Longer term leg hair removal

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I am a 32 year old guy, light complextion (blonde hair etc), and regularly shave my legs for sports cycling and comfort reasons. My only problem is that it is a bit of a pain in the neck, as I need to shave every 2 days or it gets really itchy. I tried Epil Stop, and boy was that a big mistake! I thought I would need a skin graft to recover! Can anyone suggest a better way of doing this so that I only have to remove the hairs say once a week? Despite my light hair colour, the hairs are pretty strong on my legs, and grow back fast. At the moment I use a Phillips 3 head electric razor.
PS(Andrea): Suggestion: your payment system does not recognise my country (South Africa) so I can’t use your paid facility via my VISA card. Maybe ask them to include some more countries? Lastly I would like access to all the areas of your site, including “mature” sections. I saw some ID questions in the profile section when I registered, but I don’t know what the abbreviations mean, as they are most likely US or Canadian based?? You will see from my registration info that I am 32, so if you have not already provided me access, please tell me what ID you require that I can provide.
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Stuart I suggest that you switch to a foil shaver. I recommend the Braun Synchro 7526. It will give you a closer shave than a rotary. Isn’t the Philips the same as a Norelco? I tried a Norelco. It is a well-built shaver but it just does not shave as close as a foil shaver. I guarantee you will get a closer shave with the Braun.

The Braun will probably be faster too. Leg hair only grows in a few directions and in this case a foil shaver is more efficient as it reqires fewer strokes than a rotary, which must be used in a circular motion to be effective. Rotaries may be OK for beards, where hair grows in many directions. But I find that even with a beard, the Braun will still beat the best rotary hands down. I have tried just about every electric shaver, including the Panasonic Wet/Dry Linear model and the Braun is better than that too. The Braun is well built and will hold up very well
to leg shaving. It has a 2 year warranty.

You are the first person I have heard from that uses a rotary on their legs. How long does it take you to shave your legs with the Phillips? I can do mine with the Braun in about 20 minutes with results almost as good as a blade. If I’m in a hurry I can get an acceptable shave in 10 minutes. I work out with weights and prefer the looks and comfort of clean shaven legs. I have dark hair and don’t like to have any stubble showing so I shave every day or two.

The only method, other than laser, that will last a week or more is waxing. I’ve never been waxed so I can’t tell you much about that.

Depilatories and inhibitors will not give you the results you want. In my experience, depilatories like Epil Stop don’t last any longer than shaving. I tried the Hair No More depilatory, a very strong one, and it did not do any better than shaving. And the hair on my legs is not that coarse either. I left it on longer than recommended and it made no difference. Fortuately, I don’t get burns from them.

Depending on how much stubble your willing to put up with you can wait 2 or three days with the Braun. It has a long hair trimmer between the foils so you can shave a few days growth in one step with no problem.

One other thing you may want to try is a blade. If you do, try the Mach 3 Turbo. I said previously the Braun is almost as good as a blade, But the Turbo gives the absolute closest shave. Don’t even bother trying any other blade. I find that it gives me an extra day before I have to shave again.

Hope this helps.


Thanks RJC2001

I will try the Braun foil razor as you suggest. Thanks for the advice and tips. It looks like razor shaving is probably my best answer for now, but maybe the Braun will make life a bit easier. As a matter of interest, shaving my legs with the rotary Phillips does not take too long (also about 20 minutes) provided I do it every 2 days maximum. I agree that the clean shaven look is better. A cycling friend of mine advised me to shave my legs about 6 months ago as wounds heal quicker and it is easier to apply antiseptic creams to abrasions without hair in the way. Since I started with the leg shaving I have found this is completely true. It also looks more sleek and athletic and shows muscle definition off best. Where I live it’s pretty hot, and since I have been doing this I sleep better as my legs don’t get all sweaty in bed. I don’t know why all guys don’t do this. I always wear shorts, except at work, and with clean shaven legs it’s really comfortable.

Have you ever tried any of the rotary epilators and do they work?


No, I’ve never tried an epilator. It looks like it would take forever to use it. I was worried about ingrown hairs too. But from what I read on this site a lot of people like them. Braun is supposed to have a godd one.

I wear shorts all the time too, even at work. Being clean shaven is definitely more comfortable and makes muscles look bigger too. If guys realized how much more comfortable it is and the muscular definition it provides, more of them would shave their legs. I predict that will happen. I read somewhere that 30 of men already shave their chests and backs.


Hi! Epilators are what I think you should use. (In my humble opinion!) I think that’s the best way to get the longer-term results you’re looking for. They’re a lot like electric shavers except instead of cutting the hair, they rip it out at the roots. It can be hard to get a totally FLAWLESS result. Usually, you have to be willing to put up with a few hairs that got missed. At least in my experience. But most of it comes up and it lasts quite a bit longer than shaving. I recommend it!

