Many home use devices are scams!

Please be cautious when considering a purchase of a home use laser device from hair removal. Many of them are sold by disreputable companies and do not work as claimed.

I agree. It would be great if we could get a list of devices that users have had success with… or maybe a review on the good ones?

No Home Use light based systems offer anything near what professional systems deliver. This is why we recommend the do it yourself types get professional electrolysis equipment and trade work on each other.

The Rio one I used seems to have darkened and coarsened the hairs on the sides of my face and cheeks; they are very much more noticeable now.

I really wish that people would post about their experiences with a home IPL machine. Real postings where they give the name and how effective it was. I was considering an IPL machine from China since I could use it for general dermatology also, but I am terrified of spending over $3000 and it not working. So before I make a purchase like that I need some serious input. Thanks.

How much more serious input can we give you?
Even in the hands of a professional, a real IPL is not the most effective thing to use. How much less effective would one of these mail order jobs be?

I would wager that if I had a picture of your treatment area, that I could probably see where you could do all you need done with $3,000 via electrolysis, under the right conditions.

I appreciate your reply and understand that IPL may not be the best method for permanent hair removal. I should be more clear by saying that my goal for purchasing an IPL machine is to treat a variety of conditions related to skin, in addition to hair removal. Hair removal wouldn’t be the only condition being treated. I have had numerous IPL treatments on my skin and noticed that the hair in that area did not grow back as thick, nor did it grow back as quickly. It did come back like normal after several months. However, over time, and with more IPL treatments for skin conditions, the hair became less and less dense. Now my hair is much better, although not gone. However, the IPL treatments were not designed for hair removal, it was just a side-effect of treating the skin. I’m sure that using IPL specifically for hair removal would produce even better results than I saw. I’m sure you are correct with your statements that electrolysis is more effective for hair removal. Thank you again for your reply and honest feedback.

Please HELP what device for at home use is the BEST for removal of hair for a male Price is not an issue

Yes this is very good advice…many at home products do not work and should really be taken off the market. Do your research so you don’t make a mistake.

The goal is true IPL or laser treatments is to remove hair permanently. If you didn’t achieve that with numerous treatments that you describe, what you had wasn’t very effective. And with a home machine or a $3K machine from China, you’s see even less results.

Hello, I am a newbie here. I am a dancer/actor by profession and so you can imagine why I would be concerned with my hairy body.:slight_smile: Recently my hair problem is affecting my performance and so my reason to join this forum. Anyways I have done laser on my face and underarms and its better but hair is still there. However I need to find ways to make my body (legs, stomach, underarms) look smooth and hairless. Waxing seems to give me ingrown hair and shaving is an ‘emergency’ option for me. Besides I am Indian but fair so I have black hair on fairly lighter skin. :frowning: Is there a device that I can use at home…not for permanent hair removal (saving money for professional laser again) but something that would at least make the skin look hairless for few weeks in a row. Please help!

The only at home method that will keep you hair free for a few weeks is one that actually removes the hair by the root, such as waxing or tweezing. Shaving and so on will only last a day or so. Unfortunately home based lasers are not permanent and don’t produce even short term results from my experience. You shouldn’t really get ingrown hairs from waxing though, but really your best bet is to do professional laser with a Yag laser.

Have you considered electrolysis at all? It is the only method that can permanently remove hair.

Well that’s a false statement Jeanette. Laser will permanently remove hair as well if done correctly. As we say on here over and over, laser will only work on very dark coarse hair and works best on very light skin. It cannot get rid of 100% of the hair like electrolysis, but it can definitely do 80-90% which may be plenty. Because it removes all the coarse hair (the hair that’s most visible as stubble etc) many times what’s left doesn’t bother the person since it’s very easy to shave.

I backup edokid’s statement completely. We have two choices available in 2011 for permanently removing hair (electrolysis) or reducing hair (laser). With 80% or above reductions with laser, that is success for any people. They only have to shave every two weeks when they were shaving everyday. That’s good enough for many people.

