Michael's Pies

As Michael promised, he’s starting his pies. He asked me to post this first one for him on Hairtell. He told me he’s working on a “ton” of useful material that will be posted for free on his website.


Thank you Michael!

Please tell Mr. Bono to post his own links.

As a published author, there are rights issues involved, and it is less trouble to just post them, than to ask you to post them instead.

Additionally, we would not want him to ever say that he never told you to post them, or never gave permission to have them here.

After all, if he wants to use this forum to promote his new site, he can do that all he wants, just as long as he actually does it himself.

We welcome the influx of the backlog of his hoarding vaults. It is like getting access to the unreleased works of The Artist Formerly, And Once Again, Known As Prince.

Thanks for your generosity Michael. It is refreshing, appreciated AND it IS the way this world is going now.

Thanks James, I will take the risk if you don’t mind.
Do you know how to upload a PDF file in Hairtell?

About having the permission, I have understood that the emails are valid evidence before a Court of justice. Michael made sure that things are well CLEAR in the email he sent me.

You know he has been copied, used, and plagiarized many times. Maybe it is because after all, his works are still valuable, even though some people think they are old-fashioned.

Michael is a registered member. He should put his own links on the board. What is so awful about that?

I don’t know of a way directly, but you can upload it on a third-party website and then share the link here. This one seems to work:


I don’t know James. Perhaps he is busy making pies so that all of us can enjoy them. What does it matter who put the link? the important thing is that this leads directly to a delicious “cake”. Do not you think?

Sometimes a little “sugar” does not hurt, my friend.

Thank you very much Brenton.

You are all very cool people…Glad i wondered into your world !!

Those of us interested can also note to go to Michaels website for these links…

When someone who has a proclivity to say one thing in private, and another thing in public creates a situation that has an avenue that could lead to litigation, one would be best served by taking the most cautious route.

If he has the time to shoot you the link when the page is done, he has the time to post it here as well. Might even have time to add a little gem of wisdom with the link.

Danika is also correct, people can also just go to his site regularly for updates, now that he has used this one to increase its visibility.

[color:#99FF99]I’m kind of in on this late. Is Mike really making pies? I love pie, not as much as cake, but it’s really good. Mike! What kind of pies are you making? I like Lemon Meringue. Yes, I had to go to Google spellcheck for that. I’m kind of burned out on apple and pumkin, but still like key lime, with vanilla ice cream. Of course, I could be totally missing the joke here. Yes, I did see the Google docs, thank you Josefa. Don’t worry if you get sued, most lawyers will take a case in exchange for hair removal, -because they are all dogs. Am I adding anything of value to this discussion? Maybe we could talk about where to get LED-circline replacements?

…I know, I know, the key lime color is difficult to read.[/color]

After doing over 6,000 insertions today, I didn’t need to read key lime colored print, Manta :crazy:

The highlight selector quickly turns it to white type on a blue background. :wink:

Seriously, while I might donate hair removal to give even more to this web site than I already have, when it comes to paying for legal services, we don’t get enough donations to keep it running now. Hate the ads on the site? Make enough donations, and they will go away. Unlike PBS, we don’t hold the web site hostage 4 times a year, and say, “If X number of people make a donation today, we will stop withholding your favorite regularly scheduled programming.”

excellent stuff Josefa and Michael. I did come here for pies, remember Josefa I can only eat halal, please bare that in mind lol. litigation? plagiarism? ppfft. They are only pies. :slight_smile:

My favourites cakes are brownies: wrapped in a generous layer of pure chocolate, with a big heart of sour stawberry and abundance of California walnuts. Is not this the perfect combination?

“…because they are all dogs”

Not all of them are. Right now I have here the most charming, kind, and generous as you can imagine. He only has a defect, does not speak Spanish :frowning:

And what PIES, dear!

And what PIES, dear! [/quote]



“Importants Topics” in Spanish!

Thanks for thinking of Spanish speakers, Michael.
It was a pleasure to be your “kitchen assistant”. :slight_smile:

Hi Jossie … well, I have eleven nice useful documents ready to go. Here’s the crazy problem. My “internet guy” loaned his laptop to Jocelyn (young actress in Los Angeles). The laptop has all my access codes!

Jocelyn was in China (with the laptop) doing modeling at the international auto show! She just got back today (after some very horrible experiences in China), so these (free) tid-bits will be available soon.

I’m sure the wait will be worth it.



Michael, what do you think of this job? seborrheic keratosis removal was done under the supervision of Lola, our doctor.

Just amazing! BRAVOOOOOO!