Many home use devices are scams!


You will REALLY need to do some DEEP research as in my experience, IPL will only work on light skin, dark hair. The lighter and darker the better. with this combination you can expect and ATTAIN results very similar to what you’d get from a salon.

Any product making a claim that it will work on dark skin ans light hair is outright LYING to you, especially if the product is an at home IPL device.

I’m reading the product info on Amazon and don’t be fooled. It lists an extremely dark skin tone as allowable for use but be advised that this probably comes at the cost of an extremely low flash setting so as not to burn your skin.

BUYER BEWARE… You want my opinion? SCAM.

These do not work, lack the power, end of

I have been looking for a do it yourself device that I can use in the comfort of my own home. I have been reading some info on the Philips Lumea IPL device and just wondering how this Silk’n Flash & Go fits in against that device. Any input would be great. I have had about 12-15 professional laser treatments that has done wonders on my back but not much on my chest and abdomen area. I would like to use a device to give me a good long lasting results and if there is a growth I rather something come back in that smooth instead of the razor stubble. Please give some update and info. thank you…

Well one of the devices I always trust and I had results with is Tria 4x . There are also some good ones in the market, but the truth is that you have to make your research to pick the ones that actually get the job done . Here is a list I found I believe it has some effective ones : Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

I am a real Flash N Go user who bought my 2nd 120K cartridge last month on July 4th. Yes, the sheer irony of claiming independence from hair is awesome! Now, let me state, I have also been at this since Aug 28th of last year 2015. Oh, yes it does reduce hair and many places hair does not return. Now, you have to look at the amount of time it takes. If you have watched the infomercials it shows women using that thing like nothing and showing all of us is just so easy. Wrong!

If you think you can flash your entire body in one day, think again! Then as the infomercial shows the unit being used with glass window going side to side, not good. If you use it that way expect burns, since loose skin will get caught in that window. I have been there. Took me a few months to start using that window up/down and going around my arms and finally reduction started happening.

About the 6th month mark, I noticed some areas with no hair there. At present below my knees, I can’t find any hairs. Of course in the past I also did some home electrolysis there, so maybe they just needed a little more persuasion to be gone. Mustache and beard area, was never touched by electrolysis as I was not real great at getting that thin needle in the pore. After the start of my 2nd cartridge, which was close to a month under 11 months, of daily flashing, I noticed small patches around my nose that have no sign of hair. At present I probably have around 30 hairs total left out of a few hundred. That is an estimate only as I have never counted all of them.

I just have been diligently working away from face to toes every day. I flash my face almost every day, but of course is on 1 notch above first LED. If you knew me last year, you would definitely know there is a difference. Even though I was never severely hairy, it was way more than what is left now. Reason I went this route, is it is affordable. If I had more money, believe me, I would be waiting for the local Electrolysist to open her doors. The amount of time I have spent getting this far, could have had me totally hairless probably 10X over.

The directions are a joke, especially if your hair grows every week and not bi-monthly. In fact, I honestly do not know anyone that is so lucky that their facial and body hair does not grow in a few days to a week. If you play it safe as the directions go, most times will be completely inaffective. I also say for us guys, Who can shave their entire body/face successfully in 10 to 15 minutes, then go onto flash their entire body/face in one hour’s time? To get any kind of success out of Flash N Go, you have to make sure the area you shave is done and done right.

My method, I shave say my face and chest at night in the bath. Then early morning, I do those areas, which is also before I bathe. Yes, I am a clean freak who bathes morning and night. Even my woman thinks is a bit much, but is not the point. Point is any success comes from a daily routine. If you are extremely lucky with say less hair regrowth, you can extend the time. Then you also have to be extremely careful what intensity you use for flashing and exposing those areas to direct sunlight after treatment.

At present I consider myself about 80% hairless. That leaves 20% to go. Out of the hairs left some are very light. Here and there I am getting very lucky and those are being affected by using less intensity like say one click on the + above normal which would be one full LED and the 2nd blinking. You also have to use caution with this unit as going over an hour will melt the plastic around the glass window on the cartridge. Yes, I did this in my haste of thinking I could do my entire body in an hour and a half. Pretty well wasted the cartridge as the window got pitted also.

