Looking For: Used Electrolysis Machine in Canada

Hi everyone! I’m a DIYer looking for a machine that’s good for blending since I’ll be using and practicing it on myself. I’m based in Ontario, Canada. Kijiji has a couple Apilus machines for sale (most are really old versions), but I read that it isn’t super reliable, and I’ll be using the machine for a few years. If that’s not true, please let me know. I don’t mind used if it can be shown that it works. I’m mostly concerned about getting a relatively cheap, working machine for DIY.
Preferably, I’d like to spend <$1500 CAD.
Thank you!

Well, now that you mention it.

I have several machines (different manufacturers). This machine was purchased by Art Hinkel. He bought every new machine on the market so he could test them. This blue machine was tested and then never used … it just sat on the shelf. This unit was part of the material given to me when the Hinkel company terminated.

It’s also the machine that I worked on for about a year … developing Marge’s first Blend epilator (this was the second phase). I could test it out … find all the accessory cords and so forth? I don’t know what this would be worth, check with Texas Electrolysis Supply for prices … perhaps you can contact me by email: mike@electrologynow.com

I wonder if it would be difficult to ship this from the US to Canada?

Thank you, but I would prefer a model that’s a bit more recent where I can easily find parts/accessories for. I appreciate the reply :slight_smile:

Sure thing … check with Texas

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Actually Cad, That Clairblend Michael offered would be just the thing to learn DIY with. It would have manual controls, which are exactly what most electrolysis textbooks ( including Michaels ) are geared towards for learning. Dont be fooled into thinking the Apilus or Silouette Tone Machines " will be more available for parts and accessories" because from your standpoint, as a DIY’er this wont be true.
Yes There are replacement accessories available but ONLY if you have a esthetics or certified electrologist certificate on your wall…Without that, neither company will sell to you. .
The Clairblend on the other hand takes a standard BNC needle cord, banana plug for the neutral wire both of which would be readily available through TES or instantron and will exactly fit this machine., and both of those companies WILL SELL TO YOU, the DIY’er.
IF you can find a working Apilus in that price range, I would say buy it . There’s generrally been a shortage of used machines all during the pandemic so they are few and far between. I did find a couple though by filtering results on kijiji tothe province of Quebec. There tends to be more machines there. Also look on facebook marketplace, I saw this one there:
Redirecting... It was a Platinum Pure for $1500 which isnt horrible. I sawa couple Senior II’s in sherbrooke on Kijiji. . Stay away from the many Sil-tone Servo-blends, they are quite older now and service isnt available on them.

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True Seana … Well, I “did it too.”

Total beginners want the most advanced/newest machine possible. When I started my business, I bought three advanced units (at the time) because I “wanted the best.” Problem is, I really didn’t know what I needed

Funnily enough (and I know this because I worked with Clareblend), the components in the “older” units are the same as those with new nicer looks.

Also, Texas is selling a “reconditioned” Telangirton (the unit I sold to physicians). This is EXACTLY a simple Clareblend unit … (except for an additional circuit in the DC … something you don’t need for electrolysis.) I still have (I believe) 2 or 3 of these (and one by HInkel too). Ugh … marketing.

Some time I’ll tell you about a company I worked with that sold microdermabrasion units. Not quite a scam … but almost. Again, “marketing” …

I feeling pretty happy. I checked out the blue machine and it’s perfect. It was never in use, except when Hinkel tested it out. I didn’t know Phyllis (Canada) was “searching for blend machines” … found out, and I donated it to her.
I have a few more like this. I’ll test 'em and give them away. I like free stuff too! My niece in Missouri has a new machine of mine (she was going to become a fellow zapper; but changed her mind). She’s returning the unit and I think I’ll send it up to Phyllis too. Yeah, donations to schools are very satisfying!

I’ll happily take as many as you would part with Mike, I get requests all the time for DIY machines.

Good to know … I have to check these out. A couple other schools want them … so, I’ll see … I hope your doing well. We had the best Halloween ever … just beautiful to see all the kids and parents; more than 600 kids and probably 800 parents. For that night, at least, the “pandemic” was OVER!

Hi, I am new here and am not sure if I should jump in on this but this thread is very similar to what I am looking for (only in US)…

I have been actively reading and researching about possible machines to buy for my first to use for learning and practicing electrolysis as Bono describes in ‘The Blend Method’. I keep thinking that I want to get the best for potential long term use but on that same note, I want something I can learn the best on as I see recommended.

I am not able to spend thousands as many of these seem to cost. I did find a couple of possible options on TES and am hoping to find something used for less $.

I have not been successful in finding anything used for reasonable priced for sale in WA state area. That is probably as Seana mentioned due to decreasd supply since covid.

I am currently looking at the Instantron Elite Spectrum vs the Clareblend essence. What are your thoughts on these machines for a 1st timer?

Do you have any specific recommendations for any others?

Bono, that is very generous of you to donate your machines. I agree that everyone likes free stuff! Thank you for your website with all the helpful educational information- I have been using it. :blush:

If you have or know of any other good electrolysis machines for sale that would be good for a newbie, I too would be interested in possibly purchasing.

Thank you

Instantron Elite Spectrum vs the Clareblend essence. Both are fine machines. For myself … old school … I prefer a simple dial … not up-down buttons or touch-screen. However, that’s not really a big issue.