Thanks for noticing that post, edokid.

Thanks y’all! Yeah I had done laser before on my upper lip and yeah its not all clean but its much better. I mean I am probably extra conscious because I am on stage and feel like…anyways that’s besides the point. I have coarse hair on my legs because of shaving and bad waxing technique, I have type 3 skin according to this chart and black hair, what kind of laser should I use?
The reason I asked abt home based laser was because I need something that gives me the effect of waxed skin but does not take that long since sometimes I have to be hairless days in a row with literally no time to take out to wax and no money to consistently go to a salon. Waxing takes longer for my skin, don’t know y but even in professional salons, it takes longer and its still never clean.

Even if its not permanent but relatively long term… if you guys can suggest something home based laser/electrolysis for now then eventually I will go for permanent laser anyways. Or suggest a home based wax that I can try. Some brand? I am at my wit’s end.

Any views on the homedics Me laser? Currently saving up to get mine. I am mixed race and its the only one I have seen suitable. First time postero be kind lol.x

This posting has gone unanswered. Any feedback out there? Like many people, I am skeptical of the DYI devices, and wouldn’t spend any money on one.

But it is interesting that this brand’s models have sparse coverage in terms of online reviews, e.g. on Amazon.

Also interesting that they claim some of their models are effective on the follicles of red or grey hairs immediately after waxing or rotary epilation…would anyone care for some chimp tea?


This has REALLY worked for me… The key is DARK HAIR/LIGHT SKIN… If you don’t have this, don’t expect any results because there won’t be any.

Here is my Amazon review on the product and a second review on the life of the flash cartridges.

UPDATE: Saturday March 16th, 2013 TWELFTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 121 + 1304 from previous sessions. Total = 1425
Setting : 5


It could have gone longer. There is definitely a counter in the unit that does not go beyond 1500 flashes and seeing as how I’m within 75 flashes, that seems par for the course considering there were times I lost count (from the pain at times lol) and tried to pick up where I thought I was.

I checked the bulb after the last session and aside from looking a little worn it seemed quite intact in every way. There were no cracks or signs of damage.

Now if you think about it Remington probably tested the cartridge to its breaking point and let’s say that after a few tests in a controlled environment, they realized that the bulb cracked or even exploded at say, 800 pulses. As a result of the bulb cracking or exploding the unit itself was damaged. Maybe it melted a fan blade or messed up the electronics permanently. This may be what led to the unit using a counter to make sure that at a safe number like 1500, the unit would render the cartridge useless. So as much as Remington is making money off replacement cartridges, they are also providing an effective fail-safe to ensure that the unit isn’t damaged and the user is satisfied to a degree.

I don’t like the fact that the cartridge could have lasted longer but I’ve seen how light bulbs can burn out, pop and explode and when I think of that happening next to some sensitive parts of my body??? I’d rather just pay for another cartridge. I’ll keep reviewing the replacement cartridges on their product page but as for this product, yes, you guessed it. FIVE STARS!!! *****

UPDATE: Tuesday March 12th, 2013 ELEVENTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 75 + 1229 from previous sessions. Total = 1304
Setting : 5


Did some additional light touch ups around my bikini line and waist above my navel and I just noticed that the bulb life indicator is now YELLOW (It has been GREEN up until now)… This is telling me that I’m extremely close to the bulbs death, FINALLY. Still though, the unit is still flashing on the original bulb and I’ll let you all know at what number it finally dies. Can’t wait to see the difference in intensity between the original bulb and a new one.

