Multineedle Electrolysis (Blend)


I am a 26 years old male. My skin is white(sometimes tan) and my hair is black. I have thick hair on my chest. Also, some thick hairs are growing on my back near to the neck. I can count those hairs(like 20). In other parts of my body like the shoulders I have a very thin hair that are hard to see. I want to remove all those hairs on my body.
I went to this doctor to remove those hairs on my chest. He use Epilight. This system doesn’t work like he said. He told me that my hair will be gone permanently and charge me $2,500 for six treatments(a month interval). The only thing that I lose permanently was my money. My chest is almost the same. Some hairs are thinner, but I paid him to remove those hairs. :angry:
Please, “Do Not Try Epilight” .
Then I found this forum and discover that the only Permanent Solution is Electrolysis .
So I started to find a good electrologist in my country. Then I found those Girls and they do the Blend method. They use a multineedle system and they said that they can treat 16 hairs at the same time with this system.
I am still thinking. I dont want to lose my money again. Because I just have a couples of hairs on my back I want to remove then first. If that work I will doit on my shoulder and chest.
I just want some information about this Blend multineedle system. If this really speed up the treatment? :roll_eyes:

I will appreciate all your help.

First of all, Thermolysis, Galvanic, and Blend deliver Permanent Hair Removal. As long as the practitioner is skilled enough to make proper settings, the hair will never come back.

Multi-needle blend can be faster than one probe alone, but if speed is the thing that you want most, you can’t beat Straight Thermolysis! (or do you call it Diathermy where you live?)

We always suggest that you get a consultation and sample treatment from many practitioners in your area before settling on one person for the job of being your new electrologist. You will be exposed to many different techniques, and modalities.

Hi James!!!

Thanks for your fast answer.
I have another question.
It is Blend more effective than Thermolysis?

I read somewhere that Blend is more effective killing the hair the first time.

Maybe thermolysis is faster, but the hairs grow back and another tratment is needed. NO?

Also, they(the girls) use Laser too. Is Gentelase. It is effective to clear some hairs with laser first and then finish the area with electrolysis?

I will call today to get my first appoitment.

All electrolysis, when correctly done leads to permanent hair removal. That being said, the point is more what is most sure to give permanent hair removal the first time under less than perfect conditions, or practitioner skill. In that case, Galvanic is most likely to give permanent results the first time, in the hands of a total incompetent, followed by Blend, and in last place, needing more practitioner skill than all others is thermolysis.

On the other hand, Any decent thermolysis treatment will at least cause enough damage to reduce the diameter of the hair that grows in that follicle. The speed of thermolysis allows one to clear out the entire area each and every time you go to your electrologist. This allows one to utilize electrolysis as one’s only hair removal method from the very start, or at least very soon from when treatment begins.

I personally would go for thermolysis over laser any day. Better results, with less potential side effects. Of course, like anything, practitioner skill is the deciding factor. Canvas your area, and get a consultation and sample treatment from as many practitioners as you can get appointments with, and if possible, talk to people who are finished, and have permanent results. If you like what you see, and they are happy with their results, you have a good bet that a fine practitioner has been found.

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Hi webman

I have recently started electrolysis to clean up the hairs that laser was unable to get (lighter colored ones) . I am getting treatments using thermolysis. This is a fast method for sure and the discomfort on areas like the back, neck and underarms is tolerable for me. The one thing I noticed was that thermolysis leaves you with red little bumps at each treated site that seem to persist for about 1 to 2 weeks. Ther do not hurt or itch but you look spotty.

I second that skill is paramount. I have seen people who have had numerous treatments at “day spas” staffed by less then competent people with little reduction to show for all of their time and money. As for my results it is a bit early to figure a kill rate but in another few weeks I will have my answers.

I have had great results with the Lighsheer ET followed by electrolysis for the white hairs and some stubborn black hairs that were left. I am very happy with both methods.

I had 50% clearance on my chest after just one laser treatments. Your results may vary, but with dark hair light skin and a good laser practitioner you should have very good results. As the hairs that do regrow are much finer, it is harder for the laser to target them, but the Lightsheer was better at that than the alexandrite I started out with.

If you’re going to start with laser I would recommend a diode laser like the Lightsheer over an alexandrite like the Gentlelase. Diode lasers penetrate deeper into the hair follicles than the alexandrite due to the longer wavelength 800 vs. 755 nm. This is important for chest hair.

I would rate the pain level as similar between the two methods. Some things I like better about elcetrolysis are the immediate smoothness after treatment, no waiting for singed hairs to fall out. Electrolysis can be used on tanned skin, just as long as you don’t go out in the sun for a few days before and after.

My chest is almost totally hairless now. I am more comfortable in hot weather and when working out with weights. The improvement in muscular definition is incredible.

