Looking to begin learning electrolysis

Hello all, i’ve been posting here for a few years now detailing my progress with facial hair removal. I’ve always been fascinated with electrolysis and it’s something i’m very passionate about. I’ve finally decided that I want to start learning how to do electrolysis and i’m kind of lost at where to start. Is there any machine that someone would recommend I start with to start learning how to perform electrolysis? I have purchased a copy of the blend method book so blend would be what i would like to start trying. Ideally i’d like to spend under $1,000 on a machine but i’m open to a bit more. If anyone could point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it.

I would check with Texas Electrolysis Supply (Houston). They usually have a good supply of used machines. Try to get the most simple unit you can find … not the “advanced computerized units.” I’d “go” with an Instantron because they are still being manufactured. I just learned that the Hinkel/Fischer company (in California) will no longer make electrolysis machines … and, will no longer support (fix) any Hinkel.Fischer machine already in use. I’d also check the Clareblend units (simple ones) as these are also being supported.

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Shame of it is I just sold ana Apilus Platinum Pure for $1500 cdn. Ah well.
Try facebook marketplace/kijiji/ craigslist. Those are your best bets. Right now there is high demand for equipment for some strange reason so expect prices to be a bit higher.

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I highly recommend instantron elite spectrum “K”
Also, u need to invest in lighting & visual aid. How can one treat hair follicles if they cannot see ones.

I’m using this => Recommended visual aid that isn't individualized

I love the Spectum, but it’s a little on the pricy side for a DIY’er . Pick up something used ( apilus, sil-tone, clareblend, fisher) on the cheap to get you started.

How would this machine be? I looked and couldn’t find an instantron in my price range, unless i was looking in the wrong place.

I also see this one on kijiji…

Would that be a good buy? Please let me know :slight_smile:

I also see this machine as well on kijiji.

Are these good prices for these machines?

The person selling the apilus junior plus is willing to ship so if anyone can te me if the price is right, i’ll get that one :slight_smile:

Edit: I think i’m going to buy this one if anyone can let me know about the price. Also, it seems to come with everything i need except probes and some magnification. Anyone have anything they can recommend? I’m kind of overwhelmed with how many different options it seems like there is for probes and the sizes of them.

price is good for the apilus junior. I have functional probehollders (some of them new) that fit that epilator too if you want. Teh Senior for $950 is also a good price for that machine. This is very similar to what I learned electrolysis on. Stay away fromt he vector crap they are nopt blend capable and are garbage in general…Think the “white van speaker scam” of electrolysis machines.

For probes, get your self some sterex stainless from Texas Electrolysis Supply. Call up and they will help you. Stick to f3 and f4 probes to start with until you learn what you like size wise. For magnification, for self work I often use a magnifying mirror, but if its somewhere you can see without a mirror something like this works great.

Perfect, thanks for all your help!

Any one have any machines that are for sale? I think my seller ghosted me so i am still looking for another machine.

They may have sold it. Electrolysis machines are a hot commodity during shutdowns for some reason. Cant imagine why :slight_smile: Do a search in Quebec. There’s always lots in quebec, but expect to have to speak french ( or google translate )
Here’s one to get you started:

My question is are you looking to be professional or just want to work on yourself?
If you are considering working on others then
Get yourself properly trained
Invest in good equipment - your clients deserve it. There are many great machines out there and after you have trained you will know what to buy
If it is just for home use then work it out
For a professional to advise you, a non professional, on what to do and how to do it, we are open to a legal minefield
Electrolysis is a profession, it is not something learnt from a book to then go on and treat professionally unless you are just doing it for yourself


Permanence this is the DIY section of the site. We welcome and encourage our DIY electrologists.

[minor edit by Andrea]

Hi @adamj95!

Per the previous comments, if you want to learn how to work on yourself, that is one thing and is appropriate for this section, but if you want to learn in order to provide professional services, that is another question altogether.