UPDATE: Thursday March 7th, 2013 TENTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 310 + 919 from previous sessions. Total = 1229
Setting : 5


OK so now I’m starting to wonder if this flash bulb will ever die. I showered and shaved the entire area but this time I went a little further past the bikini line hence the lengthy session. No lotions or moisturizers were applied to the area prior to treatment. I flashed every part of my crotchal region from front to back, paused a minute or two every now and then to let the bulb cool and wiped the lens in between flashes. After treatment, I left the unit on so the fan would cool the bulb until it reset and then activated it again and left the fan to run a second time until reset. This way I know everything has cooled down before I put it back in the box. I have to say I’m starting to love the feel of it all and my wife loves it too :). So now, after all these treatments I can now go a day or two without feeling the need to shave and at this point I can probably go a few more days but the OCD in me keeps making me shave lol.

We are now at 1169 flashes on the original bulb so I don’t see any reason to dock any stars on my review… I am MUCH MUCH smoother than before and I can now shave against the grain of hair without a single ugly red ingrown hair showing up. THE ONLY THING THAT I FIND ANNOYING ABOUT THIS PRODUCT IS; the button is very elusive when you are bending and twisting your wrist to get at those hard to reach spots. The fix for this is simple. Put a little nub on the center of the button so when your flashing and you can’t see the button, you can feel for the center and press it properly.

Excellent product!

UPDATE: Thursday Feb 28th, 2013 NINTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 184 + 735 from previous sessions. Total = 919
Setting : 5

Same prep for session as last time and same routine. I shaved, dried the area thoroughly, DID NOT APPLY ANY CREAMS OR LOTIONS TO THE AREA, flashed every part of my crotchal region from front to back, paused a minute or two every now and then to let the bulb cool and wiped the lens in between flashes. This unit is still running strong on the original flash cartridge at 919 flashes and that’s after over 2 months of weekly use! Now you should all know that I am breaking some of the rulese here. I’m using this device every 7 to 10 days as opposed to the recommended 2 week wait. I’m also doing FULL sessions every session instead of “touch ups” like the instructions recommend.

So far I’m about 80 percent hairless in the crotch front to back with the regrowth being a little thinner. Whatever is growing back I’m assuming has lost a bit of the brown pigment that it used to have as I’m no longer in my 20’s (41).

Does this thing work??? YOU BET YOUR A$$ it does. You just have to be careful with it that’s all :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Saturday Feb 16th, 2013 EIGHTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 100 + 635 from previous sessions. Total = 735
Setting : 5

Same prep for session as last time and same routine. I shaved, dried the area thoroughly, flashed every part of my crotchal region from front to back, paused a minute or two every now and then to let the bulb cool and wiped the lens in between flashes. One thing I am definitely noticing is that, as the sessions progress they are slowly getting shorter… I’m still doing every inch of my pubic area but I’m flashing a larger area as in, that after a flash I’m placing the gun a little farther away from the last area flashed. It’s not because I’m trying to be frugal with the bulb or anything, it’s just because I’m seeing less and less hair and it’s getting harder to tell where there is and isn’t hair which is a great sign that the product is working. Another thing I’m noticing which I LOVE is NO MORE INGROWN HAIRS!!! I’m now shaving against the grain in areas where shaving against would mean painful ingrown hairs and red spots. Amazing! No other product EVER, has been able to do this.

So after all the reviews on amazon saying that the cartridge does not last I honestly think its because of either factor

A) The unit is not being used with care.
B) It’s defective.
C) The unit is not being maintained properly.


  • Clean the lens after a few flashes
  • Take your time and resist flashing it like a paparazzi
  • Let the gun cool for 2 resets when your done.
  • Put it back in the original box when it has cooled properly to keep dust and dirt out of the system.

That’s all I’m doing and I made it past the 700 flash mark. Hopefully we’ll be able to go further.

5 stars remain… For now

UPDATE: Thursday Feb 7th, 2013 SEVENTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 124 + 511 from previous sessions. Total = 635
Setting : 5

OK. So nothing different from last time. I shaved, dried the area thoroughly, flashed every part of my crotchal region from front to back, paused a minute or two every now and then to let the bulb cool and wiped the lens in between flashes. The cartridge is still going strong and I’m confident that it will make it past the halfway mark. We’ll have to wait and see.