Now, I probably flash only about a half hour every day, which is way way less than I ever did with my Silk-Epil 7. I used to charge that thing 2x a day. Believe me, I have a strong hatred for facial and body hair, especially on my own body. Still, at current condition if I stopped flashing, I know would now only take me about 15-20 minutes of epilating to remove what is left. So honestly, I have made it a long way. Overused on flashing? By instructions? Definitely! Instructions say 1 to 2x a month, whereas I am doing my entire body close to 3x a month. As stated I only do small areas each day, so is nowhere near a full body treatment, takes me over a week to get my full body treatment in.

Still, the rush to do it is getting less. I have had a few days, where I skipped since hair regrowth is getting slower. So, is nice. Still, you better believe if I come up with something more permanent that will complete the job in less time, I will buy it and retire the flashing bit. Til that day or all my facial and body hair never comes back, I will be flashing away.

I noticed that many of the posts in this forum are from 5 years to up to a decade ago! So I wanted to share my own experience with at home laser hair removal.

I got professional laser hair removal done on my legs in 2005-2006, and while my hair was reduced and softer, I still had hair after 8 treatments. The dermatologist had told me I would need 6-8 treatments and I was getting tired of not seeing the results I had been marketed. So for awhile I just shaved it off, as I did not want to keep, what at the time seemed like, wasting money.

A few years later, I discovered the Silk’n Sens epil at Costco and started using that again on my legs. I think it is the bulkier precursor to the Flash & Go. I used that on my legs for about 2 years, one to two times a month, with good success. I was able to kill 90% of the hair that remained after my professional treatments. Now I need to only pluck a few hairs every now and then to have hair free legs.

Later, I purchased the Tria handheld system. The smaller “face” of the system makes it easy to use in smaller areas. Thanks to the Tria, I almost have no more facial hair. I still get stragglers that come in but they’re very infrequent… maybe 3-4 times a year. When they do, I shave it off, and then flash it with the Tria. I used to wax my face every 2 weeks at home, and that was quite harsh on my skin. Because of hair growth cycles, I have found that I need about 2 years of treatments + maintenance. This still puts me ahead in terms of money and time saved compared to professional treatments. One of the big hold ups for me with professional treatments was the maintenance. The maintenance was an issue with everything - shaving/waxing/etc. Of course, the initial X number of treatments wasn’t enough, so I’d have to keep going for a long long time (and $) to anything near hairless. Coming from someone who can hardly find time for the dentist, that just didn’t work for me. I’m not entirely hairless, but I’m very close to it.

I’m not the ideal marketed for these devices either. I’m actually at the border with medium skin (lighter in winter, darker in the summer) and dark hair. Any darker and I imagine I wouldn’t be able to use the devices. I have friends with lighter skin and darker hair who have also used the Silk’n Flash, Tria, and another device: the iLight Remington with similar results. The biggest issue, imho, with laser hair removal is how often you have to go get it done for results. Same thing with the home systems. Each zapping session gets rid of hair, but you have to do it alot and with regular frequency to see good results. It’s definitely not for the impatient.

So if you’re interested in laser hair removal, I’d recommend trying one of the systems. They could work for you. They did for me. Of the systems on the market right now, the only laser system are the Tria systems. The Silk epil that I used and the newer Flash & Go are IPL systems… So if you’re not sure about the home systems, and want professional laser removal… or can’t afford the professional sessions, then I’d give the Tria a shot before heading out for the professional sessions to get an idea of how it could work.

Like FlashinBob, I wanted to offer another good experience with the home options available today.

Thanks for adding your opinion.

Also, keep in mind that home hair removal systems are limited by law in the strength of the laser. So, the give you limited results, and as mentioned, may not work on all skin types. Going to a dermatologist or aesthetic professional will give you long-term results.

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