As Seana said, we welcome DIYers here, but as Permanence noted, if you are talking about becoming a professional, you should post those questions in the section for professionals. Many states require training and licensing before you can offer professional services.

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Andrea, Adam has in 10 years, only ever talked about DIY or his own treatment from professionals… This comment isnt warranted.

It’s not often I say this about actions taken by the boards owner, but this isnt what I signed up for over 15 years ago.I have always supported those whose humble beginnings matched my own experience and put up with a lot of these types of comments which were frankly as uncalled for then as they are now.
I am going to take some time to consider whether I want my professional name associated with a board that is not aligning within my own professional standards. berating DIY’ers to “do it right and go to professional traiining” when they have never indicated that intent ever is not what hairtell has ever stood for . It’s not right and I wont be a part of it.
I’m getting your probeholder in the mail to you today. Please use it to accomplish your goals and dont pay mind to those who are critical of your goals…
Be Well,


You make very valid points, permanence. Yes, this is the DIY section, but I feel it is always appropriate to warn DIY’ers performing electrolysis that it is not as easy as falling off a log. Scarring is a possibility, but what one does to themself is nobody’s business. I am always encouraging people to enter this noble profession and sometimes that starts with DIY’ing, but I hesitate to “train” someone here on Hairtell for liability reasons. When you first appeared here, Seana, I think I said the same thing to you, in a most lovingly way, hopefully. I was so happy to hear that you did seek out further training and that you had the help of James Walker. Your passion is what we need in this profession and your willingness to help other’s succeed is the best.

If one is going to do DIY electrolysis it can start with the great Michael Bono books and a basic blend epilator. If you want to pursue this as a career eventually, go to a training program. You will be light years ahead of the neophyte electrologists in training. A training program or an apprenticeship will teach you many things that cannot be taught in books alone.

I am happy to be associated with a helpful website like Hairtell. I’ll be here until I die or until Andrea says Hairtell is retiring.

Good luck and best regards to everybody.

I feel very badly because I know there’s a lot going on here here right now. Part of the problem with your warning , is it must always be repeated because the board doesnt work like it used to. There’s no “sticky threads” and most people just go to the latest page and work from there. They never see the “DIY is risky and hard” warning at all. . Adam isnt a “newbie” though. Adam has been on hairtell since I was a newbie pain in your ass. One thing I have always fought for though, is pro’s coming down on the DIY’er in their own section. IT shouldnt happen, ever. Fair warning fine, coming and demanding they go to a qualified school for DIY work is definitely not. . We work to get them the resources to learn from. There’s been a few I’ve inspired who HAVE gone on to be professionally trained and work from a clinic ( Jennifer Lynn for example) but it’s when their ready. But there is zero reason we should be harping on the DIY’ers , as professionals , about liability. IT doesnt exist. There is no exchange of funs or services here, hairtell is an information resource, period. In the end I backed off and asked Andrea to step in because I have a history with permanence and didnt feel I could be objective on the topic. I didnt expect that the DIYer would be further interogated. . Gosh adam is a really nice young lad and he didnt deserve to be made to feel like that. No DIY’er at hairtell should be. We are not the police of information, we are a resource for information.

I had to fight to get the information starting out. Then I sought to make sure no one else had to fight for it like that again. We arent a morality police.

And now I feel like I’ve hijacked his thread.


My goal with this is to help everyone make more informed decisions. Our amazing moderators have done so much over the years to make that happen, especially Seana.

My other goal is to make sure that no one feels attacked here, even when we have strong differences of opinion.

I do not personally recommend DIY electrolysis because it’s very difficult to do properly without training. Still, there are always going to be some people who try it, and I use a harm reduction model in those cases. That means that sometimes people will do harmful things despite warnings, and I want to make sure they lower the risk and/or level of harm.

Thank you to everyone who posts here, especially Seana, and I apologize if my attempt to cool things down upset anyone. My goal is for all to feel welcome, valued and heard here.