Thank you so much for the advice! I have a few questions for someone with so much experience:
-You’ve previously written that Apilus machines have high failure rates; is it still worth buying one? Myron at TES also mentioned Apilus not making great machines… I want the machine to last a few years before it stops working.
-What would you buy:

  1. ST-250 for $1234
  2. Apilus Platinum $1500
  3. Apilus Senior 2 $1000
  4. Apilus Senior 1 $800
  5. Silhouet-Tone Blend 328 $400
  6. Apilus Junior $425
  7. Fischer CBX - $350
    I can wait for more to come up on Kijiji if none of these are great deals, though.

-Also, since you live in Canada, where would you recommend getting a used machine serviced if it requires repairs? One of my hesitancies in buying used is that something will stop working and I’ll have to ship it to TES and pay $$$ when I could’ve bought a new machine that was less likely to fail.

Sorry for all the questions!!

Hi Cad,
I actually like the Apilus machines when you get a good used one it will tend to give good service. Mostly there are so many more of them that they become rediculously low priced. $800 IS A STEAL when it comes to a functional electrolysis machine. The problems happen, when that machine is not functional.

I recently sold an apilus Platinum pure for $1500 CDN to another electrologist and she was happy to have it for that much money. This is a machine that cost about $8000 to $9000 new. IT wouldnt have been under warranty regardless so there is no guarantees. But as even an average used epilator goes for $3000 or more, it takes some of the sting out of such a sale. Here’s the issue with a DIY’er buying such. I would say 90% of the time , he probeholders have failed! I replace all unknown 27 mhz probeholders out of habit. They are about $100 from dectro for the HD ones I order. But a DIYER, they wont sell to you. Apilus similarly wont usually service an older machine so with the senior 1 and senior II ( or apilus SM-500 like I learned on) these machines are getting older now having been made prior to year 2000 and some as early as the 80’s. They have older technology including a real time clock that has a battery in it. When this battery goes flat, the epilator does not work correctly and the age of these machines makes them a gamble. But again, you are gambling $800, not $3000- $10000. There is an element of if it’s worth the risk , nad again, a poorly kept machine may also need probeholders. Apilus still sells 13.56 mhz probeholders and pedals and other accessories, but not all, for example the memory carrd in my SM-500 is dead and cannot be replaced anymore, making the machine, otherwise fnctional, a doorstop. Before it got to that point however I paid a whopping $300 for it an got over 12 years of use!
I’ve also bought the Platinum pure used, for about $1100 . The trick is, I know how to test these machjines and what the common failure points are… Not every used machine works! The way to know, is to actually test them, at first witha bubble test and egg white test, and second once it is determined to be working enough, on human skin ( yours) . That’s why it’s so important to have these skills.

I’m going to do a video on testing machines because I think it’s important to know how., especially if you are buying a used one:

As for your list, I dont like the ST-250, especially for a DIYer. I didnt find the machine capable or intuitive and there isnt enough granular control of currents. The apilus Junior to some degree would be a step up. I would not buy sil-tone blend machine because they are just too old and largely need calibration which isnt available on this model anymore . I would buy a VMC if one were available at a good price but this too is unsupported now. People love the Fisher CBX, but in my opinion is only suitable for DIY work on the cheap. Any of the Junior, seniors senior II or paltinum pure I would buy if I could verify its functionality. If I was looking for a machine to “last years” and be easy to get serviced, none of these machines would be in the market. I would RUN and buy another new instantron Spectrun Elite from Skip Mahler. His support is fantastic. I wouldnt buy another Apilus Xcell even though I use one I have had 6-7 years now evryday, I think Apilus has price itself out of the market on that model.

I know of no other repair centers for electrolysis equipment other than TES , and those services provided by the manufacturer. Instantron’s support is beyond excellent, Apilus, well I’ve had my trials with them, they try but there is a communication disconnect, and I’ve never had to deal with Sil-Tone for service as I generally dont like them except for the VMC and it too has limitations.

Thank you so much for all of your advice.
What I’m gathering is that I should go with the Junior, Senior or Platinum if they’re good, or buy a new Instantron Spectrum Elite (~$4000 CAD). I’m looking forward to your video on how to test the machines for functionality, since I only know of the bubble and egg test.

Hello Cad:
I have been using the Spectrum Elite for many years, I owned 2 SE. Personally, the Spectrum Elite is the most reliable machine on the market and receives my gold standard award!
After 45 years in the electrology business, Instantron Company remain a great company.
To be honest, and my experience, the model SE is trusted.

Have a look at the following link:

Best Regards,
Lucie Desrochers, CPE,
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

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I agree with Lucie. The spectrum Elite is a good choice if you are lloooking for functional reliability.It gets my gold award too…

Lucie, we should do coffee one day, I understand we have some colleagues in common . I’ve been meaning to reach out for some time.

Do you know where I might find a used one in Canada? It looks like a great model and I’ve heard great things, but it costs about ~$4000 CAD to get one from the U.S, out of my price range as a DIYer, I think`

They are unobtainium on the used market. Your average Spectrum Elite owner will own it till the day they die, and refuse to give it up.That good.


Please PM. I have an answer.


Cad: where are you located in Canada?