As for the results…Well I looked under my ball sack earlier today and I noticed that there was absolutely no trace of hair to be seen, not even black spots. The same goes for the bikini line. The area above my penis is hit and miss but I’m starting to see the bald patches growing in size so I’m sure that in time it will look like my bikini line. As for my ass crack, well, I really can’t see back there and I’m not gonna start using a mirror or anything but it does feel smoother even after I haven’t shaved for a full 24 hours. Usually it starts getting itchy after that much time has gone by.

I believe this product does EXACTLY what Remington has stated it will do and nothing more. To me it’s obvious that they did test it extensively so that they could manage our expectations accurately. The only area where I can see improvement is in the false claim that it will last 1500 pulses as these results were no doubt, obtained under very strict controlled conditions so there should be some mention of this in the manual as well as a notice that not everyone will get the same life span out of the cartridge. Either way, to Remington I say bravo for making a great product. To me this is well worth the money.

5 stars remain… For now

UPDATE: Monday Jan 28th, 2013 SIXTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 142 + 369 from previous sessions. Total = 511
Setting : 5

Well the bulb is still going strong and I’d like to hear form people who’s bulb did not make it past 500 flashes. To those people I’m pretty sure you are working the bulb too hard i.e. too many flashes per minute, not pausing enough in between flashes, not cleaning the lens and not letting the gun cool and “automatically shut off” or “reset” after your session. This is all I’m doing and so far it is keeping the bulb intact and functioning as it should. Another thing I’ve discovered is that the instructions tell you to shave the area and wipe the skin clean and completely dry the area… This is EXTREMELY important!!! If you shave then apply some sort of moisturizer to the skin, yes your skin is clean but the oils from the moisturizer will leave a residue on the leans during the sessions thereby making the gun retain more heat than it can bleed off, and if you’re not constantly cleaning the lens then don’t be surprised when the cartridge prematurely dies on you.

Still doing the pubic area from front to back and still using my yoga skills to their limits lol… As for results, I could not be happier. There seems to be more bald patches and in the areas where the hair is still growing back it is coming in thinner and finer. Great results after just 6 weeks of treatments. the 5 stars REMAIN!.. For now.

UPDATE: Thursday Jan 18th, 2013 FIFTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 127 + 242 from previous sessions. Total = 369
Setting : 5

OK so I have officially been at this for an entire month and here is my verdict… This product works AS PROMISED and I really do mean that. If you have a look in the manufacturers description it says that that it will “deliver results that last 6 months” and you’ll notice that right next to it is an asterisk… Here is what this little asterisk means “*Individual results will vary. In clinical testing, on average, participants had 47.8 percent fewer hairs six months after just three treatments, similar to results observed from professional hair removal systems.” AND THEY ARE RIGHT!

In the past month and after 5 full treatments I am noticing around 45 percent hair loss. will it last 6 months? I don’t really think so but that varies from one person to another. Furthermore, I did not use it as directed. Near the end I was using it once a week instead of the recommended 2 weeks. Also, they have been full treatments and not the recommended touch ups after the first three treatments. All in all, I am still NOT disappointed with the I-light Pro. It promises reduced hair growth and I got that. It promises slower regrowth and I got that too. It promised 1500 flashes on the light cartridge and mine is still going strong so I can’t really comment on it yet but we will see. Would I buy this item again? YES. Should you? Yes IF you have the right skin/hair combination but again, DON’T EXPECT MIRACLES. Expect it to help you in your hair removal process and keep you from spending stupid insane amounts of money going to laser clinics and spas to have something done for you that you can do for yourself for MUCH LESS MONEY.

would I have liked the I-light Pro to give better results? Of course but hey, I read all the reviews and I know what I bought into. Furthermore, I don;t have the Ideal Skin, hair combination. Yes I am fair skinned and yes I have dark brown/black hair but I do have some grey hair starting to pop up here and there so I can;t really expect it to work as promised… And since long term results literally take YEARS to achieve, I’ll keep at it. To be honest it’s kind of fun to use :wink:

I will keep updating this review until I have to switch the light cartridge but so far, so good…

UPDATE: Thursday Jan 10th, 2013 FOURTH SESSION
Flashes used this session = 74 + 168 from previous sessions. Total = 242
Setting : 5


I must be addicted to this product because I just did a full treatment AGAIN! The only reason I did it is because I’m really noticing a difference in the rate of hair growth and the regrowth. Also, there was another review here where the reviewer was using it every few days and she was getting amazing results so why not try it right?

