Multi-Needle Electrolysis

As a Licensed Electrologist in BH, California, I have been asked by other Electrologists “how do I control pain?” and why do I use Multi-needle Electrolysis? And why schools no longer teach this technique?

I’ve been practicing Multi-Needle Electrolysis for 20 years. I began my career in NY in 1994, then received advanced training in Baltimore MD, and relocated to Beverly Hills 3 years ago.

Trying to get a professional consensus on how you all feel about Multi-Needle Electrolysis. I would like to hear from all Electrologists and clients please…

Your opinion is really important! Whether you use Multi-needle, don’t use it, would like to learn it, have no idea what it is or what it does? Or currently looking for a Multi-Needle machine. Please let me know.

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I think multiple needle is a wonderful modality and seldom given it’s full appreciation. I believe that all the companies that made such machines are now out of business (e.g., Gentronics).

The recognized “modern … computer controlled” version of multiple-needle was devised and promoted by Dwight Letchworth (House of St. James). A VERY odd “cat.” His business burned down under mysterious circumstances … is the last I hear of him.

There is a wonderful woman in your area (maybe a “was” … Mary Yamaki) who actually used two machines at the same time: thus she could use 32 needles at a SUPER-LOW setting, say, only 1/10 milliampere (rendering almost no pain) … and she get great and perfect results. Her beard work was terrific and flawless.

Maybe try to locate Mary? Try calling the Hinkel Company and speak with Bill Schuler.

I agree with your statement about Multi-Needle.

I’m so glad to hear Mary Yamaki is using 2 machines. Ironically I will begin using 2 machines next month as I was contemplating it for several years now. I will look her up.

Thank you!

GREAT! I’ll be sending you clients (if you want). I’m down in BH quite often (car nut, art nut, “tar pit” nut, and dino nut). Maybe we can “do lunch?”

I’m “freaking” about the news that the art museum might be closing for rebuilding! HOPE NOT!

Yes! Please do send me clients, and anytime you’re in BH, give me a call!


I use to perform multi-probe galvanic and have only positive thoughts about this modality as far as effectiveness goes. I did learn about multi-probe in school, but in theory only. Hands on experience was woefully lacking and I had to learn much on my own. I also learned from Jim Jenson, the man who manufactured the great digital Gentronics multi-probe galvanic epilator with 16 individual circuits. I learned more from the manufacturer than I did in the school setting. I don’t think multi- needle was their forte and they certainly didn’t seem to to know much about it.

My conclusion about the different modalities, having done them all, is simple : all modalities remove hair permanently as long as you can insert and hit the target with the proper balance of energy for the proper amount of time. Secondly, people want the hair off as fast as possible so the area looks like hair never grew there and they don’t want it hurt too much. If one can meet these requirements and leave the skin looking fairly undisturbed, they will be in high demand no matter whether they use galvanic, blend or thermolysis or all the sub-modalities within the big three.

Being an Electrologist is an artful endeavor. We all have our special touch, formula or secret recipe for getting the hair off as fast as possible.

I think multi-needle is wonderful and I have fond memories of being totally engaged in minding and balancing the probes and wires, then sliding the hairs out of the follicles, but my personal preference is using several kinds of thermolysis modes, with an Apilus XCell Pro. Serves my needs and the needs of my clients well and it just happens to be what I’m comfortable with.

Well Multi-needle welcome to the boards. A new perspective is always needed around here.
I’m a bit of an oddity around here, a completely uneducated redneck cannuck who taught herself how to perform some basic electrolysis. I had to go to a lot of different resources for information in that process, and I have to be honest, none of them lead to information on how to perform multi-needle.In fact , depite being told to learn galvanic first by many many both here and elsewhere, finding information on performing even basic galvanic, was nearly non-existant. From the bit of research I have done into schools, I havent seen a single one that offered information on multi-needle galvanic.It does appear this has become something of a quickly fading art.

On a personal level, my experience with galvanic was short lived, (even single needle) , I wasnt personally happy with the levels of scabbing from it.I’m much happier with blend , or even thermolysis though I’m not 100% comfortable with that.

I have to admit to having seen some outstanding work performed with multi-needle though, and have been amzed by what a very few have been able to achieve.A new, different perspective, is always a good thing, and I look forward to hearing all you have to offer in the form of perspective.


Thank you Dee, Michael and Seana, all your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Arlene Batz in Queens used to do multi-needle too at some point, perhaps she still does? Hopefully she will chime in here with her experience when she’ll have time.

