men and waxing

how normal is it for a guy to get a brazilian wax? or is it normal at all?
do places even wax men???

What is a Brazilian wax? Never heard of that. More guys get waxed than you think. I would say it’s normal. Never tried it myself.

Half of my laser practitioner’s patients are men.


I wax regularily, don’t worry, it’s not regarded as abnormal (well here in UK anyway). Just try yellow pages, if you get a strange response try the next on the list. PS I have not heard of the brazilian one, guess its a marketing technique! Take care! Graeme

A Brazilian wax is a pretty much entire bikini wax for women. You have to get on the table on elbows and knees for them to do the whole job. It’s a very intimate procedure that most women would find pretty embarassing.

Because of the difficulty of the procedure, the possibilty for injury to very delicate skin, and the intimate nature, it’s hard to find people who do this professionally outside of large cities, where you’ll usually find a few people here and there.

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Those seeking the male equivalent of a Brazilian wax will probably find it even harder to find than a women’s brazilian wax. Many waxing salons will not perform the same service for men.

Your best bet for finding a place that will wax men would be to look for salons that advertise in the local gay newspaper. If they don’t do it, they may be able to steer you to someone who does.

The other way is to call around, but don’t be surprised if you get a less than enthusiastic response from some places, especially female practitioners. Just keep looking, though-- eventually, you’ll find a place!

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Although I’ve never had my frontal area done, I have had waxing done on my buttocks many times. You will probably want to look for a “day spa” listed in the yellow pages in your area.

Like Andrea said, being on your elbows and knees while a woman works on you is quite embarrassing and awkward, but they’re professionals and are probably used to it.

Will the day spas do the frontal area too?

As far as getting down on ones elbows and knees while a woman works on me, I would have no problem with that if I can find a day spa that would do it.

RJC 2001

RJC, it’s pretty hard to find anyone who will do males, but you’ll probably have better luck asking at day spas. That’s certainly no guarantee, though. Unfortunately, it’s one of the services where men have a difficult time getting the treatment they want. Most people who do waxing are women, and they refuse to work on males in this area. In addition, there may be regulations in some states regarding the practice, which can make it even harder to find. :frowning:

Thanks for the info. That’s what I thought. I think I’ll just stick with shaving and maybe try a Mach 3.


I’m sure it all varies from day spa to day spa, but I’m sure there are some that will. You’ll probably just want to look in the yellow pages and call around. My guess is that 20-25% will.

I’ve lived in four different cities over the last three years, and finding someone has never been difficult.

It took me 4 years to find a salon that would do bikini waxing for men. They ran an ad in the yellow pages that said “specializing in full body waxing for men and women”. They were new in town so I was lucky to have read the new yellow pages when it came out.

The toughest part about finiding a salon is the initial phone call. You will get mixed reactions from the person on the other end.

been having a complete body wax for over ten years, no problem finding someone to do it. it does help to be in a big city, like LA… Hair has gotten finer over time…

andrea … i read on another website that waxing is not recommended for male genitals (i.e., it is not safe). given all the back and forth on brazilian waxing, this seems to be false. what are your thoughts? also – how does one distinguish between the different home wax systems on the market? which ones do you suspect are the best for male genitalia?

curious1, it’s something you should probably get done by someone with experience. If you have other questions about geinital hair removal, please ask them on the adult forum.

Hey jonny_longer, I go to the same salon as you! I plan on moving to the Toronto area in a few months, and I’m concerned about finding a salon that will provide me with the same sort of waxing that I get at the salon here in Ottawa, for about the same price. Would anyone know of any good salons in Toronto that do full-body waxing for men and women?


I’m going back there for my electrolysis when I’m finished with the laser.


I haven’t taken advantage of their electrolysis services yet. What sort of rates do they charge? I’d be interested in treating the skin around the bikini area, as well as the other problematic areas “down there”

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When I used to go there for waxing she told me it was $1 a minute.

I don’t know if the rates have changed. Who was your waxer?

johnny longer

Serena, and I have to say I’m very impressed with her professional attitude. I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I went (it was also my first time getting waxed), and I was a little concerned about my being a man and all, but she talked to me through the whole session about how there’s lots of men getting waxing done now. My plans have changed and I’m not going to Toronto after all, and I’m thankful because I don’t know where I would find a salon as great as this one.


I have a consoltation booked for this coming Friday to talk about the electrolysis and I will have her do a small test area to see what it is like.

They charge $1.10 per minute.