This time around I did front AND back and by back I mean I really had to reach down between my legs and spread areas that I never EVER though I’d be spreading. Since I am used to shaving my but crack and around my butt hole by feel in the shower, I did the same with the I-Light Pro. It was much harder than I thought. The thick “cable” made it hard to get the head into the right position to zap so if there is one thing I’d recommend to Remington, it’s to make it all just a wee bit more versatile in this sense WITHOUT making it cordless. Either way, the job got done regardless of all the bending, twisting and spreading.

As usual, I checked the lens every second or third flash to make sure that it stayed clean. If there was any dust or dirt, I quickly cleaned the lens to make sure everything was running smooth. So far this little sucker is going strong with 242 flashes under it’s belt.

Still impressed, still 5 stars.

QUICK UPDATE: Wednesday Jan 9, 2013 OBSERVATIONS (no session performed)
Flashes used this session = 0 + 168 from previous sessions. Total = 168

It’s been 3 days since my last session and here is what I am noticing.

  • Reduced hair growth and delayed hair growth int he area I have been treating (bikini line, ball sack, perineum, area around anus pubic hair all around penis.
  • Bald patches in some areas as in NO TRACE OF HAIR :slight_smile:
  • Hair growing in thinner and sparser.
  • No redness or irritated skin like you’d get epilating.
  • No indication of Bulb “konking out” and on that note, read on.

I will ding Remington for making such a false claim that the bulb will last 1500 flashes BUT, you all have to know that when they tested the bulb life, they wanted to get the most flashes so how did they achieve this? Here’s how:

  • They used it on the lowest setting
  • They allowed the flash cartridge to properly cool between flashes (as in, not flash constantly for minutes on end like some people who are in a rush may do)
  • They tested it in a properly ventilated room to prevent premature overheating.
  • The flash bulb test was NOT done while being used on someone’s skin hence the lens was never dirty during the test and which did not lead to added heat building up in the unit (The lens DOES get dirty very quickly even after 5 or 6 flashes).

So doing it like this, I can see how Remington’s test facility got 1500 flashes out of the cartridge. Now then; Here is why I think the cartridges aren’t lasting 1500 flashes.

  • People are using it on the highest setting all the time (obviously it’s gonna impact the life of the flash bulb no matter what people here will tell you)
  • People are using it in a poorly kept environment i.e. dusty room from pet dander, pet hair, smoking (dust accumulates on the lens and bulb itself and negatively impact its lifespan)
  • People are using it in a hot/humid room
  • People are NOT keeping the lens clean during treatment sessions and in between flashes.

So folks, when you use it, make time for the session so that you’re not in a rush. Do the treatment in a clean, cool and dust free environment. Give the device time to cool properly in between flashes (this ties back to the whole take your time thing), keep the lens clean during your sessions and in between flashes and don’t use it immediately after a shower/bath in your bathroom (heat).

UPDATE: Sunday Jan 6, 2013 THIRD SESSION
Flashes used this session = 60 + 108 from previous sessions. Total = 168
Setting : 5


OK so it’s only been 4 days since the last session and not 2 weeks like the instructions recommend. WHY? Well, I was talking to my wife about the treatments and mentioned that I wasn’t really smelling any burnt hair to which she replied, “Then it may not be working… Are you using it on it’s highest setting?” to which I replied, “No, I’m using it on level 4 which is one notch down from the highest, level 5”. So she said, “Do it again on the highest setting. You should be smelling burnt hair.” therefore, I’m considering this treatment more of a touch up than a session.

