that density is not excessive. If your electrologist removes 10 hairs per minutes, in an hour, she can try 600 hairs, enough for a substantial improvement in the area.
D.- Guard well this photo under a thousand keys, it will be the only reminder that you have that ever there was hair on your face.

And finally, I can only add that I understand the happiness that your electrologist expressed, because she knows how your look will be in the near future.

We’re addicted to that happiness, we need a daily dose. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the encouragement everyone!!

Oh boy…now if only i started to tell you all about my skin woes. Well, that picture is from a year or more ago when i was on low dose accutane…so things were looking good. The drug or the dose didn’t work for me permanently. My skin is so oily that I can promise you I will not look old even at 60. Years of acne have left minor scarring (some dents, some raised hypopigmentation), lots of big pores, rough rough roughness,unevenness and the oiliness continues. I go through 3-4 oil absorbing sheets a day. Skin is not taut and smooth and will never be. Don’t know if I’m explaining it well. Still, much much better than when I was in my teens. (And, the resolution is not high and that was the better cheek.)


6 hours in as of last weekend. Broke out REALLY bad from the last 2 hours. I know it will subside…but the marks will need to be taken care of. I also have point scabs on my cheeks. I think I will tell her not to work on my cheeks for at least 3 weeks more. They are quite clear anyway. I will post a pic when the acne has subsided in a week or two.

This was the only reason why I never attempted any hair removal methods on the most part of my face all these years. Because no matter what I use, I will break out. I have very sensitive skin. And now I started electrolysis because the active break outs on the face have subsided a lot for a few months now. But any disturbance wreaks havoc. The good part is this is temporary and will last a yr or so. yay =]

Next two hours next weekend. I will ask her to stick to the burns and the jawline…rest is done anyway for now. I was expecting that we would go faster, but still I’m happy and excited about posting a progress pic.

You will be surprised at how quickly those things heal.

I took a look at your photo. Looks very manageable in my (uninformed opinion)- I’ve seen much more hair on ladies’ faces, and they got rid of all of it!

Good luck!

Update: The first pic is the one before anything was done. The second was today, before my appt at 6 hrs of treatment. Then, the last one is after 80 min of treatment today.

Unfortunately, I used my phone. I will use a proper camera next time. Skin is really inflamed and red spots all over from last time.I’m somewhat unhappy about that. The point scabs I told you all about from last time did go away. I can see new hair coming in. It is a bit disappointing but then I have to be realistic, I guess.

Does the speed of work seem good enough to you guys? I feel like lots of work-minutes are lost for random things. Not sure what to do.

One more thing. My electrologist wants to go further up on my side burns. But I have a big face and its round. I think removing more of my sideburns will make my face looks way too big. Should we stop at this shape of the sideburns and just clean up the rest?

Also, one more question. Let’s say I’m considering permanent hair removal for arms, upper legs, entire abdomen and chest. Everything makes me conscious and I have acne/inflammation on upper arms and chest. Where should I start? What will be best for my confidence and skin? Will hair removal help with the acne? Please also advice keeping time and cost in consideration.

One last question, does electrolysis also kill the sebaceous glands associated with each hair follicle that is killed??

Thank you guys.

As a guy who likes the way your face looks in the second picture, I recuse myself from the question on how much more you should remove.

Electrolysis does not kill the sebaceous glands, nor sudoriferous/sweat glands, nor the erector pili muscles(goose bumps/ chicken skin).

Don’t let her go any higher on the sideburns.

Why? Because you can always go back later and remove more hair, but once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Another girl here (forget her name, maybe it was Roma?) went higher than she likes on her sideburns and was pretty upset about it, even talking about hair transplants to fix it!!

Just spend a year with them at the length you like, and see if you are happy that way, or if you start to desire them to be a little higher. Don’t rush the decision if you’re on the fence.

Maybe you could shave/trim them a bit so you can temporarily see if it flatters your face shape before deciding.

I agree - don’t go higher on your sideburns if you’re not comfortable.