I used the Gentronics multi-needle units for 12 years in Australia, at the clinic we all used the 2 machine method for large areas. In fact up until a few years ago most electrolysis clinics in Sydney used Gentronic, most like myself have now moved over to Apilus. I still have my units, someone recently offered to buy them however I prefer the simplicity of the blend mode and the ease that I can adjust the timings and intensity of thermolysis and galvanic when treating telangiectasia.

Hi Multi-Needle. Among my hair removal arsenal, I have a 16 probe Multiple Needle Galvanic Gentronics epilator.

I learned hands-on MNG in the early 90’s from Marion Ellner of NY and later learned from Kay Lasker of PA. I also assisted and learned from Suzanne Anderer way back when she was using Gentronics.

At this point, I administer MNG on less than 2% of my clients. It has its place for me but minimally.

When a client comes in, I want to work as fast as I can so they feel they are getting the most for their money and this means I head for the super-duper-fastest flash(iest) technique I have. Although this suffices for most, it is not ideal for everyone. (As a former NY’er, imagine being here and trying to administer something that forces us to work slow!)

For people like me, with hyper-reactive tissue, less heat is better and therefore I head for the slower blend. (I have psoriasis).

I currently have a client who has been to several electrologists and complained of pain, pigmentation problems, slow healing and too much regrowth. She had read about the modalities and various techniques and began her search for MNG. She found only 2 electrologists in all of NYC with MNG.

When I started working with her, I asked her if I could begin with my technique of thermolysis and then, if she did not like it, I would move on to blend and then to MNG. Agreed.

Using various Thermolysis techniques and mostly IB probes, we saw great progress on her legs, buttocks, arms, upper lip, chin and neck. We did not see the same progress on her toes or breasts.

Her toes scabbed too much for her sensibilities and there was too much regrowth on her breasts. When I switched to blend, she felt it was too uncomfortable. I have several different epilators and one of them has 2 separate pedals; 1 for thermolysis and 1 for galvanic. I suspect that if I worked Blend with that epilator, I could have found comfortable and easy releases but I decided to work with the MNG instead, and which, to her delight, made her feel that she was in some sort of sci-fi flick as the dangling wires hovered above.

For this client and for this client with me, in my office, with my limitations and advantages, it was the way to go.

Hi Alana. Have you found the FB AEA page? There are other electrolysis pages where your thread will get lots of activity.

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Hallo, I would like to know if anyone sells a machine multi probe needle or knows where I can buy a new one

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am very interested this technique, because it seems the only one that can permanently eliminate unwanted hair, then with only one session, and I do not understand why there are laser and IPL that does not give the same result and not the multi-probe needle

Multi- needle galvanic is very good for removing hair permanently, but it is not the only modality that can remove hair permanently the first time.,

It is very hard to master and you have to be very patient because the probe needs to be in the follicle for many seconds. You have to patiently wait for the chemical action to fully materialize. Microscopic lye (sodium hydroxide) is being made, with the naturally occurring salt water in your hair follicles. It is a real miracle that this was even discovered way back in the 19th century.

You’re absolutely correct that MNG is not the only method for permanently removing hair. However, there are so many reasons an Electrologist would benefit using the technique:

  1. You can control the pain making your treatment completely comfortable.
  2. So much easier on the Electrologist…physically I mean.
  3. Very gentle on the skin, will not cause any damage.

Yes, it is challenging to learn, however, when mastered, it is as my mentor and teacher told me “my biggest money maker” because anyone can tolerate the treatment.

If you’re interested in the technique, come see me in Beverly Hills. Lasers were never approved for Permanent Hair Removal, you can see the clearances on FDA website.

Multi-needle electrolysis cannot remove all hair permanently after just one session. There will be re-growth, and can take many treatments depending on the area to rid of hair permanently.

Hello, I am dealing with an area of my body in a clinic in Sydney, and the owner told me that with one pass the hair dies and 99.9% if it is really so I’m happy, although I will spend a lot of money, just that it works. However, she gives the 100% guarantee, so I think I’m in very good hands. I would like to learn the technique and practice it to my country, but what if these machines are not on sale anymore it’s useless.

Dear 333
If the owner of the clinic will guarantee 99.9% hair removal after one pass, she is a miracle worker!

I know there are MNG machines in Israel, Australia, and South America, even some still in the US being used by other Electrologists, you should contact those who use MNG and ask if they still use it? Texas Electrolysis will take the machine and send them to Jim to re-calibrate. If you locate a machine, I would be happy to train you.

PS. Clareblend used to also make a Multi-needle machine, I’m not sure it’s still available.