That said, I have to say that I’m seeing results even before the third treatment. I’m starting to see actual BALD SPOTS which is encouraging considering that I have only done 2 sessions. The third went just as well as the second. In terms of pain, there isn’t much of a difference between level 4 and 5 but I did smell a bit more burnt hair which was the overall goal. I later treated the area with some Aloe Vera but so far, my skin is reacting quite well. There’s no blistering or crazy redness. Had I tried epilating in the same spot, it would have hurt like hell and created tons of red spots and irritated the skin. I am really starting to like this product.

Now… In between treatments, I’ve been researching other IPL products and found that they are all doing the same thing but instead of using the more common term “IPL” (Intense Pulse Light) some are using a new term called “HPL” or “Home Pulse Light”… Don’t let this new term fool you, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. Also, in my research I was looking at the Silk’n SN-008 Flash&Go which sells here on Amazon for 299.00… Overall the device does EXACTLY the same thing that the I-Light Pro does but with a few unnecessary extras. I don’t think it’s an inferior product but I do think that it’s no better than the I-Light Pro. I also came across a YouTube video about the Silk’n SN-008 Flash&Go and the video specifically states that “due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, achieving long term results may require multiple treatment sessions over a period of 18-24 months”. They mention it at 07:27 in this video […] Taking this into consideration, you can expect the same thing with the I-light Pro…

So after 14 days and only 2 sessions I’m seeing good results therefore the review will remain at 5 stars. More to come…

Flashes used this session = 68 + 40 from last session. Total = 108
Setting : 4

NOTE: I decided to wait the full 2 weeks like the instructions recommend.

First the prep. I shaved my groin area and dried it thoroughly. Then flashed the area from the perineum (gap between your butthole and your vagina/ball sack) to my navel and it wasn’t that bad this time around. The one thing I did that made a difference is; anytime the flashes started to hurt even a bit, I’d flash, wait until the pain from the last flash would subside (about 20 seconds) then flash the next section. It really did make it more comfortable for me. I’m not noticing any REAL hair loss yet as it is only my second session and there are many IPL pros here who say it takes many months before seeing NOTICEABLE results, so for now the review remains at 5 stars.

***QUICK TIP TO ENSURE PROPER BULB LIFE: Try to remember to wipe the lens thoroughly BETWEEN flashes. This keeps the lens clean and thereby makes the treatment more effective not to mention allows more of the light to pass THROUGH the lens so that the heat from the flash doesn’t get bounced back into the cartridge adding to the heat build up. Also, once you are done DO NOT TURN OFF THE UNIT!!! Let the fan run until the unit shuts itself off and you hear a beep, then feel the exhausted air coming out of the base and make sure it is COOL before turning the unit off. There, you’ve just eliminated another variable that MAY kill the flash bulb sooner. More to come…

HAPPY ZAPPING :slight_smile:

BTW, to bide my time I’ve been reading reviews from other similar products but one product that REALLY caught my attention was the NO-NO… As in “NO-NO the freikin thing broke down again!!!” Lol. This ridiculous POS sells for as high as 350.00 and is nowhere near as reliable or as effective as the I-light pro. While the I-light Pro sells for as little as 180 (with coupon if you’re lucky enough to find one). I pity those who regretfully gave the NO-NO a chance. Now their money is NO-NOwhere to be found. Lol

Sunday December 23rd, 2012 FIRST SESSION
Setting : 1-3

First of all, let me just say that I’m in my early forties and starting to get gray hair on my head and I’m not expecting miracles like some other reviewers. I read all the reviews and all I expect this product to do is prevent hair from growing back so quickly that I need to shave every day. I am a guy and I HATE hair. It’s ugly and having been a cyclist for so long, I learned to shave EVERYTHING, from front to back and legs as well. I love the feeling and so does my wife. what I don’t like is all the prep work and process to be hairless. Also, when biking, the grinding of the legs really makes it hard on my thighs and crotch so I need to be hairless down there.