I went very slowly on mine and I’m glad because I too have noticed the shape of my face has changed a little - it looks less oval. I literally only asked her to work for them a few mins every appointment so I could monitor how they look/feel. I’m more or less happy with how they are now.

As for the rest, I suggest the arms and the chest first. The visible areas are always the best confidence booster. I also get spots on my chest and I think the electrolysis will help (in the long term), so it’s probably better to get it sorted sooner. I’ve just stared mine and my skin is already looking better.

I think the rest looks good but maybe let your skin rest for a while.

What do you loose work mins on?

I would go just a little higher on your sideburns. She could just do some gentle thinning and feathering to give you a more whispy look. If you could find some pictures of women who have sdie burns as you desire yours to be, then take pictures in to show her. Definitely continue to concentrate though on the smaller hairs on the side and neck part as well. Its looking better. Slow means what? She can only do this in ways that are comfortable to her. No two electrologists remove hair the same way. This is not all about speed, but speed is good if the electrologist has the right setup, stamina and motivation. I really think you are doing well. You had a pretty severe hair problem.

Arms or chest first? It’s your call. I assume people see your arms and hands more than they see your chest, so perhaps your arms should be your choice as far as increasing your confidence level.

Acne - my clients have said frequently that they think the electrolysis they had on their face has helped their acne situation. If the skin is really inflammed, we don’t want to insert a probe into a puss-filled area and then continue inserting in other areas.

Make sure you’re using proper aftercare to avoid skin reactions and acne.

I recommend witch hazel during the day and tea tree oil at night. And make sure to avoid using anything with chemicals while the skin is healing, i.e. lotions, moisturizers, facewashes, etc. Keep the area clean and dry.

Thanks a lot everyone for always contributing. I told her that we will rest with the sideburns for now.

I saw Bodyhairbegone’s pictures and mine are just like that, but less coarse. It’s so overwhelming and depressing. Even my parents don’t understand my problem and I’m all on my own in dealing with this. Wish I wasn’t female.

I have some questions:
Why don’t electrologists just apply current/heat and leave the hair to fall out on its own. Wouldn’t the process go much faster that way for places like underarms or bikini? Am I missing something here?

When hair grow in multiple numbers from the same follicle, is it really one follicle or multiple located very close together?

My current electrologist says 2-2.5 hrs for first clearance of both underarms. Another said 4-5 and she said, ‘it will take many many hours to finish’ but she has 4 decades of experience. Which of these is a reasonable expectation?

When is the best time to start other electrolysis treatments? Should I wait until I’m done with my face to see if the results are good? But that will take at least 9 months more overall and I’m already 22.5, waiting that long is not a feasible option for me.

One question specifically for James. James, your location says you travel around also. Any plans of coming to southern US anytime soon?

I think it’s because by removing the hair, they know it has been treated properly i.e. it should slide out. It does require a little pull to get it out because of the bulb. When my electrologist is using thermolysis on finer hairs she often just slides many out with her finger and the process goes even faster.

I’m not sure why you don’t want Laser for the underarms. A few treatments will give you a great reduction and then your electrologist can finish the rest. IMO this is the cheapest option too. You could start Laser now and in 6-9 months (after a few treatments) you will be at a stage to know if your electrologist can effectively dispatch the rest.

The electrologist needs to ensure that the area capable of regenerating hair has been properly treated, this area coincides with the anchorage of the hair follicle walls. For this reason, the hair should slide out without resistance.

Multiple follicles are located very close together, they must be treated individually, although sometimes the adjacent hair slides out without being treated that corresponds to the follicle. It is likely that this hair “untreated” recurrence.

2 to 2.5 hours is a reasonable expectation for an experienced electrologist. A virgin axilla with three months without being shaved with a temporary system, contains an average of 1000/1200 hairs on each one. This amount of hairs is easily removed in 1 hour if you use a fast Thermolysis or a adapted Blend.

In the body, the results are visible much faster than in the face. The reason is that the body hairs can be hidden and the first clearance can be done with a lot of hair. The results are spectacular.