Looking to begin learning electrolysis

I was able to purchase the apilus junior plus. I bought these probes to start getting a feel for correct insertions but it seems to me that they’re too short for my probe holder? Keep in mind, i’m not doing any electrolysis on myself yet, i just wanted to mess around with getting a feel for insertions but it seems like the probes are too short for my probe holder. Am i doing it wrong?

I purchased these “ Sterex Stainless Two Piece Probes | Regular F Shank” for my probe holder “ Probeholders | Apilus 13.56mHz | F-Shank”

The shank (large portion) should fit into the needle holder without a problem. What size probe are you using? The only ones that are “short” are the #2s. The remaining sizes are sufficiently long to reach even the deepest hair follicles.

I’m too tired to type tonight so I made you a video:


that helped so much! thank you! now i have another issue lol. i went to turn my machine on last night and this is what it does. The lights turn on but no text comes on the screen. Am i doing something wrong? here’s a video.

That unfortunately isnt good. I cant help with it either… I thnk possibly someone sold you a defective unit.

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Did you get your unit working? Sometimes electrical units of all sorts won’t work unless attachments are well… attached

I hope if you didn’t get it working maybe this will help but I would bet you already figured out your issue.

I’m new here and know very little about these units but hope some general electrical knowledge might come in hand.