Except for one thing … in my experience, women are tougher about epilating than men. :smile:

OK, OK, I’m just teasing.

Hi Anonymous

I will see if I can borrow an epilator from one of my friends and try it on a smaller area first. Actually I had a good chuckle :)at your comment about men and epilators etc. I think women are naturally more “immune” to these things, as men shaving their legs is only more recently a socially accepted thing. We haven’t been at it as long as women! In our defence I will say that men’s hair is stronger and coarser than women’s so it hurts more when you pull it out.
Anyway, for all the positive reasons listed by myself and RJC2001, I am going to carry on trying to find the most efficient way. Try it once guys and you will see the benefit! My girlfriend was quite surprised when she first saw me after I shaved my legs, but she soon told me I looked much more sexy as a result.

Good enough for me.

Looks like you and I are engaged in a hair revolution, Stuart! :smile: Deal?

Hi Anonymous

Let the hair revolution continue…

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hey, im not saying anything against guys shaving their legs, but it all depends on where you live. where i live its more accepted to leave it, it’s natural for guys to have hairy legs and if you shave them, well…you’re considered kinda funny if ya get what i mean. i dont mind leg hair or people shaving it. i just wish mine wasnt so long. other than that its fine for me, and my girlfriend likes it as well. its all a matter of preference i guess. good luck to you who do it though.

Where I have worked over the years, there have been some men who would be considered “kinda funny.” But they were all as hairy as bears. So the analogy does not hold.

Chest, back, and facial hair is also quite natural and by their logic should not be removed either.


Leg hair is sexy. :smile:

To Jon and Hannah

I agree leg hair can be sexy, and for about the last 20 years I have had hairy legs. Fortunatly I only have to wait about 3 weeks and I have hairy legs again. There is actually no issue here, it’s like taking a jersey on or off. At the moment I prefer smooth legs for all the reasons above and I think I will stick with it, but I leave my chest hairy, as well as all the other areas. The guys who think clean shaven legs look effiminate or who think you are gay or strange, should try and say that to the All Blacks rugby team from New Zealand! Mosts sportsmen including rugby players, football, running, tennis and cycling shave their legs. Wounds and quick healing are mainly their motivation, but so is comforte for me. I live in a hot climate and it does make a difference. We have a very conservitive society and this sort of thing was completely unacceptable only a few years ago. Now, and quite quickly, much has changed - for the better. Around where I live some old boys of about 60+ have shaved their legs and are cycling for physical fitness.
I agree with RJC2001 that men will increasingly shave their bodies. I think it will suit personal circumstances. Arthur C. Clark predicted male depilatories as a major thing over 10 years ago!

Anyway we can all chose, and I chose smooth legs and a hairy chest.

Wow, I’d really love to see how that looks though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, but you should do what YOU want to do, and if your gf doesn’t have a problem with it, then all the better.

Hi Hannah
Thanks for your reponse.
I will try to find some time to send you some pictures of my shaved legs this week. No promises sorry, it’s a bit busy and also nothing X rated. I think Andrea’s private mail method is the best for this. Andrea can you let me know the easiest and best way to send some images to Hannah?


Hey Stuart, actually I didn’t mean literally that you should send me the pics, although that’s fine by me. I just meant that I’d never seen the hairy chest, shaved legs combo! So that’s what I wanted to see. :grin:

Good grief, pop out for a coffee and miss about a hundred posts!!!

Jon, if you don’t like your leg hair long, but don’t want to shave it off completely, have you considered a beard trimmer?

If you get one with an adjustable guage, you can adjust it to give just the effect you’re looking for! And there’s no danger you’ll slip and take off more than you intended!


To Hannah

OK, I won’t send anything through now. Thanks for your replies, youv’e got a good sense of humor :grin: ! Actually my chest is hairy, but not really hairy - any long hairs I just trim off. Summers coming here now and the shaved legs are more comfortable every day.


Haha Stuart :smile:

Hi Hannah

No problem, how does one send private e-mails here again? Sorry for asking what might seem obvious, but I know I saw someting about this and I can’t remember how and there hasn’t been time for me to look again. If you find out, post me a reply and we can send our private mails out without affecting the forum.

PS Andrea has got my private e-mail details, as I sent them to her for access to the mature topics section. Possibly she can send them to you.


Hey all!

There’s a little email icon at the top of each post that lets you write privately to other members. As far as I know, I am unable to view these, but I’ve never tried to (and don’t intend to).

I do not give out anyone’s email or personal info under any circumstances.

I don’t know if the board supports photos or not, but if anyone has photos they’s like to share, I’m always happy to give them a home.