Also, if you have an area with not that many hairs, electrolysis is probably better because it will be quick enough and you can target them specifically. I had thermolysis and you can get a lot of hairs per session. It seems to me to be quicker than blend.


Sorry you were one of many who had a bad EpiLight result. I suggest trying electroloysis on the neck hairs and then if you like the result, work on the chest. If it’s really a lot of chest hair, the diode lasers can give good results in the right hands, but practitioner skill is essentiaql to avoid burns and discoloration (not to mention the bad results you already had).

Same is true for electrolysis. A good practitioner is essential for a permanent result. Choose wisely!

My first appointment is tomorrow. I will keep posting all my results.

Hi People of this Forum!

Yesterday was my first appointment for consultation. For a patch test my specialist treat a small part of the right side of my chest with Diode laser and the left side with Gentelase(Alexandrite). I notice that the area treated with diode is more red. My specialist said that the diode laser is more aggressive that the gentelase. Also, a notice that some hair fall out on the area treated with diode. I think that diode is the choice but I need to wait a little bit to see the real results.

I will keep posting!!

It’s great that you got to do a side by side comparison with different lasers. I would not worry about the redness.

Which diode laser were you treated with? I had less redness with the diode (Lightsheer) but that could be due to its superior cooling system compared to the Apogee.

Go with the diode and good luck.


I am very confuse.
Can the Diode Laser achive a permanent reduction?
When you said “Permanent Reduction”. It is that the hair become thinner or that some hairs are gone forever?

I am getting a depression…
My specialist said that diode laser is very effective. But I read that Diode Laser is just a long term hair removal system.

I dont want a Long Term Result. I want a Forever Result.

At the moment Electrolysis is the only method of sure fire Permanent Hair Removal.

I have what I consider to be permanent hair reduction. No, not every hair is gone, but I have a lot less on my chest and back than I used to. After a laser treatment, any regrowth that I am goind to have occurs in about 2 months and after that no additional hair comes back. I do not get laser treatments in the summer so I have ample time to observe regrowth patterns.

Most of the hairs that have grown back are either light in color or very fine. I am having those treated with electrolysis. Before electrolysis I would estimate I had permananently reduced my chest hair by 90-95%. The remaining 10% is still a signicant amount as I was extremely hairy to begin with. I want it all gone and I will get there eventually.

I am very happy with the results of the laser/electrolysis combo.


Hi RJC2001!

Thanks for your response.
But if lasers like the Alexandrite and Diode are permanent(and permanent for me is forever or almost forever) why the Advance Laser Clinics said that the results are just for Long Term?

I will let RJ answer his own question, but I will point out that even the Laser Clinics that do give a guarantee limit it to 2 years. Those electrologists who offer guarantees don’t put limits on the term of coverage.

Basically, they are trying to cover their behind because not everyone will respond to laser, even some that are supposedly ideal candidates. You must realize that, in general, the medical field does not like to give guarantees about anything, and that does not apply just to laser.

At what point does one consider the results to be permanent? I don’t know what the FDA’s definition of permanent is, a year or two? Laser has not really been around long enough to say what is really permanent.

BTW, the people at Hair No More (an inhibitor) say that there was a report on TV saying that laser results only last for 7 years. I don’t know where they got that number from.

My personal experience is that any hair that doesn’t regrow after two months is not coming back. Ever.

BTW, I had an electrolysis treatment yesterday. The the thermolysis device was broken so I tried the multi needle blend method. It is definitely less painful than thermolysis. The onset of pain is much slower and not all follicles have the same amount of pain. Some follicles will sting quite a bit after a few seconds. A lot of hair was removed during the session but probably not as much as with the thermolysis. I still prefer the thermolysis because I can feel it working. The burning is felt deeper in the follicle.

So far only 3 white hairs have returned and they may not even be regrown hairs, but may be dormant ones that just became active.


Hi All!

After two weeks my both test patch look well. In both sides hair started to fall out.
The Diode side still looks some red. But its looks more clear than the Gentelase side.

Webman: Have you decided not to do electrolysis, or are you going to do a combo bet. laser and elec.?

Hi Aqua!

I am still waiting to see the results on my test patch with both lasers(Alexandrite and Diode). My practitioner do both (Lasers and Electrolysis). Lasers can’t remove all the hairs, so I think that a follow up with electrolysis will be necesary.

I am going to wait like 2 months to see the test patch results.

At this moment the results are amazing. But it is to soon.

How does multi-needle blend compare to single needle thermolyis speed-wise? The feeling is definitely different between the two methods. There is less scabbing with blend and the pain is duller but longer in duration.

Other than the scabs (dots) it seems like a tossup between blend and thermolysis.