Anyways, on with my review. I bought the Remington I-light PRO from Amazon and picked it up a few days ago. As soon as I got it home I opened it and began reading the instructions. Much to my delight Remington seems to manage customer expectations VERY WELL. The instructions DO mention that the unit will not work as expected when used on dark skin and white/gray or blonde hair. Also it mentions that it is dangerous to use if you have dark skin so I really don’t understand why people are giving it one star ratings when they didn’t either follow the instructions or have the right combination of skin/hair. The instructions also recommend cleaning the lens and unit before putting it away after every session. Now, to be completely fair, the instructions DON’T tell you to leave the unit on after use so that the fan can cool the bulb which I’m guessing is leading to so many light cartridges not getting anywhere near 1500 flashes Which I can live with… Hell the bulbs are 20 dollars EACH and when compared to a professional laser hair removal session which I’m hearing can cost upwards of 200 EACH SESSION, the I light PRO really isn’t that costly,

So I used it on my crotch area and it does seem to work. Shaving prior to treatment is key as this product is designed to work below the skin BUT BE ADVISED, shave IN THE DIRECTION OF HAIRS AND NOT AGAINST!!! shaving against will get you a closer shave yes, but you’ll have to deal with ingrown hairs no matter how much exfoliating and moistirizing you do. Shave your legs anyway you want but for the bikini line and crotch area and for the purpose of preparing the skin for THIS type of treatment and future treatments, the last thing you want is red bumps and ingrowns. The flashes not only kill the hair but also burn the extra hair right off and like many reviewers said, it does feel like a rubber band being snapped on your skin. I tried it on level 4 and found that the pain was quite manageable but I have yet to try it on level 5. Once it was over I had treated my groin area making sure not to overlap flashes and it left my skin feeling rough because the burnt hair is still there but we’ll see what happens in the next few days. I’m gonna try using it once a week depending on whether or not there will be red bumps, itchiness or irritated skin. If there is any of this, I’ll use it every 2 weeks as per the instructions. Let’s see how it goes. More to come in my update :slight_smile:
P.S. Total flashes used so far = 40


UPDATE: Thursday June 27, 2013 Eighth SESSION with 2nd bulb
Flashes used this session = 34 + 1388 from previous sessions. Total = 1422
Setting : 5

This covered EVERY area of my crotch both front and back… Although it is not meant for the pubic region, it can be done if this is your goal but be warned some areas are SUPER sensitive. I used level 5 the entire time and to be honest, some areas flashed were a bit painful but overall the treatments and pain are tolerable. As far as I’m concerned this cartridge performs as advertised.

Update January 18th 2014:

I am now starting to use this on my inner thighs as well as my crotch area as shaving in that area causes terrible ingrowns and scarring. I’ve also been tracking the cartridge’s flash life and here it is so far:

Third bulb
First Session Thursday June 27, 2013 with 3rd bulb.
Flashes used this session = 130. Total = 130
Setting : 5

Third bulb
Eighth Session Monday August 11th, 2013 with 3rd bulb.
Flashes used this session = 248 + 1000 from previous sessions. Total = 1248
Setting : 5

Third bulb DEAD
Ninth Session Wednesday August 14th, 2013 with 3rd bulb.
Flashes used this session = 84 + 1248 from previous sessions. Total = 1332
Setting : 5

Fourth bulb
First Session Wednesday Sept 4, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 204. Total = 204
Setting : 5

Fourth bulb
Second Session Monday Sept 9, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 300 + 204 from previous sessions. Total = 504
Setting : 5

Fourth bulb
Third Session Monday Sept 9, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 204 + 504 from previous sessions. Total = 708
Setting : 5

Fourth bulb
Fourth Session Monday Oct 21, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 393 + 708 from previous sessions. Total = 1101
Setting : 5

Fourth bulb
Fifth Session Tuesday Nov 5, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 137 + 1101 from previous sessions. Total = 1238
Setting : 5

Fourth bulb DEAD
Sixth Session Monday Nov 11, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 37 + 1238 from previous sessions. Total = 1275
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
First Session Monday Nov 11, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 37
Total = 37
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Second Session Saturday Nov 16, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 84 + 37 from previous sessions. Total = 121
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Third Session Monday Nov 25, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 170 + 121 from previous sessions. Total = 291
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Fourth Session Tuesday Dec 3, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 110 + 291 from previous sessions. Total = 401
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Fifth Session Wed Dec 4, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 150 + 401 from previous sessions. Total = 551
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Sixth Session Tuesday Dec 5, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 150 + 551 from previous sessions. Total = 701
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Seventh Session Monday Jan 6, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 143 + 701 from previous sessions. Total = 844
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Seventh Session Thursday Jan 9, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 110 + 844 from previous sessions. Total = 954
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Eighth Session Wednesday Jan 15, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 145 + 954 from previous sessions. Total = 1099
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb
Ninth Session Saturday Jan 18, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 150 + 1099 from previous sessions. Total = 1249
Setting : 5

Fifth bulb DEAD
Tenth Session Monday Jan 20, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 199 + 1249 from previous sessions. Total = 1448
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
First Session Monday Nov 11, 2013.
Flashes used this session = 30
Total = 30
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Second Session Thursday Jan 23rd, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 160 + 30 from previous sessions. Total = 190
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Third Session Tuesday Jan 28th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 53 + 190 from previous sessions. Total = 243
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Fourth Session Wednesday Jan 29th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 30 + 243 from previous sessions. Total = 273
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Fifth Session Tuesday Feb 4th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 131 + 273 from previous sessions. Total = 404
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Sixth Session Sunday Feb 9th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 160 + 404 from previous sessions. Total = 564
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Seventh Session Wednesday Feb 12th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 200 + 564 from previous sessions. Total = 764
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Eighth Session Thursday Feb 13th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 140 + 764 from previous sessions. Total = 904
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Ninth Session Saturday Feb 15th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 56 + 904 from previous sessions. Total = 960
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Tenth Session Monday Feb 17th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 32 + 960 from previous sessions. Total = 992
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Eleventh Session Monday Feb 17th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 148 + 992 from previous sessions. Total = 1140
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Twelvth Session Wednesday Feb 26th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 111 + 1140 from previous sessions. Total = 1251
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Thirteenth Session Tuesday March 4th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 72 + 1251 from previous sessions. Total = 1323
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb
Fourteenth Session Friday March 7th, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 38 + 1323 from previous sessions. Total = 1361
Setting : 5

Sixth bulb DEAD
Fifteenth Session Friday March 14, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 34 + 1361 from previous sessions. Total = 1395
Setting : 5

Seventh bulb
First Session Saturday March 15, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 21
Total = 21
Setting : 5

Seventh bulb
Second Session Wednesday March 19, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 170 + 21
Total = 191
Setting : 5

Seventh bulb
Third Session Sunday April 6, 2014.
Flashes used this session = 60 + 191
Total = 251
Setting : 5

Seventh bulb
Fourth Session Tuesday April 15 2014.
Flashes used this session = 209 + 251
Total = 460
Setting : 5

Seventh bulb
Fifth Session Wednesday April 23 2014.
Flashes used this session = 110 + 460
Total = 570
Setting : 5

Seventh bulb
Sixth Session Tuesday May 13 2014.
Flashes used this session = 170 + 570
Total = 740
Setting : 5

Thanks pabloottawa. But I was following up on the posting from Gbumsmum (my apologies if I have misspelled that), who had asked about the Homedics ME laser.

Homedics is marketing this as a DYI device that is suitable for use on dark skin tones.